Min. Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam Take to the Streets to Stop Black-on-Black Violence

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has grown tired of seeing black men killing one another in the streets of Chicago.  Doing what others should have done long ago, Farrakhan has asked men from the Nation of Islam to march in the streets every Monday, consistently, to make a statement against the violence that is killing so many black men.

Chicago has become a national hotbed of violence, where black youth are killed regularly while walking to school or spending time with friends.  In some neighborhoods, teachers are driving the kids to school in order to protect them from daily gunfire.

According to the blog of Jesse Muhammad, the Minister Farrakhan himself set out on a march this past Monday, connecting with the young men that he ran into, spreading a message of peace and prosperity.   Mr. Muhammad says on his blog:  

A few weeks ago, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan announced on WVON radio that he would be leading the Fruit of Islam, the men of the Nation of Islam, into the streets. This would serve as a call to stem the crime and violence in the Black community in Chicago and throughout the America. On the evening of July 16, Minister Farrakhan hit the streets of the Windy City. Yes, walked the streets.

The Final Call’s Assistant Editor Ashahed Muhammad was on the grounds covering it. “The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan talked to many of the residents as he walked through areas of Chicago’s Auburn-Gresham neighborhood today. Many young men, like this one (pictured above), heard a strong and encouraging word from the Minister. They felt Minister Farrakhan’s genuine love,” said Ashahed Muhammad in a Facebook post.

The Nation of Islam, thus far, has been the only organization that has shown the capacity and capability to care deeply about the plight of black men in America.  They present the kind of fearlessness that is missing in many of our mainstream politicians, who readily allow for the decay of black families so they can get a few more votes from white people.  The NOI’s authenticity demands a kind of respect received from even the most hardened men, who appreciate the fact that they are genuine in their concern for the black community.

A friend of mine who works as a doctor in Chicago says that when she does autopsies, she finds that roughly 90% of her homicide victims are black and brown men between the ages of 15 and 30.  Our children are dying by the boatload and no one is doing a thing about it.  Even those politicians who don’t have the courage to march alongside Minister Farrakhan should at least make resources available to allow the Nation of Islam to use our taxpayer dollars to better serve the community.

It’s time for a new model when it comes to dealing with black-on-black violence, and it might be time to take it to the streets.  Keep going Minister Farrakhan, we love and support you for what you’re doing.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Finance Professor at Syracuse University and author of the book, “Financial Lovemaking 101: Merging Assets with Your Partner in Ways that Feel Good.” To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

153 Responses to Min. Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam Take to the Streets to Stop Black-on-Black Violence

  1. give him resources???? this fool should have been marching before CBS and all the media started vocalizing the insanity that is black chicago today. he dont need no money to march.

    the teenage boys that are dieing are the ones who need resources, proper guidance, protection and prosecution of the evildoers who give them guns and drugs, and brainwash them into killing themsevles and their community.

    You have to pay him. What a d**n joke. He sickens me.

    • What the h**l are you talking about? Minister Farrakhan didn’t ask to be paid for ANYTHING. He told his followers to hit the streets to help kill the violence in the inner city. You have major reading comprehension issues…NO WHERE in the article did it state that Farrakhan asked for money. Dr. Watkins simply stated that resources should be given to HELP, but even if they aren’t give, the FOI will still do whatever it takes.

      Your unwarranted hatred is sickening and pathetic to say the least. But of course, it’s always the ones doing absolutely nothing who criticize those who work. Typical

    • Hold your Horses Mr. David before you start a firestorm on your a*s dismissing the Great Brotha Minister Farrahkan! I’m sure your pastor is doing all he can to save these Brotha’s out here. You guys are those hankerchief heads than Brotha Malcolm X spoke about. 1st to throw stones & 1st to take off running when the Sh#t hits the fan! This Brotha doesn’t ask your Uncle Sam for 1 dime of gov money. Do your research Clown before spatting off at the mouth! I’m sure you’d take you’d be happy to take your a*s & walk thru Chicago to talk to the Young folks in that war zone right?

    • David, do you not understand simple English? Minister Farrakhan has never asked any government to give him resources for his cause or causes. This article states that politicians, who are doing nothing to stop Black-on-Black violence, should make resources available to the Minister, because of his noble desire to help our people elevate themselves above the self-hatred and ignorance that often leads to our self-destruction. You really should consider your thoughts, before you make them available to the public!

      • What resources does he want? You never answer that question.

        • Dumb b***h, can’t you read?? The Minister didn’t ask anybody for sh-t!!The author of the article said resources should be made available…And even if he did ask for resources, he would ber within his rights to do so, especially since he and the F.O.I. are the ones who are going out into the mean street of Chicago, perhaps risking lives–something you no doubt would not know anything about as you are hatin’ from the comfort of your home. These brothers are spending their time, money and energy in an attempt to bring some peace and love between other brothers who are out to bring hurt and harm, not only to each other, but also protentially to many other innocent victims. Lastly, Minister Farrakhan and the Nation has a very good track record for bring peace between warring factions, all one has to do is look at what the peace that truce between the Bloods and Crisps that the Nation Brought about in the 90′s..Look at the security they performed in many housing project thru out the country with their security organizations. Instread of you questioning the motives of the Nation..the better question is: What you going to do??

          • Yes thank you for getting these ignorant people straight on their hatred and their inability to exercise reading comprehnsion. I’m sure that would not hit the streets to help.

          • Ash, Are you joking? ignorant? Noco just called her a “dumb b***h” for stating her views. Anyone with half a brain can see that HE’S the ignorant one, and YOUR just as ignorant for your hypocritical comment. What’s this country coming to when you can’t even speak your mind without people calling names and attacking you. Intelligent people don’t call names, they state their argument and have an actual conversation. Name calling just shows how inept a person is. And noco and ash, you are both very inept.

        • are you referring to the minister when you ask what resources does he want?

