Meagan Good Encourages Women Who Desire Godly Marriage Not to Settle

Last month, Meagan Good married her Hollywood executive and preacher fiancé in a beautiful ceremony. Meagan is now opening up about her recent nuptials and giving other women a few tips on how to find their own “Mr. Right.”

Good shared with that she is loving marriage.

“It’s been pretty amazing. He is absolutely the most incredible thing that’s happened to me,” Good revealed. “We want the same thing out of life and that’s important.”

Good, who is a well established actress, is in the process of shooting her new drama series on NBC. The drama series is called “Infamous”.

The newlywed shared that her new husband and her were brought together by their shared Christian faith.

“We’re both on the front lines for Christ. We’re serious about our walk…We’re not perfect but what we desire and what we aspire to is the same. In having a partner you ultimately have to know and want the same things and have the same type of revelations and we do.”

Good shared that she would do anything for her husband who is a Seventh-day Adventist minister. She went on to share that her husband was very different than others that she had been in relationships with. Says Good:

“The difference is God is more evident in my heart. That was always my desire…Sometimes, you make what you think are sacrifices because you see there’s potential here, or this person has it in their heart there’s just got to be some growing.”

Good went on to advise other women not to settle, saying:

“Ultimately one thing I would say to all women is don’t settle. It is out there, it does exist and God is so much bigger and greater than what our small minds can think,” Good said. “What we think is impossible is absolutely possible and I’m definitely living proof of that. My marriage is living proof of that.”

The actress said that she was excited about a future with her new husband.

 ”I’m just excited about life. I’m excited to have a partner on this journey that gets it,” she said. “(It’s) just a blessing.”

Sadly, Hollywood marriages tend not to last, but it looks like Good and her husband may just make it.

41 Responses to Meagan Good Encourages Women Who Desire Godly Marriage Not to Settle

  1. I was getting ready to go in on Megan(why? If this is false-hood she’ll deal with herSelf, I cannot judge her fairly, and is what GOD does, judge all man fairly) BUT I realized I have no reason to. I want a husband in Christ who “gets it” as well. Bless you and your husband Megan.

  2. Herman Hawkins Jr.

    This should go for men just as well. Too many of my aunts and uncles, not to mention my mother(twice) settled for mates they still could not last with. I vowed not to do so and am still waiting patiently for the right mate and I will let God point me in the right direction.

  3. happy for her. to me, she is one of the most prettiest women ever! my face kind of resembles a cross between her and Holly Robinson Pete. lol.

  4. There is a possibility that believing in God will not be enough for either of them! There is more to life and living in this social structure than putting faith in a fictitious being, and believing that all will be well in a reality where preachers are child molesters and rapists! That fact that she believes in a religion/God, that the Europeans have conquered and infected the world with, questions her sanity!

    • The fact that that same fictitious being predicted that there would be scoffers and deniers in this time period verifies the lack of sanity on your part no matter what the outcome of her marriage. Reality beckons to those who worship their own mind and call it sanity.

    • This real God that you imagine is fake has kept my marriage firm for 17 years and getting better everyday… God brought my wife to me and we have grown in Christ together. Pre-marriage we were Saved together (and not in a church). After marriage we Join a church together we were baptized together and have grown in Christ together. For those looking for a Godly mate Be still and know that He is God.

    • Her sanity and her reality. If it works for her that is all that matters. What happened to live and let live?

  5. WizardG. I agree

  6. WizardG and Cortez you are way off base. God is real. He brought me and my wife together and we are in year sweet sixteen of marital bliss. If you don’t believe, that is okay. You probably don’t have lasting relationships either. Go figure.

  7. I’m going to agree with Megan here. It is ok to have standards and patience. That once helped build strong relationships and communities.

  8. Well Meagan,finding Right is easier when you’re the best looking woman in Hollywood bar none.

    • Good point. I would think that it would be more difficult to live a Christian life, though in the industry that Meagan works in, particularly given the roles that she plays. I love her, and would like to see her play something other than a s****l predator. She can get type-cast and I know that she has more to show the world regarding her talent. Best to Meaghan and her husband.

