Watch Creflo Dollar Speak to His Congregation about His Arrest

We know that Pastor Creflo Dollar was arrested for allegedly assaulting his daughter in their house. ┬áThe incident took the nation by storm and Pastor Dollar has vehemently denied that he ever hit his child. ┬áPastor Dollar’s congregation has stood by him through the entire ordeal, and he received a standing ovation when he appeared in his church to discuss what happened.

You can see for yourself what Pastor Dollar has to say about the incident in the video below:


40 Responses to Watch Creflo Dollar Speak to His Congregation about His Arrest

  1. Good for you. You and your family go on serving the Lord and He shall bring you through with bells and whistles.

    Be Blessed!

    • More like lying to the Lord, than serving the lord. Whatever is done or even believed in the dark will be brought into the light. He only said one thing that was true and that is that his children are destined for great things. Courageous people with a deep sense of their own self worth are capable of doing such things. Apparently his daughter was one of them, because she was intelligent enough to WAKE UP and NOT ALLOW His inappropriate discipline measures to happen for a third time against her. So she called the police and they arrested the REAL DEVIL. Thank God!! Get you some help Creflo.

    • maybe his daughter was being disrespectful, the bible sis children must be disciplined. Now if it is broken bones and black eyes that’s different?

      • Avi, MAYBE you dont read the police report and prefer to engage making suppositions, assumptions and misinformation because its too uncomfortable to face the TRUTH.

  2. Amen continue being the head of your household,man has No authority over the people of God.

    • Amen! and may you continue to be delusional and ignorant to Pastor dollar lying to the people…. Thelma Lawson.

  3. Daniel and the Hebrew boys didn’t bow or eat the Kings meat. They were not fighting w/ their child, and their child didn’t call the police.

    Creflo you talked against people who can’t afford to pay tithes, you would like to shoot them dead.

    • where did you hear this and when! i have heard him speak many times however and let me make it perfectly clear he is not my Pastor. The Church itself is under attack because God has strenghtened his people for this very hour. Bishop Long in spite of his struggles is still a man called by God. I wasn’t there. No judgement on either of these men from my positon. However if you are a born again believer filled with The Holy Spirit then you recognize exactly what is going on and you know the exact positon to take. Silence to the retoric and on my knees with Prayer and Fasting my Faith in God lets my heart know God will get ALL THE GLORy. Thank you Lord your blood covered all our sins. And your Love isn’t based n what we do for you but whar you did for us.

      • Think before you speak

        @ Thelma. I grew up in church and now that I have seen more than one side of perceived reality I know better than to believe what everyone says. Whether they confess to be saved, called, announced it not. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Whether or not a grown man is the head of his household has little to do with the ” church under attack ” diagnosis. There is a need for legal structure to encourage rather than hinder a strong household. If a man allows his child to raise theirself they will only live to regret it when they realize the world will not allow the same. I don’t condone child abuse nor “good church folk” oblivious delusions of reality.

        • Think before you speak

          Omg. Did you just compare a known manipulative, power hungry, homosexual, s****l predator to a grown man trying to maintain a household? This is the delusional mediocrity that turns people away. And I’m sorry that you can’t realize that someone claiming to be put in a position by GOD does not make it so. There are things he simoly allows to happen for whatever the ultimate reason may be.

          • AND DID YOU JUST COMPARE a cowardly, irrational, egotistical, abusive parent to a grown man trying to maintain his household? Sounds like you in the same boat as and need to follow the advice of your own screen name THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. Regardless of what happens, they happen because man sets it in motion through his sound and unsound choices. THIS MAN IS SO GUILTY and thus dishonest. CHURCH PEOPLE ARE A f*****g MESS… quickly become so deeply delusional that they are becoming puppets of laughter.

          • Ok Think before you speak, “Think before you speak”. Who are you/we to say who is called by God & who is not? Since you grew up in the church, perhaps you’ve heard the stories of David, God’s anointed & a man after God’s heart. Or, perhaps you were paying attention in Sunday school when the story was told of Moses the murderer. Let’s see, oh yeah, Peter, the rock denied Jesus three times. If not, please read the Bible & pray for understand @ the same time. Be Blessed!!!!


        I respect you for standing on what you believe in, as I hope that respect is reciprocal. I beleive Preacher Dollar deserves everything he can get from his faithful followers. He is running a executeing a perfect scam in the name of God.