          • A Cheating Black Male always gets caught!

            noco you did not just refer to a woman in that manner??? That is why we black women are not so trusting of our black males now. You just proved several points about black men……

        • not sure what black man hurt you, but obviously you need some professional help to get over your personal issues. speak for yourself when you bash black men, the real black women still love black men.

          • SMH at Toney!!!!

            Again, another idiot responds without reading first. Black people really need to understand that reading is fundamental, that’s why we are in the state we are in now because we don’t read. The only person who needs professional help is idiot. I just said in my other posts that black men are rude, ignorant and have no home training. This coming from what I see and hear. Noco just called a woman a dumb B. Most of the time people get p****d and make it known that black men have no respect for black males because they call women that one name to degrade her. Just because someone does not agree with you, does not give you the right to disrespect them is the point I make here and in the post before yours. So learn how read girl, before you comment.

    • Typical!!! The very minute a black man steps up to do the right thing these asinine critics quickly follow.

    • Choke on your hatred, David. No matter what good this man does, you still will hate. Farrakhan gave money to this effort, he did not receive it. Of course, hating a*s fools like you will always speak evil of the Minister’s efforts to help his people. I guess you rather he does nothing. Why would you condemn good work being done? As I said, Choke hard on your hatred, you waste of flesh.

      • where does your minister get his money from? last i checked 79th street chicago, the legitimate muslim businesses the honorable elijah muhammed built up were replaced with the jerk chicken stores and others that are rumored to be only fronts for drug dealers.

    • I wonder when I said I would get people to boycott buying newspapers and bean pies made him finally move.

      • LOL really! I think it is the white media’s attention as of late, he wants. Bill Oreilly had to offer a solution before any negro would even acknowledge the craziness is going on, and he is supposedly a rascist.

    • You’re dumb as you sound. At least he’s doing something whereas you are only good for words of destruction. Why is it when a black person tries to help and assist others there always seems to be a dumb and ignorant person(s)quick to speak against them? What are you doing for your sons and daughters besides teaching them to be more like the world demands of them? We can see Farrakhan is making strides to bring peace and love to the streets of Chi-town. Do you see certain black folks (i.e. Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton) or other blacks laying feet on the pavement? No. It’s not white on black crime. There’s no spot light are urgency that is needed. Just blacks venting frustration. Give Farrakhan a break, he’s doing more than most of us could imagine. Please let the readers know what plans and course of action you will manifest by improving the lives and living conditions for the people of Chicago so we can response.

    • Question: Aside from showing your stupidity and outright self-hatred, WHAT are YOU doing to stem the violence in our community. It is ignorance like yours that feed the flames that causes this (and other) problems in our community. If anything should sicken you it should be the face you see each day when you look in the mirror! The Minister at least is taking a stand and that is lot more than most of our so-called leaders are doing. Find something to do that will contribute – useless bad-mouthing changes nothing!

    • I find it highly suspect that he comes forward at this time, after so many have been killed, to claim he wants to help. Before the white media started investigating and reporting he said nothing. Nothing at all. I wonder what the media will uncover? Could it be more black on black crime? I’m from Chicago and I see no one selling bean pies or newspapers. Where does he get his money? I hope they keep investigating.

      • Do your research. This is not the first time he has stepped in to decrease violence in communities. He encouraged gang members to stop the violence years ago. Please people get your facts together before you decide to condemn the actions of the NOI. I can only shake my head in disgust because some of these people are so full of ignorance and hatred .

      • > Karl > It’s better to keep quiet and let people think you’re a fool than to make a silly comment and remove all doubt > PEACE B 2 U <

    • Wasn’t america’s number 1 terrorist, Mommar Ghaddafi, one of his friends??? They hate all Christians, black and white. Why would he stop it? If all the Christians and their offspring die, they could claim the southside of chicago for their very own Muslim mecca.

  2. Troy, I agree with u 100%!!!

  3. Emmett D. Bowers


    • Thank you Minister Farrakan we need to march

    • You got that right.

    • So Farrakhan has sit back and let thousands of people be shot and murdered, and not said a word, and as far as I know IT IS STILL going on, and he deserves to be called a hero??

      Your standards for hero is low. Let’s see if he stays in there until the job is done. Only then will he get my respect.

    • Sharon 'Shazz" Nembhard

      And Minister Farrakhan and all the other ministers/spiritual leaders are afraid to die for the liberation of our children!!! Not one of them is willing to truly march against the oppression…those days are gone! Martin Luther King knew at some point that the cause he marched for would cost him his life…DID HE AVOID IT? The mission is greater than the sum of its parts and a Will is of no effect unless the Testator dies!!!! These new generation spiritual leaders talk more than walk, so our sons have very little to be guided by.

  4. Russell Goodson

    Are you ready to die Mr. Farachan you see Jesus Christ I
    gave his life for us (the greatest gift one
    can give) oh by the way did i mention
    Jesus Christ said in three days later i would
    rebuild this temple. I believe you are looking to the I
    program. Hope you find Jesus Christ as your
    lord and saviour. Every knee will bow and every
    tongue will confess Jesus Christ is Lord

    • Russell, you are a religious clown. Who are you 2 judge him & how brain washed are you 2 assume that your Christ is the saviour…w***e America has successfully played a trick on people like you. The Koran is older than the Bible & you should read the Bibles history it was created by the rich kings & pharoahs as a means 2 frighten the poor & ignorant into fearing a God while thru pocketed all of their riches….look at the political system today, all of this should ring a bell. Doesn’t your Bible say, ye will perish from lack of knowledge…

      • I apologize for the word w***e my cell phone chose that word by mistake

      • Brenda Your facts on the age of the Bible and the Koran are incorrect. the Koran is much younger than the Bible. In fact the Koran talks about Christians calling them the people of the way or the people of the book.

