University of Kentucky: The Plantation that Never Quits

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

This week, the University of Kentucky, who won the national championship in basketball with an all-black starting five, let go of one of it’s most legendary African American figures on campus, Chester Grundy.  Grundy was the head of the Martin Luther King Cultural Center and a leading icon on campus.

Grundy graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1969 and helped to establish its black student union.  He has been at the university for over 30 years and has served as the director of the Office of African American Student Affairs.   Grundy has been responsible for the cultural evolution of thousands of African American students through the years, and was one of the beacons of racial hope on a campus with a long history of embarrassing racism.

The University of Kentucky is the same place where a member of the Board of Trustees, Happy Chandler, consistently used the word “n****r” openly during board meetings and was never disciplined for his behavior (in fact, they have a building named after him).  It’s the campus where Aldoph Rupp refused to let African American players step onto the court (there is a building named after him too).  The campus that fires black men of distinction like Mr. Grundy holds onto the legacy of undeniable bigots like Chandler and Rupp in perpetuity; that defines the University of Kentucky in a nutshell.

The university says that it had to get rid of Grundy to fill a budgetary hole, but the move is interesting in light of the fact that they are very good at recruiting African Americans to fuel the economic engine from the basketball program.  Grundy’s greatest crime is that he is an intelligent and conscientious black man, which is an academic felony on campuses like The University of Kentucky.   Grundy would be better off if he were 6’9″, 250 pounds, with a fifth-grade reading level.  In that case, he’d be welcome with open arms, and there’d be no budgetary shortfall too big to keep Mr. Grundy on campus.

The degradation of African Americans at The University of Kentucky is pervasive across both space and time.  Dr. Lachin Hatemi, a non-black graduate from the university’s medical school, has filed a petition with protesting the treatment of African American medical students.  Dr. Hatemi says that most of his African American classmates were mistreated or kicked out of the program during their time at the university.  He says that since that time, the recruitment of African American students has been virtually non-existent and the medical school faculty is extremely undiverse.

Even as Dr. Hatemi has attempted to obtain data on the recruitment and retention of African American students and faculty, the university has refused to release the information.  So, while the university is more than happy to parade its thoroughbred negroes on television who dribble basketballs for public entertainment, it is entirely unwilling to show evidence that it’s respect for African Americans goes beyond the basketball court.  The reason the diversity information is hidden is likely because it is atrocious.

I am a graduate of The University of Kentucky and could personally spend the entire day discussing all of the racist experiences I had on the campus.  Sadly, many of the diversity goals stated by the university in 1993 have not been met to this day.  Most figureheads in charge of diversity are not given real power to make a change, and progressive African Americans are quarantined like a deadly virus.  In many ways, the campus is still the ultimate plantation.

When I was a student at The University of Kentucky, I used to write for the campus paper.   The racist breeding ground at U. Kentucky prepared me for battles later in life with national bigots like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.   I was accustomed to receiving hate mail and death threats from the students for nearly everything I said, but one black student wrote a letter actually supporting me.  Her name was Tanya, and writing that letter almost cost her her life.

On her way to class, Tanya was followed by two white students who pinned her behind the door of one of the buildings.  The students then put a knife to her throat and said, “If you don’t like your life on this campus, we can end it for you.”  After the incident, Tanya went to top university officials to report what happened.  Given that the basketball team was playing in the final four that week, the officials didn’t want any negative publicity.  So, instead, Tanya says they asked her to keep her story quiet.

Tanya ended up leaving the university, but we were not quiet.  Chester Grundy gave us the idea to hold a silent protest on campus, which eventually got national media attention.  What was most interesting was that during the entire time we protested, the brainwashed, giggling buffoons on the basketball team were forbidden from joining us in our marches and rallies – the last thing they needed was for powerful black men to learn to think for themselves.

Not all of the players were buffoons, however.  Nazr Mohammad (of the Oklahoma City Thunder) and a couple of others understood where we were coming from.  The team also consisted of Antoine Walker, who was later a financially-devastated relationship casualty of the infamous brawling bully, Evelyn Lozada, on the TV show, “Basketball Wives.”  One of the players even told me that the basketball coach didn’t want them reading my articles because he didn’t want my ideas in the players’ heads; so like slaves learning how to read by candle light, the players had to sneak and read my articles when the head coach wasn’t around.

The University of Kentucky basketball program is always happy to recruit fresh negroes each year, some of whom leave campus without ever learning how to read or write at a 9th grade level.  While the campus always finds excuses for not recruiting black students, staff or faculty, they never run short of ways to find big, black bucks to maintain their economic powerhouse.  In many ways, the campus is the worst version of what many universities have become across America:  Places where there is more talk than action, and “diversity” is just a meaningless buzzword recited in order to make people feel good.

Personally, I am sad to see Chester Grundy go.  Grundy, along with just two or three other people, serve as my only favorable memories from attending the otherwise hurtful and traumatic University of Kentucky.  Grundy introduced me to the teachings of Malcolm X, the greatness of Na’im Akbar and told me about the legend of Haki Madhubuti, none of which I would have learned from my professors, 100% of whom were white (it’s sad that black students can go to college four years and have to beg for even one black professor).  Unfortunately, disrespectful apathy among the whites in power, along with fear among blacks, keeps the campus paralyzed in 1972.  The loss of great men like Chester Grundy is the price we pay for silence.

Perhaps one day, the negroes on the plantation will revolt and not accept this nonsense any longer.  We got what we have today because those before us chose to fight.  So, to get what we deserve in the future, we’re going to have to learn to fight again.  Freedom is hardly ever free and sometimes it must be taken, especially when the oppressor sees nothing wrong with blatant disrespect and exploitation.

If you’d like to sign Dr. Hatemi’s petition, click here. 

To read a letter to the University of Kentucky president by Prof. Alan Aja, former Student Body president, please click here. 

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.



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  1. This is very interesting reading considering the fact that I have a high school senior that is considering her options for college. I do not think we will consider UK an option for us. We are having a hard enough time adjusting to life in rural KY (near Ft. Knox) without me having to go to jail because of some silly racist mess. Thanks, Dr. Watkins, for the heads-up.

    • But Arnette – if daughters like yours and others don’t come to the University of Kentucky it will never be better. “The only thing necessary for the survival of evil is for good men to do nothing” Not everyone at UK is racist. We must be a beacon for others, not hid our light under a bushel basket.

      • If you’re new to KY, I’d recommend Berea College. That’s a school any minority student should feel welcome at.

        • I would have to disagree, my cousin went there and for two years she felt slighted and rejected to the point she transferred.

        • I am a Berea College Graduate and I’m Black. Berea is an extremely diverse place, but it has its own problems. Every educational institution is a business first. They all want to make money. I agree that Berea College would be a great school to looking into, but we can’t ignore the fact that UK is out of control. People should have to go to BC because UK won’t stop the hatred. That is like saying at UK we don’t like black people so go to BC instead. That is unacceptable. If I decided to go to UK I deserve opportunity to achieve my goals in peace and free from bigotry. I am a black man, but I am an American first.

        • I would second Jessica’s comments. Berea College has a remarkable history of integration (in spite of the state’s and Supreme Court’s efforts to end it), and it continues to be a top liberal college with excellent academic programs and a student body that is diverse and open. But if you are more interested in a public school in KY, look at the University of Louisville, whose history contrasts greatly that of UK.

          • Ann S. Reynolds

            My maternal grandfather attended Berea in the late 1800′s until Day said no,no!!!!!!!!!

      • More black students won’t make UK less racist. (Read article: the entire starting lineup is black on the bball team and it’s inherently racist.) Racism is white people’s problem. The white students need to make it a safe place for black and all students of color.

        • Aneesah:

          You must have missed the lecture on “Black-on-Black” crime no matter where you are…… Most of the whites dont give a chocolate-covered, rice-crispy danm what color you are. Just like everywhere, a couple of folks mess it up for the whole crowd. Maybe a school in inner-city Chicago will make you feel safer…..

          • @Chris Gibbs.

            “whites dont give a chocolate-covered, rice-crispy danm what color you are”. A very convincing racist remark. You obviously missed the point.

          • @Chris Gibbs…yes, “black-on-black crime is alive and well in our society, but so is racism. most whites DO INDEED give a chocolate-covered, rice-crispy d**n about what color people are! It’s not just “a couple of folks”. It’s more like a couple of MILLION folks. Oh… by the way, you suggested to Aneesah that perhaps a school in inner-city Chicago would “make her feel safer”. Well,I am from inner-city Chicago,(born and raised),and considering your obvious disconnect and denial about racism, maybe YOU are the one who should attend school in inner-city Chicago.Just saying….

    • Action Speaks Louder Than Words

      thank you boyce for standing up for this brother.

      everyone please join me in contacting rev. sharpton, harvey, baisden and joyner to use their platforms to shine a light on the situation at UK and their racist past to help this brother get his job back.

      white folks are too comfortable in disrespecting us on the job due to the erosion of civil and affirmative action laws by the republicans.

      we need to put a stop to this and start fighing back the way black folks did it in the 60′s.

      today it’s this brother at uk who is in need of help, tomorrow it could be you!

      • Actually, tomorrow it COULD be me. Over a hundred people were let go OF ALL COLORS in the last week. Your author failed to mention that.

        • He didn’t fail to mention it . That was an example of the racist attitude on campus if you were focusing on the theme other than trying to defend there behavior you would have realized this…. some people

          • mar vin, maybe if you had paid attention in english class you would realize that their is different from there…some people

          • @Ben… If YOU had paid attention in English class,YOU would realize that a proper noun is always capitalized,as well as the first word in a sentence,(Mar’vin, English).Also,you should have realized that a comma belongs after “class”, and the words “their” and “there” should be in quotation marks, or italicized. Oh…from now and on, it would be a good idea to end your statements with a period, exclamation, question mark, or whichever puncuation is appropriate. If YOU had paid attention in English class, YOU would definitely realize these simple rules.

        • Let me guess, Pete Thamel has SOME type of connection to this sorry attempt to once again, drag the University of Kentucky through the dirt. 1996 is OVER!! Get OVER IT Syracuse!! You ought to be ashamed of your sorry article, referring to those athletes as baboons. If you dig & dig, (you seem to be a pro) you’ll find racism on EVERY campus in the U.S. Get a Life and slide off UK’s nuts.

    • I just graduated from UK, so I believe I have a better pulse on the situation than even the author, a Syracuse professor (get over 1996 already). The university laid off 140 employees, the majority being white. Also, this decision to fire Dr. Grundy was made by Dr. Jackson, not Eli.

      A few things about the basketball team: 2 players just graduated that were on that national championship team. The others are leaving early with the opportunity to make MILLIONS of dollars, while still taking classes on the side to complete their education (which is what John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, ect. are still doing today). You are faulting them for making a living on their God-given ability? If given the option, I’d have left after my freshman year, too. I also saw a post here that said UK players weren’t making the NBA. UK players not going to the NBA? 15/180 players drafted in the last 3 years (if you include the upcoming 2012 draft) are from UK. With over 300 Division 1 programs and 12 players on each team (over 3,600 athletes), I’d say that’s a huge chunk. And it shouldn’t be ignored that the university barely turns a profit on it’s basketball team because they use that money to support all of it’s other sports (as well as having a huge budget to bring in the elite talent). This opens up the opportunity for other athletes to achieve athletic scholarships that, without the money the basketball team brings in, would not have that opportunity.

      Also, it’s completely irrelevant to bring up an incident from 1993. No UK undergrad student was older than 3 years old when this happened. What racist act has occurred on campus in the last 5 years? I’m not familiar with any outside of one, which those students that were the perpetrators were kicked out of school for the incident (pretending to lynch Obama during the 2008 election via a doll). It was quite the opposite of racism from the university, actually. The Greek system embraced the black fraternities in their philanthropy events and the student commencement speaker was black. Sure, there are a few individuals that grew up in small towns that were taught from the older generations to be racist, but show me a university in the south that doesn’t have a few bad apples in that regard.

      Ultimately, I feel bad for Dr. Grundy. For being fired, yes, of course. But for more importantly, having his name being put out there in such a way; especially when the reasons listed were not the case. In fact, what evidence did the author provide in race being the reason he was fired?

      P.S. – isn’t it racist to call a black person a ‘baboon’? Your move, Dr. Watkins.

      • Ben, because the Dr. Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse he is bitter over the 1996 Championship Game? That’s typical UK Fan arrogance to the nth degree. By the way, the University of Kentucky laid off 140 Employees, yet John Calipari, the “savior”, is THE highest paid Coach in the Country. He’s making, what 8 millions dollars a year and can’t give a dime to help people keep their jobs? UK has had their priorities as an Institution of Higher Learning a*s backwards for a very long time.

        Now, to the subject at hand. I personally know of one Louisville Basketball Player (heavily recruited to UK via World Wide Wes) and two Football Players who had scholarships waiting for them at UK but decided not to attend strictly because of the Bigots within the Halls of the University and also throughout the Lexington Community (they have friends at UK who urged them to think twice). I would say turning down UK, which is like you say, an NBA pipeline and instead go to the University of Louisville: A Program who hasn’t had a player drafted since 2009 is an extremely telling sign of the racial bigotry that still persist at not only the University, but the City as well.