        Hear him say he wants to shoot the people that don’t pay him his tithes. visiting youtub or place the link above in your browser.

        • To Satchel and Child Please…
          Amen to every word you 2 have spoken in this blog. The 911 call, and voices in the background will tell it all.
          If that situation in the Dollar home was not a bad scene the police would not have been called in the first place. Something is a-miss and the real truth will prevail. Creflo didn’t preach about one d**n thing in that so called sermon… he only covered his a*s. Nobody ever said that creep didn’t love his kids.
          We are charging after his actions towards his daughter, and the police report tells it all.
          Telling his congregation that everything is fine in the Dollar household after such an aultercation that has gone forth is an out and out lie / cover-up…
          SO he may or may not have choked or punched his daughter, that remains to be seen, but something devastating with down in that home in order for police to be called to his home, and I believe its not the first time it has happened.
          ***I lost all respect for this man when he stated that (all none-tith payers need to be shot to death.
          ***I lost all respect for this man when he told members of Eddie Longs congregation that they could not come to his church, go back to their own church along with their children and continue sitting under their pedafil pastor, Ooh! he only had a bad car wreck!
          First off Jigga Dollar don’t own peoples or their souls… and he’s got a lotta d**n nerve speaking death over God’s people behind the root of all evil (MONEY)… He a fricken saddis…

  4. When did he make this statement about people and tithes? I have heard it mentioned many times, but only as a form of gossip. The church is under attack and so is the family.

    However; we don’t know what goes on in any home, so, I pray this is not true.

  5. This is the bottom line of this story. Relationships (family, husbands and wives, couples, children) all require quality time and commitment. Your family suffers when you don’t have the time. There are only so many hours in a day and when you are trying to keep one megachurch running in Atlanta and maintain/work on raising millions of dollars to build a second church in New York City…somethings and somebodies are going to be neglected. We weren’t there and we don’t know what happened; but I know this…quality time with children is critical and his daughter is a PK (Preacher’s Kid). Issues like these tell a story without knowing all the facts…that household is in trouble and Pastor had best get his priorities in order because “God is tryin’ to tell him something.” Pray for him and his family. Peace, blessings, and love!

  6. His side makes sense. And yet it would suck if he’s just using scripture to cover himself up. In my experience, pastors children are somehow the worst. I don’t know why that is, but it’s maybe because they feel pressured and jailed and prevented from being themselves. Still, I wasn’t in the room when this incident happened with his daughter so let God be the judge. Nobody is perfect, and if Dollar made a mistake he should have manned up and admitted it. And maybe his daughter was just being rebellious and disrespectful, I don’t know. But there’s no way I’ll ever know unless we hear his daughters side, which I don’t think is going to happen any time soon.


      His side only makes sense, when one considers that he potentially has alot at stake, thus LYING WHICH HE IS DOING, appeases what the people who give 69million a year want to hear. That congregation does not want to hear that he has some unresolved personal issues that he took out upon his daughter in an inappropriate manner. They want him to stay exalted and strong on what they believe is the “word of God”. PK’s children really are not the worst, its just that most people EXALT the minister so much that they unfairly expect and exalt the family and children as well. The PK’ kids are just like most and many kids. Many of them going through their teens are probally privy to the unseen contradictions that their Ministerial parents struggle with that the general congregation either does not see or refuses to see. DAN, your also right that no one is perfect, but we are still obligated to remain CONSCIOUS to the best of our ability and our evolving and transformation and maturity is dependent upon our being able to tell the TRUTH and BE HONEST we fall short. CREFLO, for those not blinded by delusional faith, is being dishonest. His spiraling downward may now be set in motion if he does not get his s**t together within himself and next within his household.

      • Amen family member… Please stand firm and trust God to the end, and the real truth will prevail. I am also a PK, and it is not fair or true to say that we are the worst children.
        We are as human and as normal as anybody else. We don’t put ourselves on a pedistal, our parents do that to us unfairly for the sake of their own weaknesses and illusions to be crowd pleasers… I know what you guys are going thru because I lived it. It is the most miserable life any child could suffer thru, because it is the ugly head of religion / aka: satanic Occult behavior / folks who worship God with their fleshly understanding… Blind leading the blind…

  7. Greetings Brother Creflo & Taffi Dollar and Family,

    Praying all is well. All is well! May God bless you all and your congregation. Creflo Dollar Ministries has been a great blessing to my family and I for year’s as this is not uncommon to man for nothing is new under the sun.

