Rush Limbaugh Defines the NAACP as “An Extremist Group”

by Dr. Boyce Watkins,

Chasing the ratings that once fueled his addiction to prescription drugs, Rush Limbaugh is at it again.  This week, Limbaugh decided to define the NAACP to be an “extremist group.”  This was after GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a visit to the NAACP national convention and received a chorus of boos after attacking President Obama on his own turf.

Says Limbaugh:

“The NAACP…nobody cares what the NAACP thinks because none of it is a surprise. The NAACP is just your next average leftist, extremist group. Some people think that Romney shouldn’t even have gone in, it’s a waste of his time to go there. Other people, hearing from them today, think that he scored a home run because of the way he spoke to them and how that’s being reported above and beyond the NAACP. But…if anybody harbors the idea that the NAACP is going to do anything other than support Obama, give it up, not happening. They’re no different than any other far left interest group, they’re gonna do everything they can to kill Romney at the ballot box just like every other liberal group is.”

Congratulations Rush, you got the attention you don’t deserve.

One of the saddest things about the Right Wing today is that they listen to men like Limbaugh in the first place. Allowing a former drug addict (I will assume he’s not using drugs anymore, or at least not telling anyone about it) who makes a living off of bigoted statements to guide the direction of the Republican Party is nearly as maniacal as Germans following the words of another lunatic who decided that all Jews should be exterminated 70 years ago.  Mind you, Limbaugh would never want Jews to be exterminated, but when it comes to exterminating a few million black kids in America’s penitentiaries, many for possession of the same drugs Limbaugh has used himself, Rush is fully indoctrinated into the program.

Limbaugh’s point about the NAACP being an extremist group is not worth mentioning, everyone knows that.  But an issue worth discussing is the manner by which Mitt Romney came into the room and urinated all over any chance for the GOP to build bridges with conservative African Americans.  Millions of black folks agree with Republican positions on gay marriage, reproductive rights and many other issues.  But they are afraid to vote Republican because there has long been a “whites only” sign on the front door of the party.

Even black Republicans expressed outrage over the manner by which Mitt Romney came to the NAACP convention and prodded the congregation into booing him, all so he could go back to his conservative base and say that black people don’t like him because they want “free stuff.”  African Americans have every right to be appalled that Romney would come into a politically sacred space like the NAACP convention and disrespect African Americans in such a blatant way.   Romney might have gained a few points from the bigots in his base, but he has set relations back between Republicans and the black community for at least another five years with his ridiculous little stunt.

As for Rush Limbaugh, there isn’t much else to say.  I’m a college professor, and while trying not to sound arrogant, I confess that it’s hard to respect the opinion of a man whose mother admitted that he “flunked out of everything” right as he dropped out of school.  Rush is a loser, we’ve known that for a long time.   The idea that those on the Right Wing give any credence to his opinion is merely a symptom of how desperate they’ve become when trying to maintain their relevance in a world they no longer control.  In many ways, they’ve become extremists themselves.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Finance Professor at Syracuse University and author of the book, “Financial Lovemaking 101: Merging Assets with Your Partner in Ways that Feel Good.” To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

61 Responses to Rush Limbaugh Defines the NAACP as “An Extremist Group”

  1. Rush Limbaugh is the ultimate white supremacist and is as extreme as any I’ve heard in America. He is a scary man because he believes in his racist rhetoric. What’s more scary is that there are millions who believe the same as he does.

    • Get in the fetal position and cry for mommy.

    • It’s ironic that as I read the headline, I thought why do African Americans pay Rush Limbaugh any attention? Upon reading this article I do see that the author this fact. Limbaugh is against African Americans, their institutions, organizations, etc. Is that surprising.

      Although Rush makes a lot a money, he’s just host a radio show. That’s the best he can do in life. He’s an old and fat dope addict who does what drug addicts do best, talks bullshit. I think he should move to Washington and run for public office if he really wants to make a difference. We have to do Obama’s move on Rush — ignore him!

      • P.S.