  2. WOW, even in this day and time and we continue to turn a blind eye to such tasteless behavior. WOW

  3. Dr. Watkins, Thank you. It’s a scary situation and I don’t see it getting any better.

  4. Nate from Georgia

    I remember an occurance, in my youth, when I was approached to join the NAACP; I declined! Later in life I encounted an incident of blatent racism and discrimmination. I went to the police who did nothing. I told the local DA who directed me back to the police. I then went to the local NAACP, who asked me, if I were a member and WHY NOT. I was embarrassed. It felt like a needed slap in the face! I left (still not a member). I heard a statement by Sir Edmond Burke which goes something like this: “The only thing necessary for the survival of evil is for good men to do nothing” I sounds to me that what happened to Mr. Chester Grundy is the direct result of good men who talk and complain and do nothing. We should consider the directing of our young student atheletes away from bigoted schools and universtity systems. Let the UK see how well the B-ball program do fielding five bigots as starters!

  5. Jacqueline Sedwick

    I worked for the Whitney M. Young Job Corps in Kentucky as the Substance Abuse Specialist. I was the only black housed at the Health Clinic with a dentist, doctor, social worker and nurses. Although most of the youth were Black, they were treated less than human by the White staff at the Health Clinic and throughout the campus. I was enraged and in disbelief because the majority of the campus staff were Black but refused to take action and turned a blind eye. There were two contractors, Rescare (who I worked for) but the larger portion of the contract belonged to EMC which was ran by a Black woman. I stood up for the students and complained to both Rescare and EMC. One of the Black managers from EMC tried to support me and take action, my Health Clinic called Rescare and said I was stirring up problems and had gotten the EMC manager involved. The Black woman that so-called “ran” EMC told the Black manager to back off and stay away from me. From that point on, when I entered the Health Clinic I was bullied, my co-workers followed me around taunting me, among other things, they hid my kesy and would walk up to me a light matches and say that I smelled, they called me a traitor and said if I didn’t like it I could leave. When I told them I wasn’t going anywhere they began to threaten to fire me. They began to build a false case against me and not one Black on campus would openly support me. They eventually terminated me but I sued and settled out of Court with Rescare.

    These kinds of horrendousI incidences are going to continue to occur until Blacks have the guts to stand together against racism. The sad irony is that the Whitney M. Young Job Corps is a beautiful facility built on the grounds of Whitney M. Young’s boyhood home. Whitney M. Young was a civil rights leader who spearheaded the drive for equal opportunity for blacks in U.S. industry and government service, without him there wouldn’t have been a Job Corps. Unfortunately, the Job Corps is not at all what he intended to be, it’s a vehicle for contractors to achieve wealth at the expense of under-privileged youth.

    • Wow! I hear people all the time saying “Knowledge is Power”. No it’s NOT! “Applied Knowledge is Power”. Hats off to you Ms Sedwick because you sacrificed everything for the right thing. You “repaved” the way of Whitney M. Young and the cause for the under-priviledge youth and their unlearned (black and white) adults.

      • Jacqueline Sedwick

        Thank you so much my sister. As a result of my suit against Rescare, when the new contractor took over Rescare and EMC’s contract, they kept 95% of the former staff but got rid of ALL the Health Center staff that had harrassed and bullied me. Mama always said, “me when somebody does you wrong just sit back and wait a while cuz what goes around comes around.” But what’s going on this country to erode the progress Blacks have made can’t be waited out, we have to come together and say enough is enough! It’s time for a 2nd Civil Rights movement in this country!

    • Jacqueline i commend you for standing up for the students rights.You are so right about most of the blacks working in the Job Corps thay are job scared.And contractors could care less about the young youths who attent the program, that is why we as black peoples will never getour citzens rights in this country. Keep Fighting”

      • Jacqueline Sedwick

        Much love to you brother. Thousands of blacks hit the streets in the 50s and 60s, many not only lost their jobs, they lost their lives so that we could have the rights and protections that we currently have. What I did pales in comparison to what they sacrificed. We must never forget those who came before us. The best way we can honor them is to stand up and fight against racissm and injustice.

    • Ann S. Reynolds

      Oh my,I’m a graduate of Lincoln Institute of Kentucky, Lincoln Ridge, Kentucky(presently Whitney M. Young,Jr. Job Corp Center, Whitney Sr. was President)which was built in 1910 after we could no longer attend Berea. We will be on the campus for our 102nd Reunion August 3-5.

      • Jacqueline Sedwick


        I live in another state now but will be in Kentucky from the 1-8 of August. My grandfather was very active member of the Kentucky Negro Education Association, they were among the first black teachers ever to strike for equal pay and got it. He taught at Madison Junior High School.

  6. Reading stuff like this just infuriates the heck out of me. In the first place, why weren’t charges brought against the faculty for asking the student to keep quiet about the attack on her life. And there was also no mention of those two racist punks going to jail for threatening her with a knife. Also, this goes to show that we no longer have a large number of African American young men, who’d be willing to stand up for their race, as opposed to getting a free education, of which apparently, they are not getting a real education anyway. I don’t hear a lot of UK becoming NBA players either for that matter, so what exactly is being gained. I long for the years my mother and father spoke of when young men and women of African American culture were so aware and supportive of their race. When they would stand up and fight against racism and fight for equality. Now there is only the need for fame and fortune at the risk of selling out (Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Ocho Cinco) and acting like absolute fools (Basket Ball Wives, Nicki Minaj, Housewives of Atlanta)

  7. Darrell Johnson

    I encountered the same treatment at Mercer University (Southern Baptist University-Macon Georgia Campus) during my tenure there (97-01). Being ex-military and worked as an Equal Opportunity Advisor helped me to appeal a lot of the double standards at Mercer. The Reagan Admin caused us (EEO Advisors-Army) to reclassify and go into other MOS jobs.

  8. It is 2012 why do we still call each other African American like in doing so it imparts some sort of distinction it doesn’t whats going to happen when white people that are actually from Africa start claiming that tag. Believe it or not like it or love it we are bound to this place an I am just as important as that white baby in the delivery room who doesn’t have to preface his ethnicity. Stop the maddeness.

  9. As someone who has never gotten Fox News on my cable TV system, I would appreciate any facts backing Dr. Watkins’ assertion that Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are bigots.

    • Jacqueline Sedwick

      Nobody here has to prove anything to you. Do your own due diligence and tune into Fox and listen the Sean Hannity radio show. If you’re open-minded and don’t see life from the skewed view that people who haven’t been oppressed tend to have, it will be abundantly clear that O’Reilly and Hannity are no friends of the Black.

      • Jacqueline: I am open minded, and looking for details. Your level of courtesy and open-mindedness are duly noted. Thanks.

        • Jacqueline Sedwick

          You’re welcome. My suggestion is that instead of fixating on Dr. Watkins’ accurate comment about O’Reily and Hannity, listen to the overall message of his article and take action against the injustice happening at UK. Also, please read Dr. Hatemi’s story and what he’s going through at UK, the is linked in the above article. I hope after you reading Dr. Hatemi’s story you will join us in signing his petition.


          • Jacqueline: I have no problem with the overall message of this article; I agree that discrimination based on race is wrong. I didn’t “fixate” — I asked for detail on something I am unfamiliar with. I see that above you gave a long dissertation on your experience in Kentucky. Is it unfair to ask if someone might also have details on the alleged bigotry of O’Reilly and Hannnity? I did look at the petition, and feel it needs more detail, like what are the corresponding numbers with non-black students? Why did those students fail, transfer, or get dismissed? Many students transfer or fail, and race has nothing to do with it. Again, what are the facts? As an open-minded person, that’s what I’m looking for.

          • Jacqueline Sedwick

            You did fixate because the article was about a long-time Black employee of UK that has contributed alot to the School who is being terminated. Instead of asking for more information about his situation, you wanted someone to give youproof that O’Reilly and Hannity are bigots you. We as Blacks are coming together at Dr. Watkins’ site to discuss what’s going on in the Black Community, support each other and dialogue about the racism and hatred that still exists in this country and is getting worse. If you don’t agree with what’s being said here, that’s your perogative, move on and do what you do.

          • Jacqueline: Why do you insist on mischaracterizing my comment? How is asking a fair question “disagreeing”? How is accepting the premise of an article and asking for clarification on something I am not aware of “fixating”? To be fair, you ignored what I wrote and “fixated” on something I did NOT write. Kindly demonstrate otherwise.

            Please tell me what I said that is unfair or untrue, and explain why you are not the one “fixating” here. Why would I comment on the bulk of the article which I’m in agreement with? Why not ask for clarification on the one part that isn’t clear. Isn’t that one of the aims here?

            Since, as you put it, this site is about discussing racism, certainly this would be the right place for me to ask for specific examples, as they were referred to in the article. Isn’t that true?

            Why are you offended by my asking an honest question? Fixated, perhaps? How can you “disagree” with what I wrote?

          • @Jacqueline

            GO JACQUELINE… well said, and so eloquently!

      • Jacueline you’re wasting your time!

        I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig because you will only get dirty, and besides, the pig likes to wallow in the mud.

        • Angel: Aside from the fact that pigs can often be better company than people, please let me know who is wasting their time here. I asked a civil question, looking for details I’m unaware of, and got attacked. I did not disagree with the point of the article, I just sought clarification.

          Which one of us is in the mud, and which taking the high ground?

          • Im with you playrighter. Seriously. You’re question was very non-threatening and appropriate to the conversation. These people lack interpersonal communicating skills. Instead of helping or suggesting an informative link, they accused you of “fixating”… Rude.

          • Playrigher: The issue really isn’t so much the question you ask, but the context in which you ask the question. This is a forum where African Americans are discussing what we consider an outrage of disrespect of a person who has played an intergral role in supporting numerious students. As an Educational Psychologist (UK PhD, 1998), I too appreciate comments that are supported by evidence. However, in this context most of us can relate to all of Dr. Watkins statements. In this context, most of us are expressing our grief, yes grief, for yet another injustice. I you had experienced a lifetime of injustice, you would understand. But you can’t and insist on taking an indignant stance because no one is up to educating you at this point. In another context, I would be glad to accommodate you at a later time.

          • Marie: Other than the fact that you have no idea what injustices I have or have not suffered, nor do you even know my race, gender, education, etc., etc.

            What context are you referring to? I did not disagree with the main article, I deny nobody their rightful grief. I note that others here have criticized Dr. Boyce’s contentions, yet you are going after me.

            I saw a comment for which I do not have a basis, and asked for substantiation. From what I have seen of O’Reilly and Hannity, they are not bigots. I am open to evidence to the contrary. Dr. Boyce has also in the past charged racism without giving a basis. I like to see a basis. I assume you did not get your PhD without back-up for your assertions.

            The context is clear: Boyce made a charge and didn’t back it up. I’m asking for back-up. What in the world is unfair or “in the wrong context” since this is the forum where the statement was made?

            PS: Feel free to consider this response a “different context” and this is clearly a “later time”. I await your reasoned response. Thanks.

          • You’re in the mud. Angel, Jacqueline and Marie took the high ground.

          • Sandyman: (isn’t that a form of mud?)

            Kindly inform me: precisely how did I end up “in the mud” by asking a sincere question? And what’s your part in all this, since you clearly have nothing to add, other than mud-slinging?

    • And who paid you to say that? You Tube is full of clips from O’Reilly and Hannity’s shows that provide all the evidence you need.

      • Charles Springer

        Racism is everywhere if that’s what one expects or blames for their shortcomings.

        • Jacqueline Sedwick

          The sick, twisted belief system you hold is exactly like that of a wife- beater. You believe if a black person is a victim of racism it’s because they brought on themselves; a wife- beater believes if he kicks the c**p out of his wife he was justified in doing it because she brought it on herself.
          Like wife-beating, racism in American (especially against blacks) is a social problem of epidemic proportions that continues to be ignored. In spite of this, blacks will continue to advocate for themselves and make significant contributions to America and the world.

          You’re the one with the shortcomings – of the intellectual kind.

          • Jacqueline: With all due respect, you seem to be breaking your own “open-minded and non-skewed” view of life that you were previously promoting. I fear you are reacting to some personal history here, rather than what sounds to be a perfectly legitimate comment from Charles. He essentially said that people see what they want to see, and can thereby use it as an excuse. It works for racism, greed, inequity, lousy parenting, ad infinitum. Methinks you might just owe Mr. Springer an apology. It seems the shortcoming here is your tolerance for an honest opinion. If you take a breath, put aside your past and take another look at what was written, I hope you’ll agree.

          • Jacqueline Sedwick

            My above reply is for Charles Springer

          • Jacqueline: I repeatedly noted that your reply was to Charles Springer. And I think that if you read what he wrote, take away any preconceived notions and re-read what you wrote, you should agree that you owe him an apology. Just as you mischaracterized my position (and I did not ask for an apology), you attacked his legitimate statement for what it did not say. He said nothing about wife-beating, etc. He suggested that each of our preconceived notions color our interpretations. Your attack on him verifies this “sick, twisted” premise, proving that it is neither…

            I think you still owe HIM an apology. And I would be happy to see your objective explanation of why you might believe you don’t.

        • True statement…

          @playrighter, allow me to offer you the apology some people are too proud to declare. U said nothing wrong and I have nothing else to say to you about it. The ready of my words are not addressed at u.

          @ms sedwick I really do empathize with and for you, however, your situation is not at all like this one, so why u attack others for asking for information is still something my analytically adept brain cannot fathom. Not only was the original question by playrighter broken down, fragment by fragment, u avoided him by attacking charles instead. Lets redirect that aggression baby. There are too many kids that can use your know how and experience to be better tomorrow. Both of those men made valid statements and questions. Charles said the exact same thing I said on hunter’s post in a fraction of the words.

          The past is the past. Learn from it and carve or your own future. Holding that pain will make u bitter ma. You have gone through too much and made it too far to lose your potential to your demons. Don’t be too proud to admit u we wrong or jumped to a conclusion. It makes u human, not foolish.