    Stand strong in your most Holy Faith! Yes, keep fighting the good fight of faith in these evil days. The blessings is on you all!

    I’m a witness for I too just experienced a (Psalms 35:11) situation on my job. Nevertheless, even though powerful people plot against me, I will still live by your WORD, LORD! (Psalms 119:23) The word of God is our MAIN-LINE!

    SOUNDS OF VICTORY: By Faith I cover you all in the blood of Christ Jesus, the word of God, and stand in Prayer Agreement as it is written in (Matthew 18:19).

    It’s just a test of our FAITH so I stand in Faith with you all according to; But no weapon that can hurt you has ever been forged. Any accuser who takes you to court will be dismissed as a liar. This is what God’s servants can expect. I’ll see to it that everything works out for the best.” God’s Decree. (Isaiah 54:17) In Jesus name Amen!

    Many Kingdom Blessings,
    Pastor Devri Pratt, Ed.S.
    A Well To Do Woman Ministries

  8. Creflo dollar’s response is COWARDLY, evasive, misleading and DISHONEST. Anyone in that congregation standing to give him an OVATION is delusional, in deep denial and misinformed. Clearly these people have not read nor taken into account the comments from the 911 call as well as what is written by himself, Lauren (15year old daughter) and his 19 year old daughter; as well as law enforcement on the scene. To believe him totally, is to also make BOTH OF HIS DAUGHTERS as well as the law enforcement stated and written accounts LIARS. Come on People, read the facts, read between the lines and use your critical thinking skills. WHY WOULD BOTH HIS CHILDREN LIE AGAINST HIM?– umm, a man of God. If there is a Devil conspiring against him, that devil was repremanded, arrested and charged with domestic- assault and abuse.


    This post further confirms how religion can clearly make people delusional, insensitive and misinformed (ignorant) in recognizing child abuse or general assault- a shady pastor. This man is in blatant denial and attempting to avoid taking responsibility for his inappropriate discipline measures against his daughter by exploiting the delusional naivete and unquestioned adoration coming from his congregation. When you elevate someone like this to such a level with titles of “Man of God”, suggesting he is so superior that he could not possibly have any human flaws or weaknesses, it becomes deeply uncomfortable and difficult for the MAN OF GOD to be human by admiting his mistake or inappropriate actions. Therefore, the congregation plays a part in the underlying anxiety, dishonesty and inappropriate actions coming from this minister. Its like the blind giving their permission to be lead by either someone blind or partially blind. Its obvious that his congregation has difficulty reconciling the facts of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. It would devastate and call into question their faith as well as their judge of character and undying need to believe in and live their religious fantasies through this man and his family. Yet still, Pastor Dollar’s and his congregation’s sanity, sense of judgment, honesty and integrity are clearly called into into question. He recognizes on some level by saying “HE WOULD NEVER PUT FAULT ON HIS CHILDREN” to his congregation, that most people believing him would still fault his daughter as being an manipulative, wayward, lying and disorderly teen who got mad and got revenge against her Dad. This is his conscience attempting to heal the situation. I wonder how many of these followers REALLY read the police report in its entirety and RECONCILED its facts with the following questions: 1)Why would both his daughters LIE and give confirmed and supporting eye witness accounts that indicate simple assault? Even when the 19 year old attempted to change her story into what Creflo said to the cops while she was outside with her parents, when confronted by the police on her incongruent accounts, she admitted she was afraid her Dad would be arrested so she returned and wrote an account in alignment to what she initially said when they arrived on the scene. 2)Is Choking your daughter for 5 seconds, then slapping, hitting and throwing what is d**n near a woman to the ground and beat her with your shoe DICIPLINE found in the word of God? Even if both those girls were lying (which I doubt), then 3) what does that say about not only their character, but that of the MAN OF GOD parent who carries his nature and who helps raise them– since the “apple dont fall far from the tree” and you can “tell the nature of the tree by the fruit it bears”? Its also clear that he still has some MATURING in his parenting and discipline skills; not to mention how to TRULY take responsibility and demonstrate HONESTY in some tough times of facing their own human weakness. Creflo is being very COWARDLY and further abusive in a psychological sense to his daughter by not being honest about what he REALLY DID. Is he aware of the potential long term impact him remaining attempting to circumvent the truth with self serving ill use of antiquated scriptures and blaming it on the DEVIL will have upon his daughter? Will she grown up to carry a suppresed resentment that her sense of self worth, word/opinion and plight to protect herself is SECONDARY to that of not only her father but MEN in general? The silver lining in this event is that it is a call for CHURCH FOLKS as well as some BLACK PEOPLE to WAKE THEIR a*s UP on many levels: religion, discipling of children, exalting mega church ministers and using some common sense and critical thinking skills that will ultimately help you see WOLVES in SHEEP CLOTHING.