        But why do we consistently get divergent on such important issues. Im a Christian, an ordained minister at that, and I commend my Brother Min. Farrakhan for his actions. regardless of theology we as a people need to praise those who do that which is praise worthy.

      • i dont see u moving to the muslim world, to live the muslim life. i see u sitting right here in christian america enjoying the respect and benefits that only Christianity offers to women.

      • Idiotic yammering. The illiterate Mohammed didn’t read not write the Koran and the Koran was written hundreds of years after the Bible and thousands of years Ager the old testaments. What a stupid Mohammedan you are.

    • Russell, you sound like 1 of those other Hankerchief Head Religious Nut jobs! Everyone gotta prayer for the youth but no volunteer time or donate their own personal resources. Same folks always talking Prayer won’t even go to the hood or volunteer at the schools. Get off the wagon dude! Some folks need Jesus, Some folks need God, Allah, Jehovah or whatever God you believe in but some fools need bats on their heads! Wake up Man! Your brainwashed by the System. Same Clowns always screaming about prayer & Jesus be the 1st to turn tail and run! Like the old saying goes, “everyone wants to goto heaven but nobody wants to die”. Before throwing stones, look in the mirrow and ask yourself what are you doing to help the generations coming behind you? Pray on that, fool!

    • Russell are you insane? I am a Muslim and although I may not agree with the Nation of Islam on many issues what they are doing now is
      admirable. I remember in 1980 the Nation of Islam walked on numerous streets in Newark, NJ, their presence on those drug ridden streets was quiet but powerful, within 3 weeks by just being there in numbers and strength, they cleaned up those streets. They never asked for anything they just appeared and when the drug dealers left they came for two more weeks to make sure they did not return and you know it worked.
      The streets were safe and without drugs for many years. People in the community were able to finally feel safe again. What does your comment about Jesus, may peace and blessing be upon him, have to do with what the Nation of Islam is doing now to take back the streets and stop the violence?

      Allah does not forgive anything being associated with Him but He forgives whoever He wills for anything other than that. Anyone who associates something with Allah has committed a terrible crime. (4:48)

      He does not have a son and He has no partner in the Kingdom. He created everything and determined it most exactly. (Qur’an, 25:2)

      Allah does not forgive anything being associated with Him but He forgives whoever He wills for anything other than that. Anyone who associates something with Allah has gone very far astray. (4:116)

      • Just an opinion, please brothers and sisters remove judgement out of our minds, and see the good in it all. There is none perfect but God (Allah)why kill one another with our communications. Lets be proud of anyone who is willing to take a stand for our brothers and sister and leave it at that. Why make this controversial, don’t feed into the idiots. They say what they say, who knows someone may have put them up to this. Let’s give thanks and keep it moving. I love all of you, and I want you to love me back. That’s what is needed and that is what the Minister is communicating. Peace!

      • farrakhan is NOT the Honorable Elijah Muhammed. Not even close. He stole the nation from wallace.

        • lol..i hope that bit of info will stop the young brothers from killing one another in chicago. you seem more focused on hating farrakhan than the good he is doing to stop young black men from killing each other.

          • muslim farrakahn has been reveling and watching the blood of young boys flow down the streets of chicago like rain. his mentor and fellow muslim mommar ghaddafi would be proud.

            he fools only the fools. muslims despise and secretly hate christians. their biggest dream is to convert or kill Jesus’s people and their heirs.

      • proof that the God of Abraham, ISAAC,JACOB, and Yeshua, who is the Son of God, is not the same as the Arab pagan good allah.

        What blacks America is going through was prophesied in the Bible over 1500 years BEFORE the death cult of Mohammed was formed.

  5. I love Farrakhan!!! The muslims are the only ones willing to do the work

  6. Thank you brother for straightening that other one out. If he knew anything about the Nation other than what the white man and Jews says about Farrakhan he would know that he does not seek financial resources to do what he is doing. Dr. Boyce was stating resources is not just money but time and effort and concern is a resource and a cause for concern all over America where black young men continue to kill each other for no good reason. If by faith, hope and a chance a truce of not killing one another on a continuous basis were to happen the powers that be would rush to implement a scheme to recharge the hate and anger. Black officials everywhere are afraid to associate themselves with Farrakhan for fear of Jews and whites though his mission is to stop the violence, but they continue to inhance the prison industrial complex mainly for these young brothers and the Nations efforts to curb the violence would interrupt mainstream white supremacy.

  7. Phillip Battle

    Now is the time for all good men and women to stand and be counted- to many of us are to busy trying to emulate others that we lose ourselves. The dude David need not to be heard nor seen this isn’t the first time Farrakhan tried to help in our neighborhood- he tried in NY- I think that Julianne mayor or Ed Koch stopped the FOI from protecting the projects. Fast forward- monies from our own African American Rich and so called middle class have the resources to make it happen. Why can’t we emulate unified behavior as others do- so until we look out for us things look dim.

    Boycott Christmas 2012

    • A Cheating Black Male always gets caught!

      We cannot boycott CHRISTmas because of who we would be hurting. Why would you tell believers to boycott the saviour? I don’t understand.

      • He is referring to boycotting the senseless spending that occurs, that only goes to supporting those that continue to oppress us and care nothing of the well being of our youth and our communities… You must be an agent.

      • Phillip Battle

        To boycott Christmas is not to denounce the Christ Jesus– it will show a strong solidarity of the African American dollar. As on knows 40% of profit is made by the major retail community during the time of Christmas the spiritual love of Christ day has long been gone since the financial dependency has grown in our economy. Unfortunately our folk go in debt during that time and find ourselves on the average trying to pay it off throughout the new year. So the significance of boycotting Christmas can be our modern day bus boycott- hit them in the pockets in order to demand what we need I.e. more access to educational institution etc.

        Boycott Christmas 2012

      • he wants us to abandon the Christianity that gives women the freedoms that we enjoy.

