Father Finds Son Dead on a Tennis Court, But Why Did NY Daily News Post a Picture with Gang Signs?

A father in the Bronx was confronted with his worst nightmare after finding out that his son had died on the tennis court.  The 14-year old boy was killed in a park, with a tennis racket in his hand.

“He was the best kid you could ask for,” Cassell Brooks, 50, said referring to his child, Kemar.

“He had a bright future. He was exceptional. Why him?”

Kemar’s father said that he gave the boy some money to go play tennis in the park.  When he didn’t get home after 3 am, he became worried.   The father then walked to Haffen Park to find his son.  It was then that he saw his son’s body.

“His face was sideways on the ground,” he said. “I saw some blood coming out of his nostril. My heart dropped.

“He was lying on his side with the racket in his hand,” he said.

Police are saying that the boy was shot in the head.   Ballistic evidence found shell casings nearby, confirming the suspicions of police. Kemar’s father said that there was nothing going on in his life, to his knowledge, that would lead to him having a violent and unfortunate death.

“There was no sign of this. He was a brilliant kid. He was not a child who was ever in trouble,” he told the New York Daily News. “He was an A student.”

So, given that he was a great kid and not involved in negative activities, why in the world did the New York Daily News use an image that showed the boy holding up gang signs?  Is anyone else noticing this besides us?  Are they somehow arguing that this black boy deserved to be killed or did his father send over the picture for them to use?  This is an issue that leads all of us to wonder how the media portrays the endless slew of murders of young black males in America, and whether they are convicted of being thugs from beyond the grave.  There are Trayvon Martins everywhere.


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  1. It is what it is:(


  3. Wake up fools!!! Osama bin Laden was killed by your black president. They cant get to him. KEEP YOUR BLACK KIDS INSIDE!!!!

    • @Tina,

      Keep your white psycho maniac serial killers in the house as well. White on white/every race crimes are at an all time high. Lunatice white folks takes out many all at one time. Tina, you better watch your back for the white lunatics.

  4. Hey Tina we’ll keep our black kids out of movies houses and away from white football coaches…if that’s ok?

  5. I’m going to give the father more credit in believing that he’d have better sense to send a pic like that to a media source to accompany the news of the murder of his son. Of course no credit can be given to the media for having the decency not to publish a pic like that with the story. To those of us who know better, young guys taking pictures like this means nothing in regard to them being affiliated with any gang activity. They find it cool and pose in this manner. But it’s a good teaching point to our boys to watch even how they take pictures. If you’re not representing a gang leave the signs alone.

  6. I have come to the conclusion years ago that whites are incapable of viewing blacks as human beings. This is evident in their history and I personally believe it is apart of their DNA. They have no respect for black life. As for the picture, I have seen many kids hold up signs in an attempt to be silly or trying to pose “cool” in a photo. Would they publish a picture of a white child holding up some kind of sign after their death? No. They would simply publish a picture of the child smiling and so forth. A black child merely doing something that other kids do is always view differently and with stereotypes attach to it. It doesn’t equate them to being gang bangers and it appears this child had no linkage to gangs whatsoever. Sadly, black children can’t be just children. But to devalue and dismiss this child’s life, whites must do what they know best when it comes to black people and our pain of losing a love one: belittle it. It’s their ugly nature and history of race relations and lack of comprehension from whites is proof enough of such hate that is naturally inside of them.

    • I have to agree with this. It is a sad thing.

    • i 100% agree with you!

    • SOOOOO true to all except that idiot who said keep our Black Kids home…do u live in NYC stupid? NYPD kicks is NYC homeowners doors and kill black kids or a regular and make up lies after about what they saw on the kid…no difference from Emmett Till in Mississippi, the freedom riders, or Dr. King be shot to death b/c he was fighting for the basic freedoms that white people take for granted and feel an entitlement to when BLACK PEOPLE BUILT THIS COUNTRY and YOU’LL lily white financial portfolios are coated with our blood sweat and tears…you have some nerve!! You must be a redneck!!!

    • Big gee the black guy

      Well said Renee spot on target!

  7. How did the newspaper get the picture?

  8. Where did the photo of the man come from displaying gang signs and was he an active gang member? Sadly, another young black man has lost his life to senseless gang and gun violence. Its as though many young black men do not value their lives or the future, which has caused an increase in the number of shootings of many black people throughout our nation. (R.I.P. young man).

    • He was no where close to being in a gang. The picture was taken at school while playing around with other friends. The picture was on FaceBook only as a joke.

  9. “The endless slew of murders of young black males in America, etc.” This statement speaks for itself. Black on Black fratricide is equal to self inflicted racial genocide…….

    • Where is the evidence that this was black on black fratricide? You don’t know who murdered this young brother. Self inflicted genocide is the result of self-hatred that is perpetrated by this society that was built on slave labor and genocide against non-white people. In order for this white “minority” to dominate and exploit the vast majority of non-white people all over the planet self-hate and self-destructive ideas and thoughts must be the order of the day in a white power imperialist empire like america. Whomever pulled the trigger, the 800 pound gorrilla on that tennis court was white power imperialism, a very hostile and dangerous anti-African society!

      • White Civil Rights Attorney

        You are wrong. Stop focusing on the supposed white oppression of the black race. It does occur – but not as frequently as you think. Start looking inward to the black community itself who is largely responsible for its ongoing problems — which I’m sure are very well known to you.