          The man that knows everything knows nothing at all. Perspective is culture based on every level. Yall need to be objective and listen to all sides before u put your feet in your mouth.

      • Merridee:

        Sorry for the delay in responding, I got caught up with others. Do you have any specific clips in mind?

      • PEOPLE! DO NOT answer Playrighter. He is not Black, and he is NOT interested in being a part of ANY discussions. He is a plant and a spy who diverts conversations and creates emotionalism and anger.

        He says things on purpose to steer the conversation when he and his fellow infiltrators see that Black people’s conversation is intelligent and non-emotional.
        He is on these sites all the time doing the SAME THING over and over again.

        Often times there are more than one like him making comments to “agree” with each other, like A MAN AND A DOG HERDING CATTLE. Stop falling for their bull-c**p!!

        He speaks with this PHONY “calm” and “intelligence.”

        PLEASE stop answering his pseudo-intellectual questions and comments!

        • Jacqueline Sedwick

          Blossom — Thank You, it became obvious that he’s a troll so decided to ignore his annoying a**

  10. Peter D. Slaughter

    Black’s who can see and know what is going on all over the country need to get rid of all this tv,game watching non-sense.
    Once the rating stop being so high with all this tv spory watching,maybe these phonies might stop making black people look like fools overall.

  11. Thanks for your voice. I learned so much from this article!

  12. Im a UK student and also a white male. I try to see points of view from both sides. But I think alot of your opinion is misguided. Im not arguing that things used to be bad here. They were. But so were most campuses across the country. Lots of people had some racist beliefs in the 50′s and 60′s. Rupp wasnt the only one. He was joined by majoritys of other top college programs. I’m not saying its right but its the past and at this point nothing you can do but move forward. Im sorry for the firing of Mr. Grundy but its happening everywhere. If your not helping with research( mainly medically) then your department is being cut. And being the head of a department that in essence isnt educational doesnt help. Their cutting band funding left in right. It isnt right and should be fought but its an entire student body issue not just an African American one. Also there is no excuse for the actions in the 90′s. But that was 12+ years ago. Id like to think we have evolved and matured since then but it just takes time to change.

    • Hunter, I see a great problem when a student of the university does not recognize the Cultural Center as educational. As with all universities, any multi/cultural center is a hub for minority students and their parents to find support, learn the intricacies of university life as a minority, and find services they might have otherwise been unaware. Additionally, cultural centers are used to provide cultural experiences for students of all ethnicities, races, and backgrounds. They provide educational materials and experiences outside of the classroom while supporting African and African-American Studies Programs. By far, not the last service provided, cultural centers also often work with minority faculty to develop research in conjunction with students in order to advance the research skills necessary in post-secondary education.

      Secondly, things ARE still bad there, for all minorities. The female faculty and staff are still at a disadvantage in both pay and tenure. The vast majority of adjunct/part time faculty are women and disproportionately African-American. Both female and African-American students are under represented in the med school (although, admittedly, this is just as likely a problem with the AMA as with UK itself) and in the College of Sciences in general.

      While I understand that you are attempting to view things from multiple vantage points, I might suggest that you take the time to actually VIEW things in multiple ways. Your unfamiliarity with the duties of the cultural center would indicate that you rarely (if ever) visited. Your misunderstanding of the current racial climate at UK and in Lexington as a whole, would indicate that you rarely (if ever) venture into the areas of campus and Lexington that are predominately African-American (although on campus that is more difficult due to under representation). Expand your experience and then you may view things differently.

      • Well, Lynn. I’ve lived in Lexington all my life. Went to college at UK. Work at UK Hospital. As far as THIS day and age, this article is a bunch of BS.

        As far as this ONE MAN losing his job. So what? OVER A HUNDRED OTHER PEOPLE lost their jobs last week to. This man is not any more important than the rest of them so where are the articles of outrage about that? Oh wait, some of them aren’t black so that’s okay. Right there lies part of the problem. Take something, turn into something about race, don’t report the facts as long as it incites indignation.

        • nicole, yes you might have lived in lexington all your life and went to uk,,but you forgot to mention that you’re white and socialized in the all white, racist, segregated communities.

          yes, you’re right, it’s not about one man losing his job! it’s about a black man who is the director of a black cultural center losing his job on a decision made by all whites.

          look for the black cultural center to close it doors next semester. please tell us where will those black students will now go for support? maybe they can go over and get some help from the staff in the athletic department since they help black students. atheletes!

          thats not going to happen anytime soon, support is reserved for black athletes only…but i’m sure your racism doesn’t allow you to see the difference.

          • I guess now they can go to get support the same places white students go to get support- and maybe we can stop dividing each other up into groups based on race

          • common sense, you say now black students now go to get support the same places white students go…really!

            is this the same place where those money making black athletes go for support?

            on another note, you say…maybe we can stop dividing each other up into groups based on race.

            check your uk history priviledge boy, black students, staff and faculty were not the ones promoting separation of the races at uk.

            you priviledge whites have no idea what it’s like to be a minority on a predominately white campus.

            but in the year 2050, you will then know how we have felt when you become the new minority in the us.

      • white americans arent cultural but black americans are? arent we both americans? and dont white students need help just as much as black students? cultural centers should be for students of different nationalities. Kids from overseas who are new to America. The university offers help for everyone. They dont segregate. They are cutting jobs left and right. White and black people. All races. Its not fair but its life. Things are changing but it takes time. And its hard to change peoples habits. Not saying its fair but it happens. Jim Wims is still very high up in the university. He was director of Residence Life. And speaking from a student perspective there is not any white fraternities or sororities or white events. If it was like that it would be racist but having black fraternities and sororities and events isnt? I understand it isnt that cut and dry. I guess i wish people would see each other as just people. I know things are not perfectly and people should continue fighting for their rights and beliefs but realize that not every wrong done to a person of color or even the female gender isnt racist or sexist.

        • I have no idea where “money making black athletes” go for support. You’d have to ask them. But your name-dropping of “privileged boy” shows you are a racist and ignorant

          • you said the black students should now go where the white students go for support. i would think if you know where the white students go you would know where the black athletes go.

            now you respond back that you don’t know where those money making black athletes go for support..thats your problem!

            you don’t know jack s**t, but you have all the answers.

            come out of your cave and do some research before you pop off, and then maybe you will have a better discernment of the disparities and issues impacting uk.

          • Based on your previous comments, I took it you were insinuating they had some “special” place to go. Given your past history of posting nonsense, you can see why I was given this impression.

            Any student- white, black, yellow, grey, purple, green, magenta- has a plethora of options when it comes to advising and support. Stop crying racism every time a black person gets fired.

          • common sense…

            your initial statement: I guess now they can go (talking about black students) to get support the same places white students go to get support- and maybe we can stop dividing each other up into groups based on race.

            i ask you: is this the same place where those money making black athletes go for support?

            you say: I have no idea where “money making black athletes” go for support. You’d have to ask them.

            now you say: Based on your previous comments, I took it you were insinuating they had some “special” place to go.

            yes you idiot, i was insinuating they have some special place to go. it’s transparently clear that you have no clue. yes the black athletes have a special place to go for support, it’s in the athletic dept. and black students cannnot use those services.

            you also say: Any student- white, black, yellow, grey, purple, green, magenta- has a plethora of options when it comes to advising and support. Stop crying racism every time a black person gets fired.

            if those services are so great, then how come the black athletes do not use your so called plethora of options?

            is it because the black athletes have their own services in the athletic department supremely superior over any services on campus? and i add, black students cannot use those services?

            come out of your cave, there is a huge difference in the amount of money allocated for the black athletes in comparison to the black students.

            i sense you work on campus, god help any black student who cross your path.

    • Instead of trying to convince the targets of racism that there is none,your time would be better spent trying to convince the racist that they are not racist.Black athletes should stay away from schools that have discriminate against black people.Thank you Dr Watkins for your honest about the school you went to.

    • The university chooses where to make budgetary cuts based on what it believes is important. The work that Chester Grundy has done over the 30+ years he has been at UK and the profound impact he has had on the lives of so many students as a scholar and an individual are apparently not valued by the University. Racial minorities are underrepresented at UK and race is and remains a factor in this. The loss of Chester Grundy will be felt by both racial minorities and white individuals throughout campus.

      Playing the colorblind game ignores current systemic/institutionalized racism and ramifications of historic racism that leave things unequal today and reproduce racial inequality. The decision by the university to cut Chester Grundy is completely contrary to the university’s supposed recognition of the value of diversity and is a clear cut example of institutional racism. Being a white male has impacted your experiences and your understanding of things, and it is likely different from many minorities who have had very different experiences. You can’t say that racism doesn’t exist because you don’t experience it – racism is alive and well but it’s not about individual bigots as much anymore, it’s simply changed forms.

    • Hunter, have you really not seen the division? Have you really not walked into a room and seen blacks on one side and whites on the other? That was in 2005, sir.

      • and whose fault is that? black students seperate themselves. is it my fault if the black students sit in one part of the room together? and when i do sit in the group i get weird looks like why are you sitting here.

        • You’re so full of c**p. How do you know Black people separate themselves? Maybe it’s because we are constantly hated and disrespected.

          Do Whites separate themselves? Are White people racist? Who is the most racist in American society? Tell us?

          You sound like another one of the White phonies who like to run their mouths.

          • And by the way, this is not to say that ALL Black people are inclusive, BUT, there is a very racist reality in the US that has existed for more than a century and endures today. Black people have tried to be included as equals with White people and aside from White kids living hip-hop, it still is a great challenge in many areas around this country.

            I find it interesting that you keep talking about how Black people should not feel that everything is racist, when there is so much White racism spewed daily even in the media!

    • The MLKCC is highly educational in both its programming and mission. I have been repeatedly educated by its programs! If you think a great university is only a string of classrooms and faculty then you are sadly mistaken.

    • hunter, did you really mean to say this: If your not helping with research( mainly medically) then your department is being cut.

      spoken like a true, privileged white boy!

      hunter, last time i checked, uk athletics is not in the department of medicine. don’t see cuts in how many black athletes you are bring to your campus do you?

      stop the charade, you don’t fire a man who has been with the school for over 20 years. you treat him the way you treat the privileged white folks, you transfer him to another department.

      the right complextion.. needs no protection…from inspection!

      • Speaking of the medical school, UK Med has one of the worst reputations in the country for the recruitment and retention of African-American students.

      • The athletics department is COMPLETELY self-sustained, thus, they do not need to make cuts because they are turning a profit. NO funds from the university are spent on athletics. It’s the opposite, in fact.

        Do some research before you spew ignorance.

        • actually the AD is not completely self-sustained and many of the varsity programs run at a deficit. the AD is more than the basketball team.

          • Other than charging an athletics fee which gives students the opportunity to purchase tickets at an extremely discounted cost, the ENTIRE athletic department runs on ZERO money from student fees. Fees from the “athletics fee” account for approximately 1% of the total athletics budget.

            Mustafa: quit whining about race and go do something productive for society. Unfortunately, there’s about a 1% chance of that happening.

        • common sense or is it lacking sense…

          i never said the athletic department wasn’t self sustained. i used the athletic dept. to illustrate his ignorance in his statement: If your not helping with research( mainly medically) then your department is being cut.

          (to refute his claim, athletics is not helping with research and it’s not cutting staff..therefore his statement is false.)

          next time, work on your reading comprehension before you spew your ignorance..oh i forgot, you’re priviledged and can do and say whatever you want!

      • UK has made themselves into a research university. Anything not math and science is getting cut. Everything. Im not saying it was right to fire him but their firing tons of people. English departments are losing people by the second, same with history. White boy? and your calling me the racist? sounds like you should look in the mirror.