        • A Cheating Black Male always gets caught!

          Thank you Theresa for your unbiased commentary….and acejov, just because I do not believe the way you do, does not make any less of an individual or invalidate my opinions. I believe in love so I believe CHRISTmas….has nothing to do with money and where it is spent. Unfortunately though people have made the saviours day about money and gifts so I seldomly give gifts. I give CHRISTmas cards with scriptures in them. So, I still do not understand where he is coming from because it is steeped in racial hatred towards other races. Plus, I am African Irish Native American and I have white family and friends so even if I did understand where he is coming from, I cannot allow myself to be racially motivated in any bad manner. Reverse racism is wrong and racism is completely wrong no matter who it comes from.

    • fool we pay taxes to hire police and we pay them well. it is their job. if they cant do it, they call in the FBI, if they cant do it the secret service should be called in, and the national guard is the next line of defense.

      i am so sick of dumb negroes not even understanding the workings of govt and yet they claim to be educated and are voting!

  8. I applaud any effort to stop this senseless and sickening killing in Chicago and elsewhere.

  9. I would like to know what these killers hate so much when they look into the faces of their own brothers and sisters that they want to destroy it.

    • A Cheating Black Male always gets caught!

      Your Skin Folks are not your Kin Folks, that is why people are so violent. I think if people would know this, then this would help people find a way to stop the violence. I am from Detroit, and that is another area plagued by violence.

    • Most of the killers are CHILDREN, black teenage children, who have no black role models to guide them, protect them, and a govt who doesn’t give a d**n about them. A govt who stands by and let mexican/caribbean/drug cartels pull these boys off the street, give them money and guns, and teaches them to kill ONLY their black AMERICAN community. All black/browns are not our people. They come to take our homelands, our jobs, our wealth through marriage, and our black american birthright. That is what we got for embracing them because their skin color is the same. 3rd world violence is what u r seeing. They didn’t value human life in their homelands, and they’re not valuing it here. Mexicans probably threatening these poor black boys with decapitation with a rusty knife. You’d do their bidding to save your life to.

  10. sorry; same ole thing! blacks kill blacks happens in LA and all the large inner cities. yeah OK lets have the minister go and march, take Jesse and Al LOL Really no answer on that one… maybe in-breeding or I just luv it when she says he was’t in a gang. educate the negro

  11. Question to the African American so-called leaders. What has the African American Muslims done to you all to make make you all act as if you all don’t want us around speaking out against what is wrong in the so-black community, what have we ever done you? At the Mother’s Day event at Kirk Park, a park in the so-called black community,in Syracuse NY,90% of the men there to look out for the safety of the mothers and children where the Muslim Men,where were the men from the churches who were asked to come help make that safe event.Are we not the same people as you,white people see us as they see you. Why do our own Christian Brothers,sisters,cousins,aunts,uncles,even mothers and fathers,act like muslims are from another planet. We got to all work together to save all our children. Black Men of all Faiths must work together to stop these young men from killing each other. Let us all start doing what the NOI under the leadership of Minister Farrakhan.

    • A Cheating Black Male always gets caught!

      I can answer that sir, the reason for these attitudes is because the Bible says we cannot be unevenly yoked, meaning the unbeliever should not be with the believer, but the problem with this is that people use the Bible in the wrong way, and they use it against others. This is wrong, and of course if there were more Judeo Christians on here like me, they would blast me, a babe for saying these things but it is true. A lot of Judeo Christians are rather religious instead of being spiritual. Some don’t even want to be seen talking to a muslim. I wouldn’t worry about none of this though. I do not believe in islam in any way shape form or fashion and I do not care for the practices of islam, but I do have friends and family who are muslims, and I do not shun them. None of them follow farrakhan because of what they believe he did when it came down to Minister Malcolm – Elhaj Malik El Shabazz, and they do not follow him. However, I have a lot of respect for him, so if him going stops them from killing each other, then fine. Tell him I said hit up Detroit my town too. My cousin was robbed and gunned down summer 2009, just one week after a group of summer school kids were AK47 sprayed at a bus stop, coming from summer school. A college student and the family has not gotten over this. I don’t hate or dislike anyone, but I do think that islam needs to think about the image they present to the public. This is all just my opinion, not fact or anything.

      • Wow Dude! Howabout you & your Judeo Christian Brothers go walk through Chicago & see how long you’ll last! You cats are bugged out. Even the hardest brothers on the planet respect the NOI & FOI! These brothers can walk thru any hood and shut down the violence. I don’t see any Christian Ministers doing anything and this happens right under their noses in their own cities. I guess until the violence rolls up onto their huge Estates or Mega Churches then they’ll keep preaching the word & sliding out the back door to their fancy cars. Wake Up! Research the history of that Bible you folks clench on so hard to spit your Venom. Research how & why your King James Bible came into existence then come back with some knowledge to talk about. Majority of Christians are so brainwashed about religion that their common sense won’t even let themselves believe that Jesus was a Black Man! Worst thing, the Bible tells you he was Black by description but you kneel and pray to a Blue Eyed Image burned into your Brain by the slavemaster! Think on that nugget….

        • A Cheating Black Male always gets caught!

          and what makes matters worse, is because I said I don’t agree with islam in any manner, you shunned what I said and basically called me ignorant. You also called me outta my name. How rude and disrespectful. This is why I don’t deal with black males because reading is fundamental…..shaking my head…..READ BEFORE YOU TALK MAN

          • when you say this is why you don’t deal with black males as though you’re proud…do you think black men give a s**t and who do you think you are hurting in your decision? you’re the one with the problem…it’s called a you problem. some would call it self hatred!

          • A Cheating Black Male always gets caught!

            Toney, you are extremely silly. Toney, I don’t deal with you black males because of how rude, and egotistical you are. That is not self hatred, that is distancing myself from men who care nothing for me. Why are you using curse words to talk to me? I am a woman, not some animal from the street.