    • CreoleBayouWoman

      Yo, You’ve given a profound analysis, and I happen to completely agree. It’s actually sad that a large number of Black churches are in the business of manipulating and stealing from the community – and, in particular, from single Black women/mothers.

  10. PEOPLE remember that if you can not FIT THE FACTS OF WHAT HAS BEEN REPORTED BY his 15y old daughter and 19 year old daughter, then you can not ACQUIT. THE MAN IS GUIILTY and CHURCH PEOPLE ARE FOOLISH. There is some serious issues going on in this family— under the surface. This man is most likely emotionally abusive to Tafi as well as this 15 y old. The 15y old said its not only the first time. WAKE UP… no one goes that extent to call the police on their dad on a party that happened days earlier that there dad did not allow them to attend. These church people are normalizing this child abuse through church doctrines and need to exalt a bad man. He need to have his a*s beat.

    • Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!…
      Keep preaching Mr AL Johnson… COGIC religion is the worst of them all…

  11. What is Taffi saying ’bout this?

    • I thought the same thing. Where is the mother in all of this?
      I attended a couple of Creflo’s “events/church services” since moving to NYC. Since he doesn’t have a church building in New York City yet, he has his services at places like the Manhattan Center, the Sheraton, and the Hilton…all in Manhattan. When I found out from the friend that invited me that he flies into New York in his private plane and was asking for $70 to 80 million dollars to help him either build or buy a space in New York to call his church, I thought then…what kind of mess is this.
      Everything happens for a reason and a purpose…and there are no coincidences. If you’re not doing what you are suppose to be doing, the covers will surely be pulled off to reveal what is real. I don’t know what kind of man Creflo Dollar really is…but I do know that before long…within a specified season, for a divine reason, all will be known and shown! I’m sure supporting Bishop Eddie Long didn’t help either. Wrong is just wrong!

  12. If Pastor did whoop that behind and caught resistance from the initial displinary action. It is quite possible, he lost it. But why should he indict himself in a possible criminal matter. Now if it happens again, he needs to allow the streets to displine her.Which they will, for all misbehaving teens in the black community.But whooping the childrens behind; would change somethings in the black community.And by the way, Men do displine children, but in many households displine is a dirty word.

  13. i don’t know what really happened and haven’t read the police report, or heard the 911 call yet. i am a mother of 3 girls ages 14, 19, and 21. i strongly believe in discipline. you may not believe this and it’s ok but, my daughters as small children never gave me too much trouble. they have always been good in school. you know how some kids you have to keep running up to the schools, or calling the police because they keep running away, bailing them out of jail, etc. everyone i spoke to when my children were born kept saying to me “Girls are the hardest to raise”! WELL I SAY “THE DEVIL IS A LIAR”! even in their teenage years they have always been nice conservative kids. i haven’t experience any of those things thank God. and yes i am a born again believer, and i find that talking to my girls did them a lot of good and using bible to teach them right from wrong. telling them to never disrespect me, what will happen if they ran away how the streets would get them,and how God is not pleased with unruly children. i started telling them things when they we
    were young. no, my girls weren’t raised in the church or with their father. they were raised by me and God and today my 21yr old is going into her 4th yr of college and works very hard, my 19yr old is going into her 2nd yr of college, my 14yr old is going into high school 9th grade. i’m not saying it was a piece of cake but, if you are a praying parent like i am, God will have your back and tell you what to do when trouble arrives. i’ve heard a lot of stories about pastors, how the abuse their children and wives. i’ve seen a pastor abuse a 14mo old in church. i was violated by a pastor who was supposed to be my godfather. i was grown up in the church. my dad never used to go. but now he and my mom attend church regularly. i also have 3 brothers, who were brought up in the church. 2 went their own way, still prays and are saved. my baby brother goes (he’s 22yrs)to the church my parents belong to. in my opinion, people really need to wake up and realize what’s really going on in these churches, and this world. going to church doesn’t mean your saved and going to heaven, and having the church help raise your children is not a good idea! i’m nor bragging or anything but, if you look at some of the children brought up in the church and ones brought up on the holy scriptures, there’s a “BIG” difference in them!