    • Hunter: I am a black, female employee and former non-traditional student at UK, and I agree with your position about this issue. There are racists people in all regions of the US, in all aspects of life in this world, and on all campuses. I had a very good educational experience while attending the univerity for several years, was encouraged to express myself, to think analytically, and crtically, and was actually encouraged by a white, male professor to further my education at the university. I found good and helpful employees and faculty from both races. I also experienced some racism, but the most hurtful experiences for me were from within my own race. The black students and employees (particularly females) were very clickish, snobbish, and unfriendly while the white students in the student volunteer organization and in most classes made me feel welcome whenever I participated in any campus events. Just recently, I had the most unpleasant, unfriendly, and snobbish black female employee to deal with while filling out paperwork for a secnond part-time position at the Medical Center. This black female was more condescending toward me than any white staff has ever been while at the university, and simply because she was sitting at a desk as staff support which evidently gave her a sense of being above me or in a position of power. First time I had to call someone out on their unprofessionalism and rudeness at a place of employment while filling out forms. I find this article to be correct in some areas, however, I question why Mr. Grundy’s layoff has caused such an uprising of protest, when layoffs at the university have been occurring for several years, and most recently since May. Is it only a major black problem because of his position? I ask this question because no mention has been made concerning all the displaced and possibly permanently layed off black custodian workers, maintenance workers, clerical staff, etc. All jobs are important not just those in administration and in higher positions. There have been female assistant deans layed off as well as in other positions. Unfortunately, there have been employees of all races and levels being layed off during these budget cuts, so who a person is or what the position is that he holds should not be the only reason to protest. Furthermore, if UK and the other predominately white universities are such terrible racist places to work, attend school, or to accept academic and athletic scholarships from, then why have several black administrators remained in the establishment for 30 years after having attended and graduated from these same schools and join the alumina associations after they leave? Everyone basically is looking out for themselves, their families, personal friends, their own livelihood, and warming their own pockets while using certain situations and people to only help certain people. My point is, stop screaming racism only when it affects yourself, people in certain positions or of certain socio-economic statuses, or people that you personally like and know. Custodians, maintenance workers, support staff, administrators, the provost, chief medical officer, athletic directors and staff are all being or have been affected by these layoffs. It is just that some resigned and/or retired volunteerily and left with their pride intact and with grace, while others chose to ride it out to be terminated and layed off. You win some and you lose some. I hate to see Mr. Grundy lose his job, but no more so than the other thousands of people that have already been axed at the University of Kentucky as well as at other universities, businesses, and the federal, state, and local governments as well. So before anyone starts to jump on this bandwagon, not attend school or send their children to school at UK, they should find out for themselves and not judge a situation or this university based on someone else’s experiences and analysis. Mr. Grundy had 30 years at UK, left once and returned, Mr. Watkins graduated from UK, and they both appear to have survived and made differences while there and at other places, so I will continue to seize the opportunities I have while there to make a positive impact on some students’ lives and to do what I can to contribute to the university and its goals. If I should lose my job, I will seek others since I was looking when I found the one that I have and will maintain my dignity, respect, and pride. Another point I want to make is that there are several black athletes from UK that have made it in the NBA and NFL, some that graduated and went on to become successful businessmen, some have returned to complete their education. Not all athletes are unintelligent and not all are exploited. And for Mr. Watkins to call them negroes or other names sends out a message of jealousy and unprofessionalism on his part. The athletes use their skills and talents that they were blessed with to further their education and to gain wealth just as some pursue other avenues to get what they have and to get where they want to be in life. It is not unnoticed that he refers to Mr. Grundy as African-American while referring to others as negroes and other derogatory names which is just as bad as a person of another race calling a black person disrespectful names. And to imply that Antoine Walker’s financial woes were caused by the female on the reality show is not totally factual since he was arrested for non-payment of huge gambling debts in Vegas, mismanaged his earnings, and lived a lavish lifestyle like so many others. So, I address my comments to you, Mr. Hunter because your comments made more sense and were not based on any hidden agendas, bringing up negative past history about people that are either dead or no longer associated with UK, blaming, and you were very respectful. There is enough hate going on in this world and in the US without feeding more to people through social media. Now I feel better because I have cleared my mind in expressing my views on this issue.

      • Wanda, I love your comment, and it is quite important that you pointed out many of the things that you did because they happen all around the country. Yes, I definitely have had a number of experiences where Black people were very disrespectful and White people were very accommodating and helpful.
        Yes, we need to recognize this and be objective. We DO need to know the WHOOOOLE story before we are sure that there is racism. But to act as if Black people are just jumping on a ‘racism’ bandwagon is minimizing what is going on right now in America. There is so much outward racism– what about all of the JUDGES who decide the fate of citizens who have made open racist statements on the world wide web? Can you imagine what they are doing when they are wearing their robe on the bench??

        What about the Black woman in Florida sentenced to a MANDATORY 20 years in prison for shooting a gun in the air to keep from being killed by her ex who was about to attack her?? Yet in this same state of Florida a man KILLS a boy and is not even arrested?

        I hate to see Black people kill each other; it is a crime too, and I say this bec people always bring this up as if we can’t be outraged about White hate crimes as long as crime exists among Black people. ALL OF IT has to change.

        But I believe in my heart that a lot of our disrespect for each other, a good portion of the stank attitude that sometimes comes from us to each other, stems from the ‘divide and conquer’ tactic, a subtle, subliminal brainwashing that happened a long time ago, and that is heck to get out of.

        I think that it is going to take the power of God to get out of the straits that we are currently in; we are in more danger than we recognize. But like the parting of the Red Sea, I believe to my heart that God will rescue us.

  13. Oh and with the basketball team it has nothing to do with color. You recruit players who are winners and great players. And thats what Cal does. Doesnt matter whether your white or black.

    • How many whites started at UK last year? the year before? see a pattern bub?

      • its sad you refer to us as whites. whos te racist here?

        • I dont know u hunter, but ur good in my book. As a black male in this country from texas, I know racism. its alive and well. What I detest about some of you other people that share my skin color is your inability to be objective. What u think is right and thats it….. No, the coin is not different on the other side, thats kennedy’s head and thats that…. Yall need to stop looking for a scapegoat and make your own wave. I am a member of a very active fraternity on the yard at uk. They are growing bc racial diversity is beginning to change on the campus… The exact opposite of the mood of the article. Lets perpetuate positivity rather than making negativity the light we follow. Plainly stated, yall kicking up dirt at a horse race and mad cuz its dusty. Get off the gas. The man, sadly enough, was laid off, but like wanda said, don’t galvanize one, minimize the other minorities that were laid off then completely ignore every other person of every other culture that was laid off. The biggest racists are blacks looking to pin racism on everyone that isn’t black. Egocentricity is going to crush an already dilapidated black culture. Google it to look it up. Get ur heads on a swivel and impact progression. Its 2012

  14. Thanks for writing this article. I too am a Kentucky graduate. As an African American I too had a difficult time at UK. Chester Grundy took me under his wing; without his support I would not have finished. It’s unfortunate that UK is in reverse gear.

  15. This is sad. Some people in this comment section are trying to justify this by saying everyone else was doing it. Did everyone else hang nooses in the rafters to intimidate black players? You are only trying to defend these actions because it makes your precious basketball program look bad. I went to UK for a year in 2010, I am white, and decided to transfer because of all the ignorance on campus. UK doesn’t give a rats a*s about anything as long as their basketball team is winning. The only blacks not subject to racism at UK are athletes, and that is a sad fact.

    • You are right sad to say, but mostly all athletes, black or white, are treated as though they are above rules, regulations and laws.

  16. Hunter – I think you’re right to believe a majority of students today are better educated and taught to stand against bigotry, but that doesn’t mean it no longer exists on campus.

    I’m recent graduate (2009), also white, and my tenure at the UK coincided with a wealth of highly publicized bigotry, most notably the publication of a racist political cartoon from the Kernel’s editorial staff depicting a black man in chains at auction, Around a year following that, two men, of of which was a student, hung Obama in effigy from a campus tree.

  17. Current College Student

    So Mr. Grundy was perfect right? He didn’t do anything wrong correct? NO. I am a current student at the University and unlike some of you I’m still at the University and I spend a lot of time in the MLKCC. Mr. Grundy may have been a force to be wreckoned with back then. But his time has definitely run out and it is time for him to go. All the stuff he did 30 years ago WAS 30 YEARS AGO. Now the only thing he does is allow the students to skip class and play spades and shoot dice all day in the MLKCC. That’s what people see when they walk pass the center! The little programs he puts on? They only have a couple people in the audience due to poor advertisement. Anytime a student chooses to go to his office HE IS NOT THERE THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME. Things have changed. Also, it didn’t matter that the basketball team was all African-American when they won the championship did it? EVERYONE including BLACKS were running in the streets. Don’t take their championship accomplishment away from them just because a black man got fired. And just because a black man got fired DOES NOT mean that its a race issue! Over 140 people lost their jobs and they weren’t all black! And who do you guys think was the head of Mr. Grundy’s department who made the decision to let him go….Dr. Judy Jackson. Is she white or black??? Enough said.

    • Wow, spoken like a true child who thinks the measure of a man is how adult students spend their leisure time between classes. I have been affiliated with UK for 30 years and Chester Grundy is by far one of the most accessible administrators on campus. How interesting that entire generations of thousands of students spent time in his office but you couldn’t manage to.

    • We need more Chester Grundy’s exactly for confused students like this.

    • Current college student: I have heard some of the same comments that you have made and from some fellow staff members associated with the center.You are very brave to give your thoughts on this matter, and I may say that since you are a current student, you should have a more accurate analysis of the situation and conditions concerning the MLKCC. I also understand that the center is not being closed. So sometimes changes are necessary however painful for a greater good for the future. I also understand that surveys were sent to random employees, and it very well may be, the results of the surveys that contributed to Mr. Grundy’s lay off. I don’t know, but just using information that I know about concerning the layoffs. Sometimes cuts are made at opportune times but for differet reasons. I agree that everyone’s jobs are important and that one man’s position is no more sacred than anothers because everyone wants to keep their jobs. I also agree that he basketball team should not be criticized or attacked. I am proud of the teamwork that these young men demonstrated to accomplish a goal that most people thought and was hoping that they couldn’t or wouldn’t do. Continue to stay on campus to be a part of the change and to help shape the future of the university.

  18. Current College Student

    And by the way, I am African-American.

    • Honestly, you sound like Clayton Bigsby. You expect one man to change all. Why didn’t you have enough b***s to say something to the “black guys” shooting dice?

    • Current College Student

      Actually I DID say something. And guess what their response was??? “Mr. Grundy said that this was okay”. So that should answer your question. I would take the word over someone who’s actually in the mlkcc everyday over a bunch of graduates who haven’t stepped foot in the mlkcc for YEARS. Don’t try to justify his lack of leadership by saying its not a one man show. If he was supposed to be the DIRECTOR of something then a STUDENT shouldnt have to have the “b***s” to do HIS job. Call it what you want.

      • I was in the MLKCC last week, as I have been in it nearly every week since it opened in the 80s. What in the h**l are you talking about? We are all genuinely confused as to how you seem to have an experience with MLKCC and Mr. Grundy that is so extremely different from everyone else’s. Your experience is vastly different than what current student have even expressed to me or other members of the UK community. Have you ever expressed your concerns to Mr. Grundy?

      • How is his “job” to break up card games played by adults at their leisure between classes? How is his “job” to police how adults spend their time? While spending time in MLKCC students were also exposed to documentary films, books, had life-changing conversations about politics, gender, race, and social justice issues, and were exposed to the many local and national figures who regularly stopped by the center for speeches and workshops.

    • so is clerance thomas…whats your point!

      • Current College Student

        He was the DIRECTOR. Clearly if thats not what the center is for then how is it not his job to control whats happening in it? But whatever. It’s clear that most of you are stuck in the 70′s and the 80′s. IT IS 2012. Time has changed. And it’s clear that the “Kentuckian” is Mr. Grundy himself. Glad you can join us! I know you’re enjoying all of the attention! :-) If Mr. Grundy was doing his job correctly, then Dr. Jackson wouldn’t have had a reason to let him go. Simple as that. And once again, this whole race stuff is irrelevant. He was let go by a woman of his own race. Not Hispanic. Not white. Not Asian. Black. This has NOTHING to do with race.

  19. I was at UK in the early to mid 80s. I went up early for soroity rush. I was looking forward to the diversity I was sure awaited me in college. I did not experience much diversity of people or ideas in high school. So imagine my surprise when we had our first rush meeting and I only saw a sea of white girls. At the end of the program was Q&A. I raised my hand and said, “where are all the black girls?” You could of heard a pin drop. I watch as a preppy woman hemmed & hawed, looked at ground, then the ceiling and said, “”they” have their own rush and don’t want to be a part of “our” rush.” That set the tone for my next 5 years there. In my opinion UK treated race as a seperate but equal enitity. I pray it is different now.

  20. Boyce, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Take your Happy Chandler accusation. He used the word “n****r” once, in a committee meeting in the 1980s, when talking about investments in Africa. He was an old man then, maybe so old that he shouldn’t have been on the board. The comment was reported in the Herald-Leader, and set off days of protests.

    You say he “consistently” used the word. That is bunk. What is your source for this misinformation?

    I assume the building you refer to that was named after him is the hospital? It got that name because he was instrumental in getting the hospital started during his second term as governor, in the 1950s. That was decades before the old man slipped and said a word he shouldn’t have.

    Kind of makes one wonder about the rest of your rant, doesn’t it?

  21. I am not even a student, but attended a couple rival games back in early 2000. I am a UL fan, but not to the point I am disrespectful.
    I attended a football game and during halftime, me and my black friend were harrassed about our tickets. He checked no one else’s except the black fans. I stood up and asked him loudly, “do you want to check my “white” friends?” The guy was SO embarassed he tried to walk out of the stadium seating area.

    Another time leaving the football game, some drunk UK fan wants to call me a “boy.” I heard him say, “hey boy.” I tried to ignore him, but he decided to get louder. SO, i got in his face and said “What?!” He quickly changed his tone and asked nicely what the score was. I decided to be an @$$ and say “I don’t know, but were kicking your a*s!” GO CARDS!

    these are just two issues I had and will never go back. After my buddy got into a fight after white guy purposely threw open beer cans in his truck bed, I will NEVER go to Lexington again. Folks have NO class.

  22. Lots of emotional, opinion based assertions here with very few facts. Programs are being cut everywhere, and many of them are important. I agree that race should not play a part in these cuts… If a program is over-funded or a faculty member is no longer effective at his/her job, then they should be the first to go. No matter if they are black, white, male or female. The university should not have kept Mr. Grundy if his contributions to the university were lacking. It is unfortunate when people ignore progress and use examples from 20, 30, or more years in the past to prove their point. It’s even more unfortunate when those opinions are taken immediately as fact by the readers.

    • On what is this argument based that his 40 years of service were lacking? This is the part none of us are getting here. If you say that these are across the board budget cuts, as they are, then how can you also argue that he was released because his contributions were “lacking”? Grundy has been consistent and the MLKCC programming has never slowed down during his tenure. Tell me how his contributions were lacking? Did you even attend any of the programs sponsored by MLKCC? Can you name 5 of them? Because I attend nearly all of them and I see no lack.

  23. @Hunter,the truth does not have to be validated by your ignorance.You don’t give us assignments to prove those passive aggressive professional bigots are not bigots,you go and do it yourself.I smell a double agent.