        BTW, in my opinion, the NAACP is not as extreme as it should be. I’d like to see it be a little more assertive and aggressive about what social changes need to be made in this U.S. Rush thinks like a Jewish Musolini in how he thinks. Thank God he’s ONLY a radio talk host, who is dumb and dangerous for those who subscribe to his thinking disorder.

    • I think his radio show is closing…GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDEN! THAT’S A WRAP.

  2. Limbaugh is not only a racist but a hypocrite. As a Jewish man he chooses to forget that in another time and another place people were saying the same thing about Jewish people and their organizations.

  3. No, Rush Limbaugh, you’re the extremist you fat, racist druggy a*s pig. Go crawl under a rock you slob.

  4. I think he, Rove and Christie are brothers.

  5. Rush Limbaugh is nothing more than a dope head getting ratings any way that he can but the problem is….if you say the same thing long enough, you will eventually believe it and Rush does believe everything that comes out of his mouth. As Mr. T. would say, “I pity the fool.” Rush keep popping those pills!

  6. The NAACP is a radical left-wing extremist organization. It doesn’t have a single redeeming quality. It regularly disrespects the 10th Amendment because its members remain b**t hurt over slavery. These people are selfish, can’t see the big picture, and are anything but American.

    • You are obviously from another planet.

      • It should disrespect the 10th amendment. That why I love it. If you’re smart enough to remember 8th or 9th grade history, the designers of the U.S. Constitution only recognizes White people. I love black radicals and am definitely for the cause.

    • Rex,you say that black people still are hurt over slavery? With systems still in place to ensure that we are at the bottom economically that extend over 100 years back. Media conditioning has you believing and feeling as though white America should not be reminded of 400 plus years of unjust slavery of black people.When Jewish people continually speak as if the Holocaust is the greatest crime against humanity, Not a peep!! So for you to even fix your mouth to say something like that. Live in the shoes of a black person for one day. You would commit “Sepaku” because you could not mentally,physically or emotionally deal with it. The KKK,Neo-Nazis are extremists,Rethuglicans,Heritage Foundation also!!. It is a wonder is the fear of black people so deeply seated in your psyche that it has become an obsession with some whites that you feel that we deserve to be exterminated? The The Herero of Namibia Africa,Tazmanians,The Native Americans, The Tuskeegee experiments,Planned Parenthood,Rosewood,Partition of India in 1947,Dominican Republic,Australia 1900-1969 of the Aboriginal people,Apartheid in South Africa,The people of India, The Palestinians, The Spanish conquest of the Aztecs. You need to be reminded of your brutality as a people. And Rush would be at the front of the line if there was an all out war against Blacks and other so-called minorities in the U.S. as well as other places in the world!!!

    • Its so sad that REX is on every post with his racist rhetoric! Say buddy get some help no one cares. Clearly you have mental problems. Hugs and kissey for REX!! Come on ppl let’s sing kumbaya whilst giving Rexie a hug awwwwwwww!!

    • @Rex

      ….ummmmm….oooo REALY!….just like the Jews remain “b**t hurt” over the Holocaust? Not judging …I’m asking?

    • sorry you feel that way. but how do you feel about the Tea-Pary? if ever there existed a radical evil organization it is the Tea-Party. NAACP fights for civil rights. Tea-Party fights to eliminate civil rights. any way you slice it, Tea-Party is an evil body of racist whites that didn’t come into existence until a black man became president.

    • How in the h**l can you talk s**t about black people when you don’t know a d**n thing about us.We are Americans just like the rest of the idiots or what you would prefer as Patriots.Its annoying when people like get on sites like this and talk about us as if we don’t exist,In which we do.My advice to you is this:Take your a*s back to Fox News and stay the f**k out of business that not for you to worry about.That what you and your kind problem is,you people always staying in other people business and won’t shut the h**l up!Just because you and many like you don’t like black people dosen’t mean that you got to say a d**n thing about us.Stick to your own d**n problem and stay the f**k out of ours.

  7. Perfectly logical. Rush is an unabashed, unapologetic, un-reconstructed Southern white supremacist; it makes absolute sense he’d consider the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to be an extremist group.