  10. The business of newspapers is to report the news and sell newspapers. And sensationalism sells more newspapers. The New York Times supports Zionism. The Wall Street Journal supports capitalism. And The Daily News and New York Post supports racial stereotyping of Blacks and Hispanics. The family should have never given a picture of their dead son making gang signs to a news media. Than again, did the father know that in that particular picture, his son was making gang signs…???? Many parents are very ignorant of current youthful norms. And even more so of what their children are doing…….

  11. Is that even a gang sign? I agree with Ran, certain hand gestures signify a school, side of town etc. The leap that its as gang sign is nothing more than that a leap. It is good to note though that those out of touch with kids view things through the negativity of the news and pop culture stereotypes. So bbe aware of the repercussions. When is the last time you saw a thug playing tennis? Please use some common sense.

  12. He could have been killed because he was known to flash up this certain gang sign. I’ve worked with children in the city schools for well over 20 yrs and yes indeed even some of the brightest kids flash gang signs to appear down with the neighborhood. I’ve seen it all to many times. Poor little guy most likely never intended to have the streets take him seriously. I’ve seen kids as young as 4-5 play thuggish games of gangsta gangsta on the school yard. Holding paper guns to each others heads its sad people really sad. And yes I put a serious stop to all violent play in our school.

  13. In San Francisco’s Fillmore district we all played tennis because it was available and most of my friends went on to sell crack a little later. Two of my friends who were the best players on our side of town became two of the biggest dealers. I won’t lie to you AfroTapp I myself chose to sell Hash and Weed back then because the police and DA’s office never seemed to want to prosecute me for selling weed and Hash they wanted to arrest and jail coke and crack dealers. Out of 6 of us on the team today only three of us survived the late eighties and early nineties. Myself and the two brothers who beat nearly every white kid in this city on the local youth tennis courts and shined at the San Francisco Tennis Club.

  14. Note the background of the pic looks like a school setting, with the doors, window panel, overhead image machine, cubical organizer. Kids posture and play in school with gang signs or it could have been some sort of instructed demonstration. Note that the pic is snapped from the inside of the office or desk. At any rate, it should not have been published out of context. This is another wrongful death.

  15. Since we already know what media will do, since we already know this is a VERY difficult time for men of color, since we already know racism is in the soil of America…..then why do we keep feeding into this nonsense? NO ONE should take pictures with “supposed” gang signs. Don’t tell me this is a fad or what young people do today! Stop blaming the media and white folk for our BS.
    I have the hardest time getting my middle school boys (11-16) to be respectful, pull up pants, take off caps, say good morning, etc….why don’t they already know this? We are not doing our job and now another precious child is gone.

    • I understand what you’re saying but it’s still no excuse for them to post this picture, one they no nothing about. Kids can’t even play anymore. This was just playing around with other friends. I think ALL blacks should remove themselves and our kids from media sites like FaceBook, etc. And we can forget about this generation of parents raising their kids right.

  16. People forget that websites such as facebook and myspace are pubilc domain. Anything that you post on the internet can be used. If the boy had a picture on facebook or twitter, the newspaper could have gotten it from there. It is truly a sad story though. I pray for the boy’s family at this saddening time.

  17. Agree with Ran.

    This is something that everybody is going to have to work together to eradicate.

    How our children are influenced and contend with others.

    Dads and Moms nowadays, accompany your children, it is less likely that they will be targeted like this, notice, he was sent alone to play tennis.

    A hard lesson to learn but in the wake of so many of these cases, teenagers are not safe alone or with friends without a guardian, escort from an adult.

    Schools have metal detectors, I suggest families invest in them too to hopefully foil any evil minded attempts.

    Cameras aren’t enough.

    Put metal detectors in cars that send direct alerts to authorities.

    Outdoor sports in the city are just not safe anymore, play indoors at a gym hopefully there are metal detectors there too.

    Teach our youth how to debate without being violently physical with one another.

    People volunteer to spend time with a teen, they are handling too much alone or too soon!

  18. Having Jesus in one’s heart is the Only Answer to solving any problems in the world black or white, so because Jesus is obviously not in the average person heart, this accounts for All the killings and other negative happenings today, thats why it is important to start training a baby from the crib up in the ways of what is right and what is wrong, of course the parents must be of the Lord in order to instill any Christian values in their kids for starters. To compete with the many evils the devil has to offer in the world, young parents do not have a second to loose, so the time is now, spare not the rod and carry your youth to the church and be a example of what is right around them 24-7, don’t loose another generation of our youth to the negative forces of evil that awaits them in the world, only to destroy them and others.

    • What “christian values” are you refering to, the ones that justified and supported the slave trade? The ones that justified and supported genocide and the theft of the indigenous peoples land and resources? The “christian values” of the christian society once known as aparthid south African, “christian values” of Hitlers Germany? Or are talking about the “christian values of the current day “religious right” the mordern day KKK who are also all christians with “christian values” as they murdered, hung and burnt our people during and after “jim Crowe”. Christanity is nothing but the underpinning ideology of white power imperialism which is the problem in the world today.This is “the negative forces of evil that awaits them in the world, only to destroy them and others”.

  19. Something is wrong with this whole picture. Why are so many African-American young males killed by others.

    I blame the parents, why would you expect him to be out playing tennis in a park until 3:00 a.m.

    If he was a good kid and in school, 3:00 a.m. is a bit much.

  20. what do you expect from a NYC paper? they will help bloomberg get support for stop-n-frisk by showing that all black youth are either overt or closet thugz.

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