  24. thanks for getting an article out on this. do you know of any plans to take on the mess capilouto is making? surely he intentionally did this over summer, when most students and faculty are away from lex doing research or taking on other work. this shouldn’t go unanswered.

  25. White Female student at UK

    While it is sad news to hear that Grundy lost his job, nobody can be blamed for his job loss other than himself and budget cuts. This is just one more example in today’s society where just because someone is black they automatically think they were fired just because of their skin color. Move on, get over. We have a black president now and Caucasians are becoming the minority.
    I cannot tell you how many times black students treat me differently because I am white. And I am not sorry that the best basketball players just happen to be black and they want to come to the best basketball program in the nation. We appreciate them and we do not treat them as Rupp did when he was head coach. Racism is everywhere, on every schools campus it can be found. Don’t point out UK just because a black man was fired. I bet a long with him being fired at least 5 other white employees were fired as well!

    • ConcernedStudent

      So true.

    • Actually Mr. Grundy has said no such thing about being fired because he is black. What the article maintains, and what is apparently true, is that when the university sets out to slash programs it has no problem sacrificing those units and divisions that enrich the lives of its most marginalized students. But I get that you enjoy oversimplifying the issue so that you can call “race card” and try to invalidate the argument Dr. Watkins is making.

  26. I am Kentucky born (Louisville) and attended UK in the early to mid 80s. Chester Grundy was so important then to African American students succeeding at UK; making it a safe place and productive learning environment where African American students could flourish, in the face of contempt from a mostly white administration, indifferent most times to the needs of students of color across groups. I remember that us black students always sat separately in the dining hall in a room called The Hole. We felt isolated a lot of the time, and there was a subtle air of hostility toward black students that I remember feeling.

    I live and work in Boston now, where I’ve been almost 20 years. Boston has its own history of racial intolerance toward African Americans — and people of color in general — when it comes to education. But it is sad and infuriating that someone like Chester Grundy has contributed so much to UK as an institution of higher learning, making it a better place for ALL students, who made UK a safe place for me, is being disrespected and so poorly treated. What’s that saying? The more things change, the more they stay….the same.

  27. This article is spot on. I am a recent graduate of UK and I always found the atmosphere laughable; specifically the fake excitement of the University and the surrounding community when basketball season begins. They worship these players but yet off the court, to non-basketball playing blacks, no respect is given. I’ve attended some of the B-ball games and they are fun, but in the back of my mind I know its all just fake comradery. I can guarantee that the very same students who wrapped a nose around the neck of a President Obama effigy were the same individuals doing handstands and burning couches when UK won the championship.

    • Seriously. Do you read the newspaper? This guy was not let go because he was black. There were over ONE HUNDRED people let go last week with more to come. OF ALL COLORS!!!!!

      • You seem to be missing the point. No one is arguing that Grundy was released because he is black, we are saying that laying him off is a reflection of the university’s lack of commitment to students of color, as exemplified in their bitter history of racism. I think you need to understand the difference between the argument you are making up to argue against and the argument that Watkins actually makes in this article.

  28. ConcernedStudent

    Until the concept of distinguishing people as ‘black’ or ‘white’ stops, there will never be equality and the termination of discrimination. This is a topic that will never be resolved as long as each side points the ‘blame finger’ on the other. UK has many high ranking african american officials that are doing their job wonderfully. In today’s time, because of SO many people being scared of being called racist – some more qualified white people are not accepted into programs either because the university or department doesn’t want to have accusations about being racist. Also, there are scholarship available for ONLY african americans…but no scholarships for ONLY white children. How is that leveling the playing field? At the end of the day we still have to pay the same tuition, loans, and every day expenses. It seems to me that current culture is actually doing the opposite of what they want to be – they are instilling a negative connotation with african americans in the college/educational system because they are given so many more opportunities than those that are not. Like I was saying, stop pointing the finger or trying to justify this or that…just MAKE US EQUAL. That will resolve many problems.

    I don’t intend to discredit what Dr. Watkins is saying, but I would like to know how someone that is a professor at Syracuse University knows the day to day workings at the University of Kentucky today (at all levels) so well to be able to speak on them with expertise – not the administration when she attended here in years past.

    I am a male student, ‘black’, on campus involved in MANY different organizations. ALL of the organizations have diversity in them. Granted, some are more diverse than others…but you can’t expect equal ratios in everything. Should we force people to participate in things they don’t want to do just to make them “equal”?

    I, too, know of Mr. Grundy’s accomplishments from the PAST – AND his lack of accomplishments TODAY. Cuts happen and time goes on. If we scrutinize every bump along the road in life we could probably twist it into some racism case and that’s not where we want to be. Plain and simple.

    • ConcernedStudent

      Also, I’m pretty sure that the team is not “all-black” as you stated in one of your opening sentences. White players, that are on the bench majority of the year might I add, are in the picture celebrating as well.

    • What is this lack of accomplishments? Have you ever participated in any of the MLKCC programs or were you expecting him to appear at your doorstep and personally invite you? Have you ever attended the city’s MLK Day Symposium and Celebration? It attracts 5,000 participants and is organized by Grundy and MLKCC. Have you ever attended the lectures, workshops speeches, etc sponsored by MLKCC? Do you know what campus-wide events he has spearheaded? Do you know what other offices are supported in collaboration with MLKCC? I have a real concern that students increasingly don’t understand or appreciate what is actually happening on campus because they are in their rooms status-updating their ways through life.

    • Refusing to address race is not a solution to racism. It is denial and it furthers the problem. Students at UK are “black” and “white” and “middle eastern” and “latino” and “multiracial” and “jewish” etc. To blindly refuse to admit that some of these groups have been less fairly treated than others is not a solution to racism, it actually is racism.

    • When funding for Black elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools are equal, maybe then college should not offer scholarships for Black students. This is done because Black people are still discriminated against educationally. It is a fact that many Black schools in many areas in America are underfunded, and are given significantly less money per student compared to White schools.

      This is done bec Black people are still suffering bec of injustices THAT MAKE THE PLAYING FIELD NOT LEVEL.

      Educators and advocated have fought tirelessly for many years about this, and often times nothing gets done. Black children are no less capable of learning, yet they are given the short end of the stick time, and time again.

      I MUST SAY, HOWEVER: Remember the 103 and 105 year-old women, the Delaney Sisters that wrote a book years ago, “Having Our Say”? (If you haven’t, read their book!) They were in the THICK of racism throughout the early 1900′s on, and said that although Black people surely deserve it and suffered enough to get it, they felt that Affirmative Action should not be, that everyone should have the same chance.
      So I definitely had to put that side of the story in.

      I would love to see an America that does not keep talking about the race of a person too. But as we have seen in 2012 political figures making racist statements before the whole nation– why did a few men running for office accuse the NAACP and Black men of ‘looking for food stamps when they should be looking for jobs’?? What?!?

      What about Arizona and other states that act as if you come to this country from somewhere else that you are inferior and should be treated as a criminal? (Please, don’t give me the jazz about illegal immigration; I don’t want to hear it. Especially when the US government for decades has PURPOSELY allowed a percentage of illegal immigration to occur for the farming industry, etc.).

      It is not Black people who started this whole “race” thing. It is not our fault. We will not be able to clean it up, either. The racists will have to help themselves. They will have to clean up their messy hearts.

  29. Jacqueline Sedwick

    Playrighter- I was unable to give a direct reply to your last response because the Reply button has been removed;it probably was removed because we’ve beening doing a lot of back and forth LOL. enough back and forth between us. Oh, don’t get me wrong, you haven’t been unfair and I’m not offended by anything you’ve said –you’ve been very respectful in expressing your opinion.I just love a good, healthy debate!!!! :) My definition of fixate is to get bogged down on certain details and not focus on the big picture. When I spoke about you disagreeing I was referring to your statement about the petition not being complete enough (information-wise) for you to sign. I personally think it has enough merits to be signed but you don’t agree, you have that right. After reading Dr. Watkins’ article you wrote:”I would appreciate any facts backing Dr. Watkins’ assertion that Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are bigots.” I don’t think it’s anybody’s reponsiblity to prove to you that Dr. Watkins’comment is accurate;if you find his comments questionable do your OWN homework to prove or disprove what he has said. From my perspective he’s right on the money!!!!! Even with all the problems and racism that still exisrs in this country,I’m still very proud to be an American. Hundreds of years of slavery (free labor) helped build this country and make it one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world. Playrighter, you and I obviously see life through different sets of eyes and I’m okay with that, I’m not mad at you but I think it’s time to move on from this issue.

    • Jacqueline:

      Fair enough. Maybe it’s my training, but I like to see back-up data. Charging racism and bigotry are easy, details are usually more scarce.
      (Sadly, Dr. Watkins is guilty of this “oversight” in the past as well).

      • Yeah, yeah I know Playrighter, blacks see racism where racism doesn’t exist. WRONG. Angel was right, you’re a waste of time. There’s an old civil rights song called Ain’t Gonna Let Them Turn Me Around. One of the verses says: “I’m gonna keep on a walking and a keep on a talking.” All the whites like you that have come to this site to tell us we’re wrong for feeling like we feel and that we cry racism like the boy cried wolf are nothing more than an irritation to us because we know the truth. We’re going to keep our heads up and keep on fighting for the black cause. Power To The People.

        • Jacqueline:
          You’re rather interesting. You attack people for things they never said. You attack someone for “removing” the reply button while at the same time stating that you don’t have one. You assume my race with no evidence. You charge me with an assumption about blacks because I made a factual statement about Dr. Watkins. While only you used the term “fixating”, Deez was correct in that more than one person (“you people”) attacked me for a valid question — and you questioned their intelligence while displaying a lack of same.. Nobody pays me to be here. I’m here to try and gather some facts. The only reason this has extended is because “you people” (to use your term) would rather attack than provide details.

          Now why don’t you re-read my simple question, then re-read your responses and see who’s “fixating”. I’m looking for answers, not attacks. How about you?

  30. Andre' Mulligan

    If you think U of K is something, try attending U of Louisville! We were treat live field n****s.

  31. A good reason why African-Americans should consider a Historic Black College. Before you know it the HBCUs will be gone. Most of them have increased “white” enrollment.

    • And what is wrong with that? I am a white female graduate of an HBCU. During my college experience I was the occasional target of racism as I was one of the very few white residents. But I would not change my experience I cherish my time there, and I learned a lot about myself and others. I have read a lot of valid opinions on this page from varying viewpoints. Racism is not just a white problem. It seems to me that many times black people try to counter that racism with racism of their own. Such as your comment. It’s wrong if UK is not diverse, but diversity at an HBCU is ugly? When we choose to see each other as brothers and sisters instead of black and white things will be better. And some people, black or white, are always going to be ignorant and that is when you realize there are things that you cannot change and no point in getting angry about.

    • Elizabeth:

      Spot On. There’s a website theat gives white students step by step instructions for getting an HBCU scholarship.

  32. I’ve had enough. I don’t personally harbor any feelings one way or another towards Chester Grundy, but I do know that many good people were cut from the staff at UK for budgetary reasons. It was not only one person, and it was not singled out to black people. I find it a bit hard to believe that anyone in the African American community can justifiably feel so discriminated against at UK. The Martin Luther King Jr. Cultural Center in the Student Center may portray itself as catering to other races, but take a stroll by there any time of the day, and see if any other race is represented. There is a Vice President for Institutional Diversity now, there are many high ranking African American people in the Administration, and you can’t go anywhere without someone parading the fact that they are different (by any means) and cramming it down everyone else’s throat. Ever thought that maybe the more qualified people got the positions? Maybe an Asian student was more qualified than an African American student to get in a program? Maybe an African American student was more qualified to be on the basketball team than a Caucasian student? In a state where the African American population represents about 8% of the total population, in a country where they represent about 13% of the population, you can’t expect 50% of students to be Black. I’m all for diversity, but get real. I think the University of Kentucky has done a pretty d**n good job at making people of all races feel welcome and give everyone ample opportunity to succeed in recent years. One person losing their job in this fragile economic state that UK has seen is not a cry for revolution…

    • That’s interesting that you would stroll past, instead of say, coming inside, and then complain that no other races are “represented”.

  33. This article is very interesting. All I can say is, WOW….I knew it was a reason I didn’t really care for University of Kentucky…..

  34. You do realize don’t you that they “let go” over ONE HUNDRED people this week last week?!?!?!? The actual number was THREE HUNDRED, but about half of that layoff number were positions that were currently vacant. Not just one black man lost their job last week. White people, black people, latino people, asian people from many different departments and many different times of service. They aren’t done, more layoffs are expected sometime between October and January. OVER ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE are now in the unemployment line…not just this one person. I am an employee at UK Hospital. Tons of people are being affected by the budget shortfall. Not just one person. People I actually know. People in MY FAMILY. People who are just as good as THIS ONE PERSON.


    • Nicole, you are abusing all caps to counter an argument that has not been made here. No one is saying that others weren’t laid off, and no one is claiming that Grundy was layed off because he was black. But let’s for example, use the example of a large corporation. And this corporation has a history of discriminating against disabled people, so much so that decades ago they had to form an office for the recruitment and retention of disabled persons because they realized how poorly disabled people were treated in their company. Now times got hard, profits were low, but the company still knows that disabled persons are not treated quite fairly as employees and that it still needs to do a lot of work to make sure that it doesnt return to its past of treating qualified, talented employees poorly just because they are disabled. Now if that company had to make cuts and it cut the Disability Affairs department, wouldn’t that be alarming, you know, given that its had such a long history of struggles and current issues with recruiting and promoting disabled persons?