    • It’s perfectly logical because it’s true. By name, the organization is selfish and extremist.

      • jimmydeanbakker

        What makes them extremists? What are the facts behind your assertion?

      • By name the organization is used in the focused assistance for those of African American. Considering your logic, it would go to show that the GOP is extremist, as well as many other right wing groups. I would advise you to keep your ill-informed and bigoted responses to yourself or to groups that appreciate such ignorant assumptions like Stormfront.

  8. Rush regularly receives attention he doesn’t deserve. This article contributes to that attention.

    • I agree. We have to start ignoring the guy and that’ll get to him more than anything. He feeds off the attention he receives from blogs because it makes him feel that he’s hurting us. Why discuss him?

  9. I think Rex and Rush Limbaugh want something hard in their b**t’s

  10. When are we black people gonna stop letting old Rush get a rise out of us? It make these outrageous tactics on purpose and it also helps his ratings for his fans that follow his twisted ideology. He is a very clver business man and laughing al the way to the ban Chick Cling! Who give a flyin (you know what)that he is a racist!

    Us black folk must keep our eye on the ball and remain focus!

    This is a dog eat dog world and only the strong shall survive.

    Get your bank by any means necessary. Only God ca judge a man including Rush who will soon meet his maker in 10 to 20 years top!

    So who cares, he will be history, forgotten about and life goes on. seen?

  11. Rush Limbaugh is what makes the American system work. When Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson admonished the NAACP for its affiliations in 1915 he was commenting of their inability to understand the journey. Not much has changed. The NAACP also helps make America work. No group of people suppressed would take it unless they are convinced that their status was of their making. Woodson understood history. No one member of the NAACP staff or Board of Directors can capture the essence of America. In 2008 Marc Morial, President of the National Urban League, made what I think is the seminal statement of this century when he declared that “America is an airtight cultural vacuum.” Hence there is no room for dialogue and no commitment to responsible action. The NAACP has always been “extreme” in the opposite to what Limbaugh infers. They have allowed lynchings to occur as they brokered for alms for themselves. The NAACP is not Pan-Africanist in its form.

    • The NAACP is an ultra conservative Civil Rights organization that has led the fight for freedom, justice and equality for people of color and others within the American plutocratic system.

      The NAACP is not to be confused with such extremist organizations as the The Molly McGuires, SPONGE,The White Citizens Councils, Klan, The Jewish Defense League, Choose Your Neighbor Clubs, Bun, and the extremely radical revolutionary colonists who overthrew the yoke of the English crown to set-up their own selfish tyrannical state called the United States of America.

      Charles McGee know one said that the the NAACP is a Pan Africanist organization. Where did you get that from?

      W.E.B Dubois is still considered by many scholars to be the father of Pan Africanism and he was one the founder’s of the Niagara Movement which led to the formation of the NAACP.

  12. “Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” Orison Swett Marden – Is there no end to the bashing of President Barack Obama. This black man has done no worst at his job then the decades of former presidents. Haters keep on hating, because somebody’s gotta do it.

  13. Rex is an ignorant peckerwood! Answer Jimmydean’s question boy!!

  14. I’m not a fan of Mr. Limbaugh, however he is correct, The NAACP is and will do all that they can to get Our President re elected.

    My concern is we back him right or wrong, we are emotionally connected to the President because he looks like us.

    He, the President will go down in history as the 1st black President. however, the policy’s he has implemented will insure history will show him in a very negative light.

    We think every thing he has done is in our best interest, it is not! When the dust settles either perhaps in November, or one year into his 2nd term I submit we “black people” will use the same language towards President Obama as I just read that was directed towards Limbaugh.

    We will pay through the nose for the Health Care, it’s not Free!

    15% unemployment among blacks who want a job.
    55% unemployment among black youth.
    Legalization of “so far”, 1 million of the 30 million Illegal residents. You will certainly be competing with them for jobs.

    5 Trillion dollars in new debt in 3 years, their will be less of everything for everybody, and it will cost more.

    Don’t get upset with me, look it up! Our President is black, but first he is a politician who knows he does not have to do anything at all to get our vote. Hope and Change was a slogan, not something that was really going to happen.