        • Such double minded foolishness. the death cult of allah is truly filtering the author of confusion. Mohammedans are obsessed with Jess and Christians and spend mite tine barking contrary ideology based on mohammedanism. Btw, Mohammed was an evil man just like that wolf in sheep clothing farraconjob.

      • You are a Fool! If you really believe the words of Christ, you will have a lot to answer for when He returns.

      • Phillip Battle

        Unlike the myths of Farrakhan being involved with the death of Malcolm- are you still a believer in America after the torture it has inflected on the Africans that were brought to America- physically, and psychologically-so when those mentally ill brothers and sisters act out their deeply rooted hate towards one and other-don’t be so shallow minded of why we are still sick. Matter of fact lets petition our rich, ivory league graduates,and so called middle class African Americans to unite and truly help the helpless Brothers and Sisters, possibly by using their influence and money in a collaborate effort with the local or Federal government to create institution that address the mental illness issues in our community.

        Boycott Christmas 2012

        • Why don’t you ask your Arab masters why they sold and captured black slaves for the white man, Mohammedan? Ask your Arab matter why slavery and genocide still occurs in Africa today?

      • You Christian are such hypocrites. You all love to TALK about how much faith in Jesus you have, but when it comes to proving it, you al are nowhere to be found. You’re asking the Minister and the Nation to “hit up Detroit” because Your cousin was gunned down and robbed..He was YOUR cousin!! Why don’t you get some of the church men in your congregation to “hit up Detroit”…don’t you have faith that your God will protect you? Of course you don’t. And that is why the black community has four or five churches in just about every block along with four or five liquor stores and tweice that many drug dealers in the same block. Does your pastor ever come out from behind his hedge of protection and display some of this enonomus faith that is TALKED about all of the time.For of their talk about faith in Godd and wanting to die and put on your golden slippers and wings..Christian (men in particular) are some of the most fearful of most religions. Ever wonder why the church is so full of women and the mosques and muslim temples are full of men? And this is why most young black men choose Islam over Christianity. There is nothing wrong whit be a christian, it’s just the way that these scared pastors present Jesus as some soft, non-aggressive dude which is a turn off to most men.

        • A Cheating Black Male always gets caught!

          noco….I am shaking my head. Apparently you don’t read. I respect Minister Farrakhan and love him as well, I just don’t agree with islam…….

        • What is with black Mohammedan sheds and logic? Clearly, sociology, politics, economics, institutional racism, corruption is lost on the low
          minded Mohammedan. and mohammedanism is as corrupt and demonic as ever. Beating your women, having more than one wife, etc. as if mohammedanism is better when in fact it’s worse. You lost black Mohammedans following an Arab madman who was filled with the jinn.

        • your hatred of christians is showing.

    • Farrakhan is from trinidad heritage.

      • A Cheating Black Male always gets caught!

        Madpoet, please go back and read my post before you criticize as if I said Minister Farrakhan, and you addressed me as dude when I am a young woman. Smh at black males

        • did a black male break your heart! lol from the name you’re using to post..obviously you have some issues with black men. you’re delusional at best..a rational person would say a cheating male always gets caught..not a cheating black male.

          • SMH at Toney!!!!

            No Toney, I am just sick of being faced with black men period who have no form of decency what so ever. Secondly, I did not insult or disrespect you, so DO NOT ever speak to me that way again. I am not delusional in any manner, so please be respectful when you speak to others. To address the name, I responded to another post about a pastor who was doing some things he should not have been doing and when the first lady came close to catching him, he got angry at the cell phone company sprint for releasing his records to the first lady of the church. So, when I started conversing on this board, I did not bother changing the name because I just didn’t feel like doing so. To answer your other question about a broken heart, you are right I do have a problem with black men, that’s why I refuse to date or marry them. I have remained a virgin and have never dated, because there is nothing left out here for me to date or marry. NOTHING left. So at the young age of 30, I am starting Grad School, and I just finished Undergrad. I made this decision after what happened to my older fraternal twin sister. We both made a pact to finish school first, and then start our careers and then date and marry outside our race. So, does this answer your question? But I guess I am too delusional to have a brain as a young woman!!!

          • smh @ cheating black male

            @ cheating black male.

            sad that you have to go through life so unhappy. you’re a fool if you think only black men cheat. heard of bill clinton? lol

            black men is not you’re problem..it’s you.

          • So many Blacks Don't Read!!!

            The only fool there is you. You are a pathetic moron who needs to read as well. Just because I don’t deal with black men does not make me have a problem, you illiterate black male

  12. Cheers for Minister Farrakhan’s demonstration!! Now I have a suggestion to the brothers of the NOL if they really want to deal with this epidemic of murder. These shooters are simply cowards who need weapons to do their violence. So the answer is simply get rid of the guns on the streets. IMHO most of these weapons in the midst of the black populations are RE-CYCLED GUNS! By RE-CYCLED I mean guns that have been confiscated by the police, stored in a police locker, and later scheduled to be destroyed, but somehow later turns up on the street again for an illegal sale. These guns are NOT BEING DESTROYED and that is why there are so many weapons available on almost every street corner in the inner-city.

    When the guns are scheduled to be destroyed, they are trucked to a local contractor’s salvage yard that has a large metal compactor. The guns are loaded into the metal compactor which then crushes them all into a small solid metal cube destined for meltdown and recycling. Whenever a cache of guns are scheduled to be destroyed an official police representative must be present as a witness to the actual destruction of the guns. The police witness then must sign official documents that attest and certify that the witness observed the actual destruction of the guns. In many states the archiving of this documentation has been very sloppy and in many instances may even be none-existent.