      What you are arguing is “they laid off someone in a wheelchair, who cares” because you lack the context and understanding to see this as a more complex matter. Mr. Grundy being black is not the issue, it’s that a university that continues to struggle with issues of diversity and equality is cutting a program that was devoted entirely to those causes.

  35. Thank you, Boyce. So many of these comments make me fear for a UK without Chester Grundy to re-educate these students.

  36. As I read the article, I was immediately hit with a variety of emotions. The chief of which was sadness and respect for Mr. Grundy. Regardless of the motivation behind the decision (deemed racially biased or not), I wish that his movement forward to the next chapter of his life was his own choice, especially given the many years of service to the university and to our community. It is hard to imagine anyone wishing that were not different in this hard, economic time. It seems much of the discord and inability to see eye-to-eye on the matter comes from having diverse perspectives and filters whereby we interpret life. But, from any lens, some points are not and should not be in contention. Firstly, despite progress forward, work remains in the area of challenging ourselves to embrace, celebrate, and support unity through diversity. To assume that any American institution has completely evolved beyond the scope of bias or bigotry (even if subtle or systemic) is naive. The processes that fuel the problem also range from ignorance and a lack of awareness to other end of the spectrum encompassing blatant hate and prejudicial behavior. These are part of the human condition and are susceptible to all, irrespective of our personal background and identities. As an educator, I see that issues in this area can only be overcome with an ongoing desire to learn from human interaction, and growth that is often achieved through the cognitive dissonance of our worldviews changing as stereotypes and presumptions are torn down. Needless to say, I am strong advocate for taking a breath, listening to where the other person is coming from, not trying to invalidate their point of view or perspective, but rather let them inform me what life is like to them and how they see the situation. The world is not simply a dichotomy of right vs. wrong or racist or not racist. We all have room for improvement and growth. So, my challenge is to avoid presumptions and labels, to investigate the matter, and challenge all of us to take accountability for our decisions and actions, even institutions. Having a discussion on the matter must be a priority, and creating effective paths for communication that do not seek to ostracize and that are respectful, civil, and authentic are the only productive means for providing a venue for growth and change. I am not aware of the particulars of this situation outside of the devastating toll that losing 140 employees is having on our community and our goals as an institution. But, like I said, I am saddened and have compassion, nonetheless. Though I am an employee of UK and though I care deeply about all of our students, I will not take away from the essence of the author’s perspective or defend the entire organization unduly. I will simply state that I am UK, and I care. I will simply state that I am not alone. I work with professionals who endlessly put their heart into their jobs and advocate for all students with a fervor and diligence that I can’t imagine being bested by many other institutions. So, despite our past or the reputations that might have been rightly deserved at times, please see hope for the future that can emerge from civil and productive discourse on the matter. I am sorry for the pain and adversity that has surfaced surrounding this, and my heart chiefly goes to Chester as I pray that his journey, his impact, and his passions do not end here. But, I do hope we all can take a moment to not talk past each other, learn from each other, and use all of these experiences as opportunities to grow. Sure, it’s easier to make assumptions about a group of people (like the University of Kentucky). And, maybe there’s some validity at times that corroborates some of the presumptions. I would say yes to that. But, again, I think it’s a greater societal problem and situating it as an issue with a particular social institution can be problematic because it seeks to absolve us all from owning the issue of “-isms” in our society. Conversely, this is not meant as an attempt to stymie dissenting or less-than-favorable opinions or perspectives. If convictions tell you there might be fire because of the smoke, delve into it and advocate for Chester by asking for accountability and to correct any of the issues that may or may not become more concrete. We must also accept that polarizing issues will always emerge. But, we must use our strength of character, our love of others, and our shared experiences to get through them with candor and empathy that does not negate anyone’s dignity or make blanket assumptions. And, I especially hope that the mother who saw this and did not think UK would be friendly to her child would recognize that no one can promise that issues of intolerance will not emerge, but we can promise that advocates and supportive caring people still exist.

  37. isn’t the head football coach black?

    • that doesn’t mean anything since he has never advocated for any black students at UK, including his own players off the field

  38. “In many ways, the campus is still the ultimate plantation.”

    Which is why the university had a Provost born in India from 2006 until he left this year for a higher position at UMass Amherst- but since he’s not black, and thus does not further your cause, I guess it’s alright for you to conveniently ignore him.

    Glad to see who the true racists are

  39. Let me begin by saying that I am not trying to justify, excuse, or lessen the issue of racism–at UK or anywhere. And I don’t know anything else about racism at UK besides what’s here–I’m pretty uninformed on this specific issue–but the discrimination and attacks discussed here are terrible and should be confronted as the most serious of issues. I also think that having a good cultural center on campus is very important for a university. I sincerely hope that this comment will not be taken as anything other than a critique of Dr. Boyd’s irresponsible use of power.

    All that said, this article is written in a very biased, inflammatory way that misrepresents the issue by depriving it of context. For example, there are no statistics on other faculty fired, their races, the reasons for firing, the specific expected impacts of Grundy’s firing, the races of the people who made the decision, and lots of other things. We are supposed to assume that Dr. Grundy was fired solely because he was a conscientious and educated black man in power, and that scared the (we are supposed to assume) racist white administrators. That’s not fair. That’s not good reporting. And for an educated man such as Dr. Boyce, it is a shameful and inexcusable misuse of influence. It’s yellow journalism–sensationalism and incendiary words in place of reasoned and well supported arguments. Even if Boyd’s message is right and something we can all agree with, one who has been wronged does not right himself with things like this.

  40. I don’t think everything here is completely true but it gets the point across. I’m a rising Junior at UK and I haven’t really enjoyed my time here since my first week or so. After the hype of going to school wears off then you realize how small minded and ignorant a lot of people are. I’ve made a lot of friends and am fairly well known on campus, but lets just say I had to work way harder at it and still feel very out of place. Currently putting in apps to other school even this late.

  41. I am a Black graduate of the University of Kentucky who is sending my daughter there this Fall. Although there were not a lot of Blacks on the campus when I graduated in the late 80s, I did not get the sense of Uk being a “plantation.” I was President of the Black Student Union when Happy Chandler told us to “go back to Zimbabwe!” Although I was contacted by the Herald Leader, and students were in an uproar, iI refused to stir up the “He’s a racist” pot, when my own grandmother referred to our people as “colored” Unfortunately Happy Chandler was a product of his time AND was about 101 when he said that.
    I guess my point is this. I am sending my daughter to UK with the same dvice that my parents gave me, you are there for an education. Do it well and you can’t be justifiably denied.
    In no way did I ever want to be a part of the “UK culture.” I was satisfied with my involvement with my community for the time I as there. I got from UK what I was after- a degree that got me my very first job at IBM! It served my purposes well and I haven’t been back since. I harbor no hatred for the school, and suspect that Chester Grundy doesn’t either- he is high caliber.
    We need to USE UK like we say they USE our men! Do it well and they CANNOT continue to deny us, do it poorly and they will forever do so!

  42. Jacqueline Sedwick

    Deez, not only do you lack communication skills, you lack comprehension skills as well. Playrighter didn’t ask a question, he made a request for proof that O’Reilly and Hannity are bigots. I did direct him to sources – Fox News and The Sean Hannity radio show. If you want to call me rude for not allowing the subject to be taken away from Dr.Grundy and placed on the negativity of O’Reilly and Hannity then so be it. What do you mean by saying “these people” and “they”? I’m they only person on this site that said Playrighter was fixating; you just disrespected all the other people on this site by accusing them of something that didn’t do – you are truly confused. You must like to Cut and Run because I noticed your reply button has been removed. Is that so no one can reply to your anger-filled inaccurate rant? You don’t faze me Deez, you amuse me.

    • Jacqueline: I may be in the dark here. Can a commenter actually remove their “reply” button? (I’ve seen no such option). Thanks.

    • Jacqueline: As I like to re-read things to clarify my comprehension, I’d like to share something I just discovered. Deez, in saying “these people” was NOT just referring to you. In addition to your reply, Angel had also questioned my status, alleging that responding to me was like wrestling in the mud with a pig. So, in fact, you were wrong and Deez was correct in noting that more than one person had challenged my request. I’m sure you would agree that careful reading improves comprehension skills, and should prevent erroneous charges from being leveled against others. Agreed?

      PS: I’d still be interested your alleged ability to remove reply buttons.

      • Jacqueline Sedwick

        He’s wrong and you’re wrong,I’m the only one that said you were fixating because you were fixating. Angela was spot on right when she said you’re a waste of time.

      • Jacqueline Sedwick


        Deez said the following: “Im with you playrighter. Seriously. You’re question was very non-threatening and appropriate to the conversation. These people lack interpersonal communicating skills. Instead of helping or suggesting an informative link, they accused you of “fixating”… Rude”

        Need I say more Playrighter?

        Playrighter you’ve made it clear that you don’t agree with Dr. Watkins and that you won’t sign Dr. Hatemi’s petition. So why do you continue to hang around here? Are you paid by some right wing group to come to black sites like this one to serve as a distraction? Your continued is presence here is very suspicious.

        • Jacqueline:
          I’m curious of your definition of “suspicious”. The only thing I’ve sought here is objectivity and fairness. (Feel free to demonstrate otherwise).

  43. Grundy got over 30 years at the University of Kentucky? Basketball players get 4 at most – and they aren’t paid a salary to play. So, that analogy and cry of a double standard are ludicrous.

    A.B. “Happy” Chandler used the n-word once at a board meeting in the 80′s – when referencing Zimbabwe. The notion he used it regularly is also ludicrous. That one incident created all kinds of controversy, and ultimately Chandler was not reprimanded. But he was old and dying, so what would you have UK do to a dying man, other than let him pass away peacefully? BTW, your failure to acknowledge the fact Chandler was Commissioner of Major League Baseball in 1947 – yeah, when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier – expose you for your prejudice and subjective revisionist view of history.

    Adolph Rupp recruited Wes Unseld, a standout from nearby Louisville, in the mid-60′s. But, when Rupp could not guarantee Unseld’s mother her son would be safe on the road in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia, she forbid him from attending UK. Rupp’s only bias or prejudice was against losing. But his team played in a racist south, where African-America teenagers were not eager to go. BTW, UK and Rupp’s first African-American recruit was Tom Payne, who later served time for rape. That’s not exactly helping the cause of integration.

    I don’t know the circumstances of Grundy’s removal, but in this economy, a lot of us would be thrilled to have had a job – at the same place – for over 30 years. Crying racism over this is counter-productive to advancing the cause of minorities. Contrarily, one could easily find you guilty of reverse racism. And just like those basketball players you cite, who will go on to greener pastures of professional basketball, perhaps your martyr Grundy too can move on to bigger and better things for himself. If not, perhaps you can at least move on to more substantive issues.

  44. Was I the only one to think, WTF, when the author, after building his case for UKs longstanding racial problems, broad brushed UKs Black athletes as Unthinking bucks? Does anybody really believe if the best players in the nation were white, UK would still recruit blacks, just fuel
    A deep seeded, primal desire to harness “bucks”? There is a cultural proble
    by which avenues like sports/entertainment are seen as the avenues and models for success. Hundreds of years of instutitionalized slavery and the fallout in its aftermath don’t go away in decades…it is a problem, more so in KY. It’s not that the author doesn’t have a valid point, it’s that he crushed his credibility by critiquing a university steeped in generalizations of racism, only to turn around and generalize and make racist comments about black arheletes as being unthinking. It almost begs the implication that white athletes are thinkers. The point is taken, but the inconsistency in his own argument jumps off the page at me. I like UK ball, but its not more important than social justice. UK may well be brimming with hateful racists in places of power, but like the comment at the bottom states, this is purely an opinion piece, because facts and evidence to support the notion of racism being the reason for Mr Grundy’s departure, just wasn’t supported, especially in light of all the layoffs that have come. If we seek truth, the scope of the conversation must consider all points, this doesn’t do that. Im not saying the points made aren’t true, I’ve been around long enough to see the ugly little ways in which whites show contempt and lack compassion for minorities, it’s obvious (google standpoint theory… It’s undeniably true) however, I’m just pointing out, the article suggests and makes monumental claims, and backs them with nothing more than conjured images of the racial ghosts of UKs past. I think by totally avoiding the mass layoffs, and characterizing black athletes as goofy grinning bucks, devoid of concern for social justice, he really did a HUGE disservice to his argument. Im not interested in sides, so pigeon hole me as privileged white boy, or inflammatory black girl… But purely for the sake of truth regarding Mr Grundy being let go, this article does nothing for that cause. It raises awareness about it by making an outcry to appeal to emotions and suggests an unfounded claim that racism must have been the culprit. His sheer lack to even venture into other possibilities raises red flags in my mind. For some it is just obvious this is racism, maybe my sensitivity Meter is slipping, but in this case, I really just think its an appeal to emotion over the departure of a beloved figure for equality, at an institution with well documted racist history. That’s not enough for me to connect all the dots and conclusively believe that UK powers that be we’re foaming at the mouth to rid themselves of a civil rights giant. Let the bashing commence…..

  45. The point about UK not releasing stats about med students is fishy, and like dr Watkins said, probably because the stats would show an ugly truth.

  46. Budgetary cuts seems to be the new way around equal opportunity, and workplace diversity. Lets be honest Kentucky in whole has a problem with minority representation, except in prison. UofK has made millions off the sweat of African American men, but choose to fire the only representation these gentleman have, but they are prepared to spend a 100 million on getting a new stadium built

  47. Kenneth Browning

    And I pose this question to Dr. Boyce. Brother, do you not bear some responceability for not being forceful ( more ) in your criticisim before it got to this point? We all should look at how we make our decisions in life when we have the information at hand yet we ignore what is quite obvious and at times we just don’t care what the deal is as long as we get what we “want” not need in life at the expence of our moral foundation and yet we still have our people that will kill to get into the school, is there not a problem with this picture? (ps) And I do have much love for you Dr. Boyce. But, I do think that the sh-t has already hit the fan and we all have been covered in it a little for lack of being pro-active.