  14. It is unfortunate to see the level of lowness and hatred hurled at the Reverend Creflo Dollar by the writers in this forum. It is no accident why the USA is dysfunctional because adults are dishonest with their children and create no leadership. Most of you should not be parents because you let your children raise and dictate to you.

    The insults imposed on the Pastor by most of you are irrational and irresponsible. Every parent have the right to discipline their children, not the law. Every child should experience a lesson when they are responsible for their parent’s removal from the home because of a 911 call when some form of sanction is being applied.

    I detest the vile adjectives hurled by all self-righteous souls in the forum. You should feel empty for your silly reactions.

  15. A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED! I’m sure Creflo ‘dollar, dollar bill ya’ll’ appreciates your contributions.

  16. I find it ironic that whenever anybody posts something positive about Pastor Dollar, somebody else replies with something negative. They do it with such fervor and zeal as if they were there. It seems less about knowing the truth and more about tearing down a man of God. It’s sad. Satan has puppets everywhere :( The scripture he read in the video was spot on. They persecute him and don’t even know him. No benefit of the doubt, just pick up a stone and start throwing. Let us pray & lift each other up. I guarantee God will be pleased.

  17. “He(Jesus)then addressed this parable to those who were convinced of their own righteousness and despised everyone else. ‘Two people went up to the temple area to pray; one was a Pharisee and the other was a tax collector. The Pharisee took up his position and spoke this prayer to himself, “O God, I thank you that I am not like the rest of humanity- greedy, dishonest, adulterous-or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week, and I pay tithes on my whole income.” But the tax collector stood off at a distance and would not even raise his eyes to heaven but beat his chest and prayed, “O God, be merciful to me a sinner.” I tell you, the latter went home justified, not the former; for everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Luke 18:9-14) When I watch the above clip, and also footage of Bishop Long before his congregation, these men have an air of self-righteousness about them. A sense of ‘I must win’, at all costs… It is not a sign of defeat to stand before your congregation, and before your God and say – I am sorry that my daughter was made to suffer at my hands. I ask her forgiveness and the Lord’s. And then go forward, growing into your fatherhood, growing into your pastor-ship,continuously learning with humility and love.

  18. How can one man brainwash so many people? Take a step back and look at what he has done for people “nothing”. Give your money to places like Africa, Haiti,hungry children etc. This man more money than he will ever use. Stop using people.

  19. AfroCentricLovePower

    I would have rather see what he had to say was not read from a script…

  20. Stephanie Jan Aguillard

    Be Blessed everyone…Creflo Dollar is a man first, he is a son, a husband, a father…who else is going to tell their fifteen year old child they can’t go out …He has a right, an obligation, to raise his children with any rules he chooses…Ask yourselves this, even if he did physically reprimanded his child, Geroge Zimmerman killed a child in the streets was told by the police to leave him alone, and was never arrested until 40 days later…Be Blessed

  21. We as black people at some point and time got whopped, punched, slapped hit with objects from our parents, we dealt with it and dared not call 911, are we better off for it?? It all depends on how we end up.
    I am in no way condoning abuse but kids who were whopped(not abused)back in the day are for the most part better that these disrespectful ones today….just saying.

  22. I think we all need to take a breather, sit back and let the legal process takes it course. the honest truth is that no one is sure of what happened in that home. The father said one thing, which may be a lie. The daughter said another thing; she too may be lying.
    One thing I do believe is that the Pastor needs to spend more time with his family and his daughters most especially.

    We as black people, time without number, have heard of how police reports and news media have reported falsehoods against black men.
    Is there not a possibility that this is the case hear?

    What we need to do is pray for the truth to unfold. And once it shows up, for the family to learn from it and heal.

  23. The problem with most people is they see the speck in someone else’s eyes yet not the log in theirs. Pastor Dollar is responsible for his family, which includes his 15 or 16 year old daughter. And I say this, if it were my teenage child trying to go to a party after midnight, then under these current circumstancesI would have said, “Pastor Dollar, slide over – you can’t hog the back seat of this cruiser”. And that’s our problemm. We don’t discipline like we are supposed to and allow the law to dictate when we follow scripture and when we don’t. Well, choose you this day whom you will serve. Will it be the law? As for me and my house, we serve GOD!

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