    Here is what NOL and other activists can do to verify that these weapons are actually destroyed and not RE-CYCLED back onto the streets to kill again and again.
    (1)Start a campaign to request access to past police documentation certifying that guns were actally destroyed.
    (2)If the documentation does not include sufficient identification data (Type of weapon, caliber, model number, serial number) make an official request that this information be included with the destruction documentation.
    (3)If any descrepancies are found in the documentation data, immediately start a campaign to force the police to allow a civilian from your organization to witness the destruction of any future cache of weapons. Also stipulate that sufficient notice of the event be given in advance to assure that the civilian witness is present at the destruction.

    The above outline constitute the main steps to bring the business of selling RE-CYCLED guns under control and keep them off of our city streets. Finally I wish to assure all readers that RE-CYCLED guns are not the ONLY SOURCE of guns flooding the streets of our major cities, but they are a huge contributor to the problem. Every illegal weapon removed for our streets is certainly a step in the right direction.

  13. Blackallaround

    Minister Farrakhan is the only leadership that is not bought and paid for in America. He answers to only to his god. He speaks truth to all the powers. They the Nation of Islam always steps up…in black community in America.

  14. How effective? Who knows, but …damnit!!!!!! Somebody’s at least doing something. Where’s jesse Jackson? Oh, too bz calling the pres. a N#**^% off camera I guess. Where’s the NAACP? Problem is, there’s no money or major publicity in it for all the people who should be trying to do something.

  15. Much respect to the Minister, however if you have to “tell” dumb negroes to stop killing each other, they just aren’t going to do it. So stop blaming Jesse or whoever.

  16. The killings have been going on forever, Farrakhan does nothing if and unless he gets something out of it!

    I suspect the Nation is simply recruiting some more young impressionable black men to to do his biding, he says he needs soldiers for the up coming war between the races.

    A leopards can not change it’s spots, if you believe his normal hateful rhetoric, then you can’t now believe that in walking the streets of Chicago his only motive is to stop the killings.

    In every city that has one of the nations masjid “mosque” their seems to be the same level of killings.

    DR. please let me know if the killings decrease after the walks end.

    • Go tell your same story to all the White Militia groups training all over the USA in the woods of every county. Go tell your story to all the Teenage white kids w/ aresenals in their bedrooms and underneath their houses? Are you sleep walking Mr? Do you not watch the news? I go to the Gun range and see 8-10 yr old white kids shooting weapons and learning hand to hand combat while Hankerchief Heads like yourself walk around in denial like sitting deer in the woods. You think these white paramilitary groups in the woods learning to survive off the land just for play-play? I mean no disrespect, but your statements are as ignorant as they come! Go on the internet and tap into these Hate websites. You ignorant negroes kill me saying the NOI is a hate group! Lets take your message and say that was true as an example. Now, can you name any other Black Hate Group besides the NOI as you pointed out? Now, there are hundreds of White Hate Groups compared to your 1 Black hate group that you claim, right? Do the math and wake the h**l up!

      • I sincerely think Onesilverbac is a white guy trying to dishonestly influence blacks into thinking Min. Farrakhan is our enemy. Now I love and appreciate the minister and the nation for what that they do to help and educate black people. But even black folk who are in total disagreement with Min Farrakhan and the Nation cannot rationally argue that he is trying to actively recruit young black folks for some race war. And I have NEVER known Min. Farrakhan to be a give something to get something type of leader. To suggest that he’s only in it to find new members is not only a lie but a very dangerous lie at that. Ask those that he already spoke with if they were forced to be NOI members for some pending race war. Onesilverbac is likely some white nationalist leader himself trying to divide us.

    • That’s a d**n lie. Home invasions, counterfeit money, widespread drug distribution, came with the 3rd world. The d**n 3rd world which black america should be fighting to get sent back to their homelands.

    • WINNER!!! This is exactly why farraconjob is out in the streets trying “stop the violence”. They need new recruits to build political power. The death cult of Mohanmed is all about politics recruitingone gang members to another.

  17. When are you all gonna address the NOI and their alliance with the Church of Scientology? I have searched for articles written by the black press to no avail, it has been going on since 2010 and no news?
    What about the debacle in Florida over the Charter School, the director, Hanan Islam and their connection to the Scientology curriculum and the NOI? What’s up with that?

    • Well, if the Nation adopts some of the teachings of the (mainly white) Church if Scentology, I guess you can’t label them a hate group.

    • Are we going to scrutinize the Black Churches that didn’t support the civil rights protest– please let’s not burn the house down because there’s a flood in the kitchen.
      Who in the world knows–maybe they are trying to get some financial support you know the Black Churches aren’t going to support the NOI – so just maybe the NOI HAS FIGURED OUT how to get some money or any other type of positive support from the Sciencetology community– what the heck – let’s not put feelings before intelligence.

      Boycott Christmas 2012

    • dont know anything about it, but not surprised. i actually was recruited by scientology. when they explained their bullsh8t theology, i said, “i’m out.”

  18. It’s so easy to cast stones and accuse someone of having ulterior motives for trying to do some good in our community. I personally don’t understand it. I’ve had my ups and downs with Minister Farrakhan, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. In fact, Christian ministers should be joining him in the streets as well. This is not an issue that should polarize us as a people. This is a good reason why it is difficult for the Black community to find common ground and move forward as a people. These petty swipes at a man trying to do something good are silly and counter-productive. One of the reasons there is a lot of crime in the areas of inner city majids, is because the people who set them up did so to be a beacon of light in that community. They have had various degrees of success. But, as a comparison just look at the SCLC today. What are they doing in the Black community. I’ll tell you what they’re doing—squabbling over the spoils of war. For the past several years that organization has been a joke and a disgrace to the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. They can’t get out of their own way! No relevance to the Black community at all. At least this brother is trying to do something. We Christians have been praying for a long time–and the kill rate in our community continues to rise! Time to combine pray with some action! Peace!