  48. Clearly there’s a huge history of racism at the school, and it’s despicable. But I don’t see any proof here that it was the reason for the original item of the article- this faculty (or is he staff?) member’s firing. Considering he’s been there 30 years, it looks more like the all-to-common trend these days of letting tenured people go just before they can retire. Then replacing them with younger people who will take way less pay and less or no benefits. I see that at all kinds of schools.
    And as for making money off black basketball players, well, that’s not unique to them. There’s a reason the NBA is actually now called “NBA Entertainment”. Exploitation, and whatever makes them money, is the name of the game. The trickle-down to sports oriented schools is a much broader issue than one of race.

    This school has a horrible track record for racism, lack of diversity (even allowing for the geography’s likelihood to invite more white staff and students). However, they’re really not allowed to release that demographic information- it’s federally reported senza identifying info (names, etc), then destroyed. Only certain statistics are allowed to be shared or published.

    My point is just that the situation there is so awful, that attaching it to things for which it may actually not be at fault can’t do any good. And I’m just not convinced it’s the leading factor here.

  49. You mean they can pay the basketball coach $4 million and have to let the brother go because of budget cuts? Yeah, right. Typical University of Kentucky. I go back decades in my memory of UK and the racism that took place on that campus. Looks like things have not changed. Thanks, Boyce, for this information. I am right up the road in Cincinnati and had not heard about Brother Grundy. Thanks to you too, Brother K. for forwarding it.

  50. People it all starts with education, something the University of Kentucky sorely lacks. The state of Kentucky ranks in the bottom 2% of the least educated student population in the US. So why would you not expect UK to be a racist institution when you have such an uneducated population base. I’m not really sure that you can say that the firing of Grundy has anything to do with racism. Who is succeeding Mr.Grundy? I’m willing to bet it’s another African American? Maybe it was time to pass the torch? In many ways UK is a stoneage institution that turns a blind eye to all sorts of racism. The good old boy network is alvive and well in Lexington and basketball is king. Cheating and racism are all part of the equation.

    • don’t be surprised if they don’t hire someone to replace grundy. there is a movement at predominantly white univerisities to expunge black cultural centers from the campus.

      look for the university to consolidate the services offered by the cultural center with another dept. on campus when the outrage of his dismissal subsides.

  51. I love when Blacks pull the racism card as soon as something happens. The University as an institution is not racist. The problem is Black students. As an African American male who went to a fairly diverse high school(about 40% black) the problem is either black students don’t want to go to college or they want to go to an HBCU where they can be with their “peoples”. I’ve personally seen it time and again. As a student in the engineering department (what could easily be called the most racist and sexist department) where over 70% of my classmates are white males, it’s not the school that has the racist attitude. I recieved many engineering scholarships none for minorities, because I was unaware I could get money just for being a black student. No the problem is not the school. The problem is your children. Your children without ambition, your children who would rather attend a HBCU as opposed to broadening their horizons. The problem also is you. You who at the first sign of trouble exclaim “racism!!” And “it’s because I’m black!!” and you who teach your children to do the same. The problem won’t be fixed by anger, resentment, and more racism. No the problem must be fixed from our side. Our side where we see the world out to get us, and our side, where think our grass would be green and our fence not so rundown if we were white. So let’s remember two things, 1. That rundown fence is a shared fence, and 2. If the grass isn’t green maybe we should consider complaining less and DOING more.

    • ladies and gentlemen…introducing the next clerance thomas.

    • I agree completely TJ. Thank you for your input. How can you sit here and make this “racism” claim when over 140 other employees of ALL ethnicity and race were laid off as well.

      You are going to fight for one man? Because he is black? Is THAT not considered racism? What about the other races of people that got laid off? I’m sure they have families they need to provide for and I’m sure they were all intelligent and bright people as well. I agree it is a horrible situation for any of them but the University had to do what the University had to do. I do not think it had anything to do with the color of their skin. Just like it shouldn’t.

      I am a student at UK and to be quite honest, it seems to me that we have this double standard. I understand black students coming together and standing strong and making “black student unions” and what not. They also provide shirts that say “SEEblack” similar to the “SEEblue” shirts they made. Now tell me what would happen if white students came together and made shirts that said “SEEwhite”? An uprisal. That’s what. I am the least racist person of them all, many of my best friends are black and I see them no differently as anyone else.

      This article just sickens me, this article is taking steps backwards. You are making your case worse.

      TJ was right. DO MORE, speak less. All this protesting just makes it look like we haven’t made leaps and bounds. The author said it himself. Rupp wouldn’t allow black players, now our starting line up is black. UK used to have no black students at all and now almost half of our students are black. THAT IS PROGRESS. THAT IS IMPROVEMENT.

      You need to realize people are going to be laid off in almost any company, university, or business. Sometimes it’s personal and other times they are doing what they have to do in order to get by. I would never take anything away from Grundy, he sounds like an excellent man. But don’t sit here and claim that UK would appreciate him more if he were “6’9, 250 pounds and dumb”. That is just embarrassing for you.

      You are the embarrassment. Especially since you are a UK grad as well. Times have changed and are STILL changing.

      So like TJ said, STOP COMPLAINING, DO MORE.

  52. Tired of the Racism

    I couldn’t agree more with TJ and AMY! Mr. Watkins, as soon as you & those like you get it through your heads that you aren’t owed something because you are black, you may progress. People of color often times have more opportunity to succeed than any white man. They may choose to work hard and EARN their accomplishments or take the entitlement route.

  53. Why is it when an issue of racism comes up white people are so quick to defend what is racist and what is not. If you never experienced it how can you determine the person who has perception of the situation this artice has sparked controversy, but why? Because a black man at a historicalky racist college perceives his firing as racist. He has been there over 20 years and i can only imagine what he has been through up to this point!

  54. Current College Student

    So everyone is just ignoring the fact that A BLACK LADY fired Mr. Grundy??? Newsflash: THIS IS NOT A RACE ISSUE. This whole article is irrelevant.

    • Kunta Kinte, No Longer Toby

      do you really believe a black women has the power to fire a black man who has been with the university of over 30 years?

      she was only the messenger…before the firing, the university was well aware that the firing of grundy could spark a public outrage.

      therefore the decision was made at the very top, all the way to the campus president for approval to fire grundy.

      why, because in the end, the president will be held accountable with the board of regents and the media…not the lowel level black face lady you’re trying to point at as the person who made the decision to fire grundy.

  55. Andre' InsanMuhammad

    It is unfortunate that articles written by BLAK writers bringing to light certain aspects of a situation bring out the hidden racist thoughts, illiterate misunderstandings of the BLAK experience in this hemisphere over the last 500 years of contact with white skinned people and their culture. With that said BLAK folks need to truly understand what is beng said when someone white-skinned says we are all americans. Does that mean that what is implied in the “we” is that BLAK folks think like the majority of non-BLAK peoples? Do we as BLAK folks agree with how white skinned people run america with it’s continual murder, death and killing and justifying everything by application of the word “some” to a situation?

    BLAK people in america’s so-called racism toward white skinned people is a direct result and reaction to white people’s history of exploitation and murder of darker people and their current behvaviors. I say to BLAK folks, let us stop focusing on white people and their foolishness and focus on healing ourselves, our families and making our communities where we are the majority healthier and safer for us and anyone who choose to live among us. In talking with Dr. Watkins, the statements I include herein is what was suggested that we as BLAK folks reflect upon and do. Debates with white sinned people are foolish as we see the world much different than they do and always will. N one of them will ever put their lives on the line for a BLAK child, father nor mother; that’s the truth. Think about it.

    • Andre:
      Really? Most BLAK men wont put their lives on the line for their OWN BLAK child (should be children from several different mothers), mother, father, Baby-mama, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, etc… What the heck kind of statement is that? BLAK abandoment is most likely the cause of BLAK plight throughout America. You have the nerve to call out whites for not sticking up for “your” people when “your” people wont stick up for themselves? Listen to this, “counselor”. When “your” people stop the extreme foolishness, perhaps, you can call out the white-skinned devils who keep you down. Pick up a copy of the Chicago Times. T’werent the white men gunning down the huddled black masses. That was “your” BLAK men gunning down BLAK men and children.

      You are the one who doesnt get it. Think about that. Find a way without living in the past. Words to remember: CHAD HOLLEY – Hero!

      • Chris:

        You’re a fool and a disgrace to the decent whites like me that can admit the wrongs we’ve done and still do to blacks. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: People only see what they are prepared to see. You say you’re a counselor so you should know all about psychological defense mechanisms. Whites like you deny racism so they don’t have be confronted with the fact that what whites have done to blacks for hundreds of years makes them monsters.

  56. You failed to mention that UK laid off 139 other administrative employees as well. I guess UK is just racist against everyone!

  57. These comments are the most racist nonsense I have ever read. How can one possibly complain of racism and denounce the treatment of African-Americans, and then refer to another as a “priveleged white boy” or “whites hiding away in the segregated communities”. Seriously, do you not see your own racism as you group a whole race into your own stereotype. Is that not exactly what you were initially condemning? As a caucasian college student, the only beef I have with African Americans is that a select few of them have bombarded me since I was a child with the idea that because I am white, I am automatically a rich, bigoted p***k who treats them poorly.

    • Offended:

      You’re a liar and you know you are. If you want to read the most racist, stupid omments you’ve ever heard, go to any of the hundreds of websites that are dedicated to spewing hate and lies against black people. This forum is far too classy and positive for me to reference any of the hateful, racist names they use to described blacks. If someone referred to me as a privileged black girl I wouldn’t be at all offended. Crawl back under the rock you’re living under because from the stupid comment you made, you couldn’t be living in reality.

  58. Boyce – Once again with the racism…. Blah, Blah, Blah, its all whitey’s fault. Perhaps this old man was overpaid for the benefit he was providing. Perhaps, without racial motivation, there were 3 younger guys who could provide more bang for the buck than Ol’ Prof Grundy could ever hope to provide. With the entitlements given out today, Prof Grundy sounds like the 1st to get the boot with the other 139 other folks who got let go. He’ll get his revenge on the taxpayers of KY on top of what he already been overpaid during his career.

    YOU are the reason people are racist today. But, then again, without racism, you wouldnt have a website to fill the coffers.

    • Chris:

      You better start running because the men in white jackets from the Insane Asylum you escaped from are on your tail. They said they to recapture you so they give you your missed dose of psychiatric meds because YOU’RE CRAZY AS h**l.

  59. This university has a history of not hiring or advancing qualified African American faculty and staff. Furthermore, sensitivity training is lacking and should be required for all employees–not just once, but periodic retraining. I am both a graduate of this university and I worked there part-time while in school. Therefore, I can speak from experience that sensitivity training is needed to recruit diversity in personnel and students. However, I would not trade my experience at UK for anything. UK is like life in the USA as an African American–it has all of the pitfalls of racism, but I had a lot of wonderful instructors who challenged me and helped me learn to deal with adversities as a winner.

  60. Pingback: Professor Writes Open Letter to U. Kentucky about It's Racial Discrimination Problem | Your Black World | Your Black World

  61. WOW! This affirms my decision to leave Kentucky after graduating Benham Colored School. The loss of African American talent is one reason the Commonwealth of Kentucky is in its present condition. Those who can and would contribute to the Commonwealth`s progress are serving other communities.

    Sadly, it has been so since an African American came across the Mountain with Daniel Boone to claim land given to Soldiers who had fought against the British.

  62. Jacqueline Sedwick

    Thanks so much for the PINGBACK! The open letter by Dr. Alan Aja, was very heartfelt and superb!!!! Is there going to a rally for Dr. Grundy? I live about 1,000 miles away but will be glad to come to Lexington to show my support.