    Just my Opinion.

    • I guess Romney is the ANSWER!! You can’t BE SERIOUS!! Obama is the president of the free world NOT JUST BLACK PPL. Our problem is NOT what Obama has NOT done for us! You wait on Obama or any form of government to help you! Meanwhile “we” real activist will continue to work within OUR communities while YOU WAIT!!

    • Do you sincerely believe Obama can make white corporations hire African Americans by addressing Black unemployment? Do you really believe that a white Congress cares about black employment when their own kind doesn’t have jobs? Should Obama sign an executive order that says corporations must hire Black people to reduce their unemployment? I’m not saying that he should not address these issues, but you and I know he will not be re-elected, and that there will be no more jobs created as a result. Y’all kill me with this Obama policy stuff, some jargon you learned from the white man. It’s America’s policy. Furthermore, maybe Romney should get in so in retrospect, we can appreciate what we had. Get real!

    • Phillip Battle

      Your right Black Americans owned more businesses and where better off before Obama became the President of the USA- We have lost all our significant corporations that employ thousand of Black Folk – Jesus Christ-we lost everything we had since President Bush gave us all the help we needed to survive oh my God Obama brought us 400 years backwards- he poisoned our mines to believe he was going to save us from the capitalist oppressors- oh that d**n Obama- he has failed being the Superman that white folk thought he would become oh well I guess he just took the focus off the billions of dollars that were stolen under the Bush administration- yes he has done his job very well- they picked him for a specific reason and now it’s time for him to get out the way- so the thievery can continue- as they use color as a smoke screen to distract the average Joe from seeing how money is their bottom line.

      Boycott Christmas 2012

  15. Rush I will tell you like we told your Klan brother BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That is all!

  16. Phillip Battle

    Mr. Limbaugh is more honest than the so called Black middle class- first of all who controls the NAACP- and is the NAACP instrumental in the effort of leading the African American community in the direction of self reliance- to achieve an economic base that can sustain ourselves- versus waiting for Obama or anyone else to bail US out of this economical and genocidal dilemma that we are facing in the year 2012- does the NAACP have the freedom to speak out – nevertheless lead us to independent control of our dollars in our community-

    Boycott Christmas 2012

  17. Rush Limbaugh is an individual who has been given the opportunity to say whatever he wants about anyone or any given subject and told that he has said something that is significant and will change or alter that individual or group that he is speaking about. That could not be anymore further from the truth. He speaks nonsense and so many people who most often look like him rather than like us are the ones who more readily agree with him. Any entity, group, or individual who is of worthwhile significance to us would not be to him because he has blatantly shown that he is an individual who displays malcontent for anyone who doesn’t agree with his tirades of insignificance and distane for many things that are of worth and value to so many sensible people in America like us. America needs to put such an individual as him in his proper place, the trash recepticle because that is where he and his filth belong. Anyone who can say that they want the leader of the country they reside in to fail has to be deranged. Anyone who would call a young female a s**t who is speaking about something that is strictly related to females health and well being has to be deranged. Why do people continue to listen to such garbage? Even more than this, what is wrong with people who continue to listen to him? He’s not a veteran and cannot appeal to veterans. He’s not a former athlete, so he can’t appeal to them. He’s never been a politician so, he shouldn’t be able to appeal to them. Who is left?

  18. It truly is amazing what people will do or say just to get attention. Just like the animal world, we are all different species but we all are apart of the world kingdom. Why we can’t stay focus on building a better kingdom for all.Instead of wasting time in tearing down each other, Why can’t we work together for a common purpose and make this a world better for all living beings.

  19. Obama’s recent endorsement of homosexual marriage and support for amnesty for illegals has infuriated the Black community. The NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. have not represented the views of the average Black for decades. The NAACP will continue to hemorrhage support from within the Black community. Many Blacks are publically withdrawing their memberships and support from this group.

    Under skilled Blacks are livid that Obama wants to legalize over 1 million new people into the workforce to compete with them for jobs. It’s hard enough competing with Americans for jobs, now you have to compete with those in the country illegally for jobs? Who in their right minds feeds the neighborhood while their own children are starving? Nobody, but Obama.