  9. I can relate to Meagan Good! She is telling the truth, there are men out there who are God fearing men and know the Lord. I use to just settle thinking there are no real men out there, but I had to pray and come to the truth of who I needed to be with and that is a God fearing man who was evenly yoked with me. God lead me right to him, and right in a club in Atlanta, God knew I could not stay out of the clubs so he sent my husband there only to attend a Christmas Party his job was giving, he is not a club person, but just happen to be there the night I was there. I must say neither one of us stepped in another club since and that was 3 years ago. When we dated it was an unusual type of dating because our dates were studying the Word of God together and going to church. That kind of relationship just flourished from there. We also found out that we both wanted the same things in life and set the same goals of going back to school and finishing our careers in Health. I had never been so happier in a marriage and this is my second marriage and I know this will be my last. My husband has taught me about life and I look at life in a different way, knowing what the Word of God says. So I agree with Meagan all I have to say to the women is don’t settle.

  10. The first step in finding a good man is to be a good woman.You can’t expect to find what you are not.Any woman that says she can’t find a good man has messed over atleast four or five if them and banished more to the friend zone.Fact is until women start owning up to their own shortcomings and stop pretending that they are the victims,they will always be missing out.

  11. Very true what you said Rain.

    I wish the couple well and hope this marriage last longer than some. Hope they both work to make it work.

  12. Well Megan in my view is giving great advice nothing like having faith in God , also finding a partner well grounded in the Lord and has good home trianing also wanting same thing out of life as yourself. But after that Megan needs to be honest, Most women do not Look like her . If your one of the hottest women on the planet its a lot easier to hook a fish especialy a good fish like her husband. For the average women its not going to be so easy. Megan is rich, and HOT { yes, I would go gay , for Megan…lol} So people lets be real . Men are visual creatures and even worst some are shallow.

    • @rach While you are absolutely right about Megan’s beauty, there are many beautiful woman who cannot find a good man. The fact is there are many beautiful woman selling their bodies for money or participating in the lucrative p**n industry that may have a hard time finding a good man in their future. There are also many beautiful professional woman who are having a hard time finding a good man. I see it everyday Graduate students, working woman of all sorts and races complaining about the same thing, there are no good men out there. Trust in the Lord and he will bring you to your mate. Met my wife in a club, both of us were shaking our tail now 20 years later and 17 of those years in Holy matrimony we are shaking for Christ.

  13. All the best to her and her husband. There are good men/women out there for all us single folk. All in God’s time

  14. Amirable but I somewhat diagree with Mrs. Megan.

    Evrybody life experiences and situations are very different.

    Love is so diverse and come in many ways.

    I do applaud her for making the role model stance but it is not at all realistic. We need to encourage relationships within the Black Community even if they are not as “ideal” as Mrs. Goode. Yet she is very young.

    Nevertheless,I wish her all the best and will check to see how things are going in her marriage 10-20 years from now. Time is a MF!

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  16. I wonder if she is a Seventh Day Adventist also. For those who may not beware, they attend church on Saturdays and shut down activities on Friday afternoon.

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  18. I am happy that Meagan found a life partner who shares her values. However, why all the focus on Meagan’s beauty. Hollywood is in the beauty business and it doesn’t seem to matter how beautiful a woman is, if her partner wants to cheat, he will find a way.

    Beauty is nice but it is not a panacea for all of life’s problem and certainly does not guarantee a life free from heartache and pain. Just ask the millions of stunning women who are victims of cheating boyfriends/spouses, domestic violence, and divorce. Some have even been murdered by crazed husbands or boyfriends.

    In the end, partners must respect and value each other and treat the relationship with reverence.

    • I don’t think that it’s her beauty people are really focused on it is the fact that she wears skimpy clothes says its’ Ok to dress like that in public and is a Christian and pastor’s wife and then complains that she is being stereotyped or type cast by film producers/ programme makers

  19. The issue is not settling. The issue is having lost all touch with reality.

    Most sistah’s think that even with all their baby daddy’s, their outrageous behaviour, and their running wild, they should still be married to “superman”.

    Keep dreaming.

  20. A blessing many of us want, but won’t wait on the lord to receive it. Thank you Megan, I will wait and keep my faith. God Bless your beautiful journey

  21. Marrying someone for the wrong reasons are just stupid. I’ll also say that marrying for just love is not enough either. Being in love with a broke person with no ambition is not going to get you anywhere in life either.

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