  63. This article is race baiting at its finest. Also with a touch of bitterness about sports thrown in. First, how is a Syracuse professor remotely qualified to comment on the situation of race at UK? Second, does Syracuse not bring in “baboons” to play basketball? Don’t most Universities do that? Would Fab Melo or Carmelo Anthony not fall into the same category as John Wall or Anthony Davis? Speaking of Wall, he had a 4.0 while at UK, and Patrick Patterson graduated in 3 years with a bachelors degree. Would you insinuate that they being “black buffoons with a nice smile” were too dumb to actually earn these honors? Racist, no? You also mention UK being racist because of its associations with Happy Chandler and Adolph Rupp. One question, are all of the public schools named after Malcolm X or Louis Farrakhan or Universities with buildings or awards named for them hostile to non blacks? I am Jewish, Malcolm X actually worked with the KKK to fight against Jews who wanted integration. Integration didn’t go so well with his black separatist ideology you see. Couple that with several anti semetic remarks and several that were anti white in general that he stood by, and you get a man who is a sick and twisted racist. Louis Farrakhan has a similar resume, I won’t get into specifics. Does that make all of those things racist?!? Racism is everywhere, be it racism against blacks, whites, asians, hispanics, or any other group. That doesn’t excuse it, we have a ways to go, but considering that UK is in the midst of significant budget cuts as is every other public university in the state, the fact that this man was fired doesn’t mean that the school is inherently racist and always will be. If that is the case, nearly every school or business older than 1950 should be boycotted on the grounds that they did bad things 60 years ago. The idea that the fact that there are buildings named for Happy Chandler and Adolph Rupp mean the school is racist is equally ludicrous. Happy Chandler did a lot of good, and he deserves much of the credit for integrating major league baseball. His comment was reprehensible, but one mistake does not make everything else he did for integration go away. Rupp was flawed, but his contributions to the University cannot be ignored, and just as I accept seeing Malcolm X’s name on schools and recognize his so-called contributions, the accomplishments of Adolph Rupp should not be diminished because he was flawed at a time when so many had the same flaws. Lastly, this was the most racist article I have ever read. I do not care that it was presumably written by a black man, if a person of any other race called black athletes “baboons”, “buffons with a great smile”, “buffoons who can’t write at a 5th grade level”, they would be ran out of town with a pitch fork. I was an athlete throughout high school and college, I played baseball and golf, I graduated with a 3.8 and I am now a college professor. All athletes are not dumb, in fact most are some of the best students at their respective University. For this article to paint athletes as rejects or “baboons” is offensive to me and it should be offensive to blacks who are having their young men referred to like this. Honestly, I do not get the rationalization of this article, you preach about racism and yet you openly insult black students just because they play a sport with absolutely no basis to do so. You stated that the players were instructed to read certain articles, when I played in college, our coach forbade us from reading any news! He didn’t want us hearing anything about what those in the media thought of us. That is nothing out of the ordinary. Dr. Watkins, please reconsider your article, please look at other factors surrounding the University and also please reconsider how you identify racism. If you go looking for racism at every single turn, you will find it even when it isn’t there. There is much work to be done, at UK and throughout the country, but to single UK out the way you did is offensive to anyone associated with UK, and to most Kentuckians like myself who find racism to be the lowest and most reprehensible quality that humans can possess. Also, Dr. Watkins, show more respect to college athletes. Your characterization of them is just as reprehensible as any allegation that you levied against the University of Kentucky.

  64. Orlando Goodwin


  65. Orlando Goodwin

    I went to UK in 1978, graduated in 1982. I went there from Louisville the hated basketball rival city (at the time the 2 schools never played each other). I went to UK mainly because of the racist image they had, especially in Louisville. My family seemed shocked at first. Why would any black kid want to go to UK.
    Well in short I didn’t fear the plantation or the “massah” . I went to challenge them. I went looking for them, had a little MLK and Malcolm mix in me. I did find some racists and some racist actions but mainly I found more unity amoung the black community at UK than I had seen anywhere else. There were some great Brothers and Sisters there. Not Borthers and Sisters because they were Black but because they really treated each other like a family.
    I also found many whites were not the corncob pipe smokeing, Hatfield-McCoys rednecks that many think. There were just like anyone else.

    Chester Grundy, Buzz Burnaham and Don Byars were the only black faculty and administrators I remember. Later one of my classmates Gerald Smith became a professor of history at UK. I’ve been back to UK a few times since I graduated (I was in the Army for 23 years traveling the world so I did get back much). UK is a much better place race wise than it was. If past, present or the current decision makers do things that are racists then focus your efforts towards some action that will affect them. When you stand back and throw rocks at the ivory tower they usually bounce off and hit the innocent bystanders. Like those that don’t share your intense feelings.
    Racism is everywhere in life and sometimes its not even racism, someone just may not like you or what you do. SO what, live your life, fight your battles when they come and keep moving on.

    I would like to hear from Chester before I fight a battle for him that he may not see as a battle. I wouldn’t take his name his excellent service to all of us who know him and the good he has done and create my own cause. He may not want to be your poster boy.

    • Orlando: A.K.A – Clueless In Orlando

      I’m in agreement with The Sandyman, you are one apathetic black man. If you’re not going be a part of the solution, get out of the way and go somewhere and sit down. You admit that you’ve only been back to UK a few times in the 32 years since you graduated so how do you know UK is better race wise then it was? There’s a recent white UK graduate that has a post on this site reporting that a UK student was involved in hanging an effigy of President Obama from a campus tree, like I said, you’re clueless. You have the audacity to tell Boyce if past, present or the current decision makers do things that are racists then focus your efforts towards some action that will affect them, what the h**l do you think he’s doing by fighting to get Mr. Grundy reinstated? The following are quotes from Mr. Grundy’s Lexington-Herald Leader interview:

      Grundy said UK is focusing now on a multicultural agenda that doesn’t have much accountability for past wrongs.

      “There’s a historical lack of relationship to African-American people in this state for the bulk of its existence, but that no longer has much traction in terms of seeing the need to make correctives,” Grundy said.

      Clueless in Orlando, You’re part of the problem, not part of the solution. Now I’ve got some advice for you, pull your head out of you’re a**

  66. Orlando:
    I’m a blonde hair, blue-eyed white guy from Arkansas who came to Kentucky 30 years ago to attend the Seminary. I come from a Quaker background and was taught by my parents and grandparents to stand up against racism. Kentucky is still very racist against blacks. About 5 years ago I lost my high-paying IT job because after 3 years of watching my hard-working black co-worker being terribly mistreated and discrimated against, I “ manned-up” and took a stand against the hate. As long as I remained silent, my white co-workers thought I was geatest thing since sliced bread, however, when I called them out on their hate, all of the sudden I was PUBLIC ENEMY #1.

    Although white racism is horrible and destructive to blacks. The greates threat to black liberation is BLACK APATHY! You accused Dr. Watkins of making Mr. Grundy his “poster boy.” Dr. Aja, a Brooklyn College professor and former UK student wrote an open letter to UK’s president protesting Mr. Grundy’s dismissal. Chris Ford, a black Lexington Councilman and former UK football player has asked UK’s president to reinstate Mr. Grundy. Do you really think Dr. Watkins, Dr. Aja and Chris Ford would have taken the actions they took without first talking with Mr. Grundy to find out what his feelings were on the matter of his dismissal? By jumping to that conclusion you insult all 3 of these men’s intelligance.

    Before publicly bashing Dr. Watkins, you should have been responsible and respectful enough to reach out to Mr. Grundy to see what his feelings were regarding the stance Dr. Watkins took on his behalf.
    You should thank God for Dr. Watkins because he has the backbone and willingness to take a stand for his people and let the chips fall where they may.

    In the 60s thousands of whites joined the civil rights movement because they hated racism and were willing to fightonce they saw blacks were willing to fight for themselves. There are thousands of whites today that hate racism and are ready and will join the fight once mass numbers of blacks stand up and fight for themselves.

    I pray that one day you will follow Dr. Watkins example and stand up for your own people. WAKE UP Orlando, racial injustices are still happening all around you Right Here in Kentucky! If I can man up as a white person and fight against black hate that’s the Least you can do –GET BUSY !

  67. Orlando:

    The reason you give for choosing to go to UK doesn’t make sense to me. You said you went to UK to challenge your family’s belief that
    UK was a racist, plantation. Why would a black kid whose own parents were victims of racial discrimination themselves go on a “crusade” to prove that the whites at UK were “good people”? Instead of having a mix of MLK and Malcolm X in you, you must of had and still have a mix of MLK and a very large helping of Uncle Tom in you!

  68. The Motown Sound!

    People, sign the petition! I attended two semesters at the Univ of Kentucky and this is a great loss for diversity!!

  69. I’m not surprised at the actions of UK or any of the other “farms” out there. My attitude is different because I do not seek to change white people or American society as a whole. SUPPORT YOUR OWN. Quit beating down the doors of majority universities and give money to and support your own HBUCs the schools are for you and about you and about you. The education in a lot of ways are better and the people actually care if ou succeed.
    Spelman and Meharry gave me experiences I will never forget. The good and the bad helped me grow and mature into the woman I needed to be.

  70. All Greetings. I was born in 1952 and since the age of 10 I have been fighting against racism. The field of education across this entire nation nation has an extremely poor record in educating students in World or U.S. History. How many of us know who invented 90% of every labor saving device. Who invented the traffic light. Who invented the filiament of a light bulb. What is the story of Black Wall Street. I come from a family of Doctorate, Masters and Bachelor canidates whose degrees never outweighed the reality that in this country they were and are seen as n*****s that may have a job or impressive position. Nathan Hale I beleive spoke profoundly the situation that we as African Americans find ourselves in. “We have found the enemy and he/she is us!! We have historically washed for other’s, picked cotton for others, disrespected each other for other’s. We call our women B—-es and accept money from other’s and in time of a man hood gut check stab our brothers in the back in service to other’s. Our heritage as African Americans void of a native language and crystal clear history should be a foundation for us to decide within ourselves that for our existance as a people the cry “WE” vice”I” must ring throughout land. Mr. Obamma did not get elected because he was ignorant or insensitive. Every time GOD who ordains authority gives us a new tip of the spear we tend to forget how hard it is to utilize a systems planned and promoted to kill us to help us. The agenda must be clear. Until we can support the one who is in a position to help the many we will all loose because of what we think and not what we know. Fighting Racism require a systematic approach. Has anyone beside me read “The spook that sat by the Door. It must be about our males, women and children.

  71. I’ve lived in Kentucky for 4 yrs,and i can tell u this,it is one of the most racist place i’ve been,uk university has something like 35,000 students,only 5,000 are black so that should tell u something about that school,I don’t know how they get the Player’s to come and play there ,it baful’s me very much,the city of louisville is totally run by the kkk,so is Lexington,good old boy’s,Calipari has got to see this s**t that’s going on on campus!!

  72. While i do agree with much of what has been written, as a professor of several UK basketball players over the years, i wonder where the implication that they have a “5th grade reading level” comes from. With as much as Mr. Grundy has done for UK, Lexington and Kentucky, I think the point could have been made without tagging our black athletes as dumb – they are not. Firing Mr. Grundy was a huge mistake.

  73. Sue: Dr. Watkins said “Grundy would be better off if he were 6’9″, 250 pounds, with a fifth-grade reading level.” My interpretation of this statement is he’s expressing his belief that the University administration has an easier time dealing with smiling, shuffling, uncle Tom blacks than they do an intelligent, committed and passionate man like Mr. Grundy who will stand his ground on behalf of UK’s students.

    I also agree with Watkins when he said “The University of Kentucky basketball program is always happy to recruit fresh negroes each year, some of whom leave campus without ever learning how to read or write at a 9th grade level.” This is a problem that’s not unique to UK but is widespread throughout collegiate sports. Coaches are so concerned with winning that they neglect the academic development of many of these athletes who are in need of remedial educational services to bring them up to the appropriate grade level. No one gives any thought to their lives after they can no longer play sports.

    But your point is well taken, he attacked and criticized members of the basketball team who didn’t stand up for his cause. It’s sad that Watkins can’t see that they were victims too. Young men out on their own for the first time who were trying to do what they needed to do to survive in order to improve their lives and those of their families. I think they were too young and naive to yet be considered sell-outs.

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  76. I worked for the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center fo 12 years and graduated from UK. I don’t know what it’s like to be black and got to school at UK but I’ll share my story as a white person. I came to campus with $300 dollars in my pocket and struggled the entire time I was in school. I worked at Hardee’s and bagged groceries so I was never in a fraternity or was ever involved with any of these social events most of you say blacks are excluded and segregated from. Paying my rent, tuition and having enough food to eat were my main priorities. I didn’t concern myself with the color of the skin of the student sitting next to me as I was more concerned with being able to barely hear the the professor that seemed to be a football field away from me in classes that sometimes had over 100 students in them. I never talked to any of my professors and I’m sure most of them didn’t know my name much less the color of my skin. Being that I was a poor hillbilly from a coal mining region in SE KY I guess I should have ask where the h**l the Appalachian cultural center was so I could have received some help but the only thing I received was a syllabus for each class. I worked all day and studied all night. Maybe the more affluent white kids had an easier path and if they did good for them but my experience was a matter of survival and I could care less what opportunities others had opposed to the opportunities I did not have.

    So what’s my point? I don’t comprehend what folks are talking about when they say the cards are stacked against them. Did the Asian and black kids receive a different syllabus than I did? Absolutely not! Did they receive less of an education in high school? My high school was ranked last in education in the state and I graduated 60th out of 120! Also, did it matter who sat next to who in class? Of course not, I was trying to digest all the information be thrown at us during the lecture and could have cared less if the two Asian kids were grouped together or that 3 three black kids all sit together or the 5 rich fraternity brothers all sat side by side! Nobody knew one anoher and last time I checked I was there to get a degree not make friends! I didn’t exchange pleasantries with the other 99 kids or make dinner dates with them, I had to work at Hardee’s every night from 5p to 11p cause the rents due at the first of the month folks! Where was my magical diversified college experience! Where was my cultural center? Where was my help? The answer….me! It was my job to get up, go to class and pass the tests! We all sit in the same class, we all got the same syllabus and we all took the same test! The only magical diversified experience I had was different college courses and low income fast food jobs so cry me a river people!!!!!!!!!!!

    On to my experience working at UK hospital. I enjoyed working with many different ethnicities from all over the globe and I also learned that people are wonderful regardless of their s****l orientation as I had zero experience dealing with anyone who was gay prior to my experience at the medical center. I worked with a neurosurgeon that was one of better folks I had the pleasure to work with at UK and her being black never entered in to my mind. I didn’t think of her as a black doctor but a great doctor. However, I did work with one coworker who applied for literally every job that was listed in our department. He received most of them but when he didn’t he complained that it was because of the color of his skin. I couldn’t stand him and he raised h**l the entire time I worked with him. He blamed everything that didn’t go his way on everyone else being racist which could not have been further from the truth!

    So in summary, reading this article made me sick to my stomach and I consider the whole thing to be nothing more than garbage!

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