    This sums it up for me.

    Corky, I don’t think you can make the world better by taking from the most productive and giving it to persons who will do nothing towards the betterment of everyone else. I mean we already have 51% of the public who pay no tax, yet they receive every benefit the rest of us get. Is that fair? If I’m worth $1,000,000 and have to pay $500,000 in different taxes is that fair? What if I sold my business, put 66 people out of work, took the cash and moved to Trinidad would that be fair. Perhaps I just don’t understand why so many think it’s the government or someone else that is suppose to take care of them.

    I have an opinion, it will take a while to express it. Do You have the time?

    • Hello Onesilverbac -

      I don’t think very many people actually want the “government” to take care of them, i.e. finance their lives so they don’t have to work to take care of their families. Though I am sure there are those who would. The number of people may cost the tax payer more than we want to spend, however, for every one of those losers, I suspect that there are hardworking white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. Americans who really just want to work and be able to afford services that are out on the free market. The taxes are to help pay for the services we ALL use (even if some overuse them), so it’s not unfair. At least its a solution to many who are able to escape paying taxes IN the country where they received their opportunity as a show of gratitude. No, many seem to be able to avoid what tax they are scheduled to pay because they have the resources and experience to AVOID them while MOST do not for many reasons I won’t go into here. Finally, AND PAY ATTENTION, those individuals who make $1,000,000 will NOT be taxed beyond what is already due. ONLY those who make $1,000,001 will be taxed extra…ON ONE DOLLAR! If you make more than 1 million (and I wonder if you do, who can’t live on that while sharing their GOOD FORTUNE with the country that helped them succeed?)your taxes will NEVER be anywhere near HALF of your earnings. You may have to share several thousand more, but not even 1% of your money and think of the gratitude your country would have for you? Think about how many hard working people would be able to have a chance at the “American Dream” because of your selflessness. Hope this helps. You have to read up on this stuff to stay informed and not spread INCORRECT information. God bless you brother/sister.

  20. A Bernard Coffer

    How can a group of people, the NAACP be called: leftist, extremeist group when they are not nearly as active as in the past……I would think you would have to be at the lest, raising your head? Moving a arm….LOL
    Please, dont be fooled, I have learned along time ago…. those who point fingers and sound off the loudest are full of “hot air” and that kind of person feeds there ego when the person(s)or subject gets you mad. Getting “mad” causes one to lose there power of influence.
    ANGER! NEVER works the righteouness of God……..
    Those who are last….. Will be first in the Kingdom.
    Peace will arrest everything…….. works.

  21. White people in the ilk of Limbaugh and that’s most of right wing conservatives have tired of adapting to black people that don’t follow in the mindset of the white supremacy mindset. This is what whites expect of black folk that want to be their ideal of an all American. Drug addict then and maybe still but he, Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly really see black people that’s able to shun the racism of the past and allow them to pull the wool over the eyes of the dumbfounded negroes that thrive to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with these people. These people that grew up racist never shed their racism, only talked BS in and to the media to try and con anyone in believing they’ve changed when in reality they only have adapted just enough to fool the foolish.

  22. rush doesn’t “define” anyone but himself! %$#@ him!!!

  23. L. Vannessa Frazier

    Hello Everybody. I am a President of the only NAACP chapter, in what is called “Rush Limbaugh country”. The slogan is correct. Missouri has problems with race relations and always has. Our biggest problem all over the country is we seek to help ourselves, no one else. When we loose a job, we want help, for those that get help, they move on, don’t join, and help others, my chapter is in a very poor part of the country. We, like other chapters, have to travel, sometimes, most times spending our own money, what little we have to try and make a difference, if u get help, give so the next person get help. We often fall short short, all of us. The h**l raisers are the ones that need to be leading in the field. Myself included. I did something. I joined and pray that others will see that it takes all of us. No organization is perfect, we need your anger, criticism, observations and intelligence on the front lines, join us, put your words to action. We need you to help step it up. We are our brothers keeper, God is watching, let’s not be hateful and evil to each other, we have enough people to do that. Although I live in what we call ” the bowels of the devil” it does not define who I am, what I must do, and who I turn to. His time will come. We must focus on our time to come. Work to be worthy, forever, your sister in the struggle.