  19. f**k marching start giving the death penaltu to these worthles pieces of s**t

  20. LaVerne Hardin

    Farrakhan is exceptional, wise and strong, all respect is due his continued efforts to try and build the black people, yet we do not listen. I have offered to stay in the neighborhoods where crime flows with a politician who lived in a very affluent neighborhood – I believe she could have shot me just for mentioning it. Politicians usually want one thing, to get elected so that they can take kick backs and other monies above their salaries. Farrakhan receives nothing from the State or Federal Government. His respect and appreciation spans over the world, the US fears him, therefore they would never provide for him. Ministers all over the country are not doing what Farrakhan is doing. The only minister that gave his life in all neighborhoods was Dr. Martin Luther King. We talk, and do nothing. I am a survivor of the 60s, where I had to picket to just get in school, to go to a resturant, a movie, a swimming pool, and I picketed for a few years, was hit in the forehead with a rock, where a scare remains. In order to accomplish what Farrakhan is doing you must go directly to the problem, and that is in the streets. Do something, walk with the brothers every Monday. Sit aside a specific time every week at first then 2 times a week, you will when some over.

    • if farrakhan was a true leader, he would respect America’s freedom of religion. he enjoys the benefits of a free society, and wouldn’t live in the arab muslim world if they paid him. nuff said.

  21. i’m glad to see farrkhan out there more black leaders need to come and help our young black men they need jobs all gangsters will in up in prison are dead if they don’t stop


  23. sherrie chapman

    I applaude Minister Farrakhan ! He, and the Nation are the only ones that can TRUELY save us from US. The Nation Of Islam have taken a stand in most critical situations. The killing of our babies is now ciritcal. I will pray that he can get the gang bangers to STOP the KILLING. Black on Black crimes have to stop. We need ANYONE who sees or hears anything so speak up(even if it is your child). Save your child, my child and ALL children.

    Peace and Blessings, Salaam Alikum…….

    • If you are an intelligent woman, you would NOT want to live with the restrictions of arab/muslim women. Why don’t u try wearing that hot azz robe and hat in this 90 degree weather LOL LOL and die a virgin childless while waiting for some man to claim you LOL

  24. Hey people are so very ignorant when it comes to the Minister, just because he doesn’t blow his horn evry good he does. People don’t have a clue ! Let the Negroes stay in the dark where some of them have been for years. But thses baptist ministers are committing rape, stealing from their churches and they don’t focus on that. they will give them money and won’t take care of their own sometimes.
    Let them “sleep” one day they will wake up !

    • Amen, Ms. Monica. Let those brainwashed negroes stay on the plantantion critizing all the blacks that are trying to escape. The Nation recognizes that is our responsibilty to protect our community. The pastors should be out in force along with the Minister. Guess they’re too busy counting their money from last
      Sunday’s take. But this action of behalf of the Nation should push some churchgoers to put pressure on their men (ministers and deac ons) to leave the safety of their comfort zone. I doubt it though…For all the that good “Gucci” talk a bout faith, very seldom does one see it coming from the christian church.

  25. Stop the Black on Black violence our population is getting smaller folks! “SAY IT LOUD, I AM BLACK AND I AM PROUD!”


  26. Although I’m not Muslim. I am from Chicago and have lots of Muslim friends. I applaud Minister Farrakhan and all the Muslim brothas. I can definitely say in all my years working in the community in Chicago we have always been able to depend on our Muslim Men to show up and show OUT!! Bravo My Muslim Brothas BRAVO!!

    • under the honorable elijah muhammed it was a good organization. if farrkahn makes a feeble attempt and give up, he deserves no praise. real heros keep fighting until the battle is won.

  27. Why are there even any other types of comments other than. THANK YOU Minister Farrakhan and your MEN…. for being willing to go out there and actually attempt to do something to save our youth. PERIOD!!!!
    Wake up people.. In the different religions that you all tie yourselves to we all pray to the same God when its all said and done…(our ultimate creator)….all of the laws and details on how one should live and what we believed happened when we were not even there to see with our own eyes… but in books that were written by humans… does not matter!! This is part of the problem…..These MEN are actually doing something (regardless of their beliefs) to save our sons, cousins and brothers that we love dearly.
    Stop being distracted and WAKE UP!
    Thank you Minister Farrakhan and your MEN(not all males are men) any other REAL MAN that is willing to go out there and give of your time to do something that most males don’t care to or wont do. You are appreciated!

  28. I have nothing but respect for the NOI at least they,re out on the streets doing something to address the issues plaguing the black community.

  29. These Muslims, have never done anything for anyone other than for other Muslims. They walk right by the average black person, and won’t even speak. They also call all other black people n*****s. As for Farrakhan, isn’t this the same guy that was involved in the gangster killing of Malcolm X?

    • Speak the truth! Speak the truth! Devils keep their people in the internet cafes spreading lies.

    • Exactly. Black mohammedans parroting Mohammedan lies are abeds for their Arab masters. They love to hide the fact that Mohammedans were pat of the slave trade in Africa, both past and current. Arab Mohammedans are worse than the kkk and Neo nazism combined. Yes, Farraconjob had something to do with ANOTHER BLACK MAN’s murder. He had blood on his hands.


  31. Thank you Minister Farrakhan & The Nation of Islam for again taking the lead to protect the brothers and sisters in our decaying and forgotten communities. Now, COME ON BROTHERS FROM THE MILLION MAN MARCH HELP TO REPRESENT!!!

  32. I am an Afrikan who is neither Muslim or Christian.I am an Afrikan Traditionalist.I totally support Farrakhan and any other Afrikan who is doing anything to stop Afrikans from murdering Afrikans.

    • we are BLACK AMERICANS. we ARE NOT africans. Africa has done nothing but sell us into slavery and then when we made some gains 400 years later, they came back to take some more. i hope dirty africans rot in h**l.

      • Tina FYI you are apeaking self hate here! You derived from Africa well at least your ancestors Ok. Furthermore, all man derived from Africa. The Black Man is the Original Man!