  24. The fix has been in since the beginning. “We hold the truth to be self evident “That all men are CREATED EQUAL. Why are we so alarmed to find the deck stacked against us as a people of color who have had their HIStory, language, culture and religious beliefs stolen thru intimidation and murder. Harold Melvin said it best “WAKE UP EVERYBODY.”

  25. ALL people need to be COLOR BLIND!

    I won’t give Romney or Limbaugh the attention they do not deserve because they are nuts anyway.

  26. You know it a shame when White people start concerning themselves about the NAACP and the Black community.I wonder what is it all for?Could it be that those who HATES us are finally accepting us and see us as people.Okay I’m going to stop right there because I don’t want to sound like a d**n fool.Out of all the people in this country,Rush Limbaugh has the nerve to label the NAACP as an Extremist Group.Oh,I guess the KKK,the White Surpremists,and many others are just ordinary groups that doesn’t seek out destruction of minorities.Thats BS no matter how you look at it.What really their problem is on the Far Right is that they want to control every single thing in this country.Thats the point of it and use labels like extremist when WE don’t do or follow what they say.In their minds, groups like the NAACP stand in their way of doing what they been wanting to do for centuries and that is force us under their rules or remove us from this planet.And they can’t say that its not true when they show it all the time without even noticing it.Yet,they keep opening up their mouths and let all the evil out to destroy whatever in its path.Now, I don’t intend on defending the NAACP because of its lack of hlep to the black community but I find it a shame when some racist jackass talk as if he knows all about us and try spin things his way to incourage more of his listeners to go against other Americans when there is already hate there towards them by every single race group in the nation that suppose to be the greatest country in the world.

  27. Mitt Romney is a bigoted a*s, and Rush Limbaugh is a bigoted a*s. I’m white – they don’t speak for me. Never did, never will.

    The NAACP is a left, extremist organization? Well, I guess the idiots who believe that are the same ones who think President Obama is a socialist and that his birth certificate is a fake.

    The NAACP’s record stands for itself.

    Unfortunately, what used to be the far right has become the mainstream right. Even Republicans are getting fed up with it. Let’s hope that most people get fed up with it.

  28. Rush Limbaugh is an extremist and a terrorist; and he works for an extremist organization himself … so…

  29. Boyce, please stop putting comments by that white trash (Limp-baugh)
    on this site, both you and him are playing a ratings game. You
    know what subjects inferirates black people and so do that racist
    piece of trash. His just not worth it.

  30. Some really good comments here…others just stupid talk. Wake up black people. Just make sure everyone you know is registered properly and we can work from there. The power is in the vote.

  31. lynn m washingtonjr

    people like rex keep limbaugh on the air rex open a book and look at the history of the naacp but you cant read can you

  32. lynn m washingtonjr

    the fact that this country has a group like the naacp is this countrys racial shame

  33. Rush is right. The naacp has out lived its usefulness. Thy use to be relivant. Now they are just a bunch of PROVERTY PIMPS,Attacting Rush is not the answer. Romney did not just drop into ,their (sacred space) he was invited. Some times medicine is bitter going down, but its good for the body. FREE STUFF, does not just apply to black folk, but we are not exempt, who says he lost and opportunity to build bridges with conservative african Americans? Not me, I,m one of them. I highly respect him for being man enough to accept the invitation.Rush may have, or maybe still taking pills, I dont care. He is interlettualy head and shoulder above all the news anchors, tv reporters etc. So much for being a drop out.L. Vanessa, stop whining about having to spend yo own money to travel on naacp business. Whose $ do you want to spend?

  34. Rush all you do each day is sit on your racist big fat fuckie a*s and talk s**t you make me sick you fat pink pig

  35. Captain James Turner, United States Air Force Retired


  36. Rush is a big fat pig without the lipstick. Nutty too.

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