        • John, when the Africans sold or ancestors in to slavery, wasn’t that self hate? When ignorant and arrogant Africans come to this country assuming they’re better than black Americans, isn’t that self hate? Up until today, I called myself African American, but after witnessing and experiencing the snide attitude I’d most Africans, i’m black American and proud. Truth is not self hate.

  33. We need to stop the polarization within our ranks. The Christians on this site need to thank The Minister for what he is doing and stop the hate. This is not a matter of divergent doctrine because all of our books promote peace when read with a spiritual eye. Our Muslims brothers both traditional Islam and NOI should not be knocking the few Christian leaders that do stand and have been standing for decades all while being criticizes at every turn. Lets work together. This bickering is sad and only serves the enemy. Let Rev. Al Sharpton do what he does, let Jesse do his thing, something is better than nothing. if you don’t like the efforts going forth join one of the organizations and show them the way, or better put your feet to the fire and your bodies in the cross hairs of criticism and form an organization of your own.

    • You don’t tell us what we need to do.we are not your abed. Mohammedans, especially black ones would seek blacks out to their demon god. Farraconjob is not a righteous man given his connection to Malcolm x murder and always serving his own purposes.

  34. Why is everyone on this site missing the target, even Farrakhan. stopping the violence starts in the home. Some of the gun toting youth may have been given guns by their parents or the parents may have guns also and are very violent in and out of the home. Telling the kids to stop the violence is like pouring gasoline on a fire. Marching and standing on street corners will not stop it. The last effetive march was the March on Washington by King. He had a plan before going in there. What plan does Farrakhan have. His his people may even get caught up in the crossfire. If Farrakhan and his group can stop the violence, then every policeman in Chicago should be fired and the jobs given to the people who can get the job done. Come on Minister Farrakhan, get the job done ASAP. Then you will be a hero that all of Chicago will love!

  35. CarolinaSistah

    If it is not against us, it’s for us. I don’t see anyone else doing anything to tackle the problem of crime in the Black community. I just hope there is a plan of action with measurable goals and outcomes expected.

    Thank you NOI for the willingness to at least approach the problem. May God provide wisdom, strength, and courage.

  36. black on black crime?
    is the glass is half empty or half full?
    is it that blacks are more liable to rob or kill blacks than whites?
    is it that whites are less liable to rob or kill whites than blacks?
    or is it that whites are more likely to rob or kill blacks then “their own kind”? remember they don’t even count when white policeman kill black people!
    does this make white people better?
    remember what Malcom X said ” they know how to write it to make you believe it.

  37. The challenges facing Black males in Chicago and other cities are many and varied. Unemployment, underemployment, incarceration, domestic violence, etc. No one leader has the will or resources to address the sundry issues facing black men. There exists a need for men of ALL faiths to remember the words of Paul Robeson, “The battle front is everywhere, there is no sheltered rear.” The frontline is where ever YOU are at any point in time irrespective of faith or resources. All that hear the call are obligated to respond if that call resonates for that person. There is plenty of room at the table. And remember, if you are not at the table you just might end up on the menu.
    To your journey!

  38. bill Richardson

    The brother puts action to his words. To hate minister Farrakhan is to hate the truth. by the way he does know Jesus.

  39. Someone once said, “Lead, follow, or get the h**l out of the way.”

  40. I commend the Honorable Minister for his efforts. Your headline states he took to the streets of Chicago to stop black on black crime. He’s not going to be successful. Why? It takes money and resources. I remember when I was Growing up in the E.wood District, Every summer I could count on getting at least a summer job. I couldn’t escape what was going on in the hood, but I knew every summer I could count on a summer program of some kind. These programs not only offer hope. but. gives youth some self esteem.Unfortunately, those were the days. There’s no draft, no so called socialist programs. What’s left? Anarchy?

  41. Their are a lot of CIA agents a jews writing on this site and others trying to fervent discord between black people and the NOI so brothers and sisters becareful what you say.

  42. All these foolish and ignorant comments needs to stop. Ask a parent who has lost their child to senseless violence who they would like help from. It wouldn’t matter if they could have their loved ones back,so stop with all the stupid comments and do something to make a difference in your communities, we can’t wait for the police or politicians, it take a village to raise a child and the village needs to step up.

  43. Why is it when the Minister steps up people always respond in a negative way, like he’s doing this for reasons other than trying to get our black young men to think about what they are doing to destroy our race of people.
    Minister is the only one that speaks out and I guess that’s because he is a strong black man and he doesn’t answer to the government, he answers to his God other ministers of Chicago has to answer to the government or support or whatever they get will no longer be.
    Maybe this is the time for him to get on board there is always a time and place for ever thing to take place,you don’t just jump out without plans or being directed.
    Everyone that thinks negative of the only black man that’s taking a stand you stand up with him an you be that other strong black man,our boys need to see black men that stands for things that are positive. We don’t have many black male teacher’s in the school system, there aren’t many social activities in the communities where they live . So black men stand tall and lead our young men in a positive directions, have talk groups,ball clubs,social gatherings in the park district club houses etc.

  44. Farrakhan is a con man and just looking for angry black men to use and help line his pockets. Black women if you think he or black men care about your needs and safety and your children you are fools. If he’s for real let’s see how long he commits to the mission. He’s just looking for tax payers money for himself you dumb black idiots. All this time killings took place now he cares. If it’s not something in it for him he will fade away. By the way how much of Khadafy’s blood money did he use to help black men? Blacks are moron, need to get educated and stop killing each other out of self-hate for being born black.

  45. I think all of you are off track. Our children are dying. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said decades ago that the Black Man & Women could solve their problems overnight if they would just unify themselves. It is up to us, not the government, not religious or political leaders. It is up to all of you to prove your faith in the God of your understanding and hit the streets. Afraid or not, we are the solution. We must do something for ourselves.

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