NAACP National Board Member Resigns Over Gay Marriage Issue

A prominent member of the Iowa/Nebraska branch of the NAACP has resigned as branch president and national board member over the organization’s decision to endorse gay marriage.  The Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr. of the Maple Street Missionary Baptist Church in Des Moines says that he is leaving because he feels that the national organization did not respect the wishes of its membership by supporting President Obama on the issue.

“I want to thank the NAACP for the privilege to humbly serve in such an organization and thank all those I had the privilege to work with in the states of Iowa, Nebraska and throughout the country,” Ratliff said in the statement.

Ratliff has spoken out against gay marriage in the past, and even sought out an amendment to the Iowa Constitution on the issue.  The amendment would define marriage as being between one  man and one woman.

Ratliff claims that there is a biblical reason for his opposition:

“This isn’t a private interpretation, a Burger King religion, and by that I mean a ‘have it your way’ religion.”

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  1. That is how a ture Christian stands on the word of GOD. That is how a real man stands for the word and doesn’t have to make excuses for his decision.

    • I bet rev.Keith Ratliff is also GAY..

      • Not every minister or every person who is against gay, lesbians marriages are gay themselves. If you are a true believer and a true child of God then you would know how he feels and why he made his decision. Read Leviticus 18:22 in the Old Testament English Standard Bible ‘You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.
        Also read Leviticus 20:13 English Standard Version Bible
        Romans 1:27 New Testament:Likewise, their men have given up natural s****l relations with women and burn with l**t for each other. Men commit indecent acts with men, so they experience among themselves the punishment they deserve for their perversion.

        Also read the Old Testament book of Genesis 19:4-7 where God destroyed two cities called Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. This is where the word sodomy comes fron in the law books. The preacher has words to stand on.

        • Wow…Great Word of Understanding.We can not pick and choose what portion of the Word of God we are going to live by. We have all been out of order one time or another but it’s time to get back the the order of God. There is nothing that’s going on now that God hasn’t already addressed in His Word. We just need to seek the answers in The Word of God and not look for men to give it to us.

        • The bible also says .stone a woman to death if she is not a virgin at marrage, it didn’t say stone a man.

        • Hope none of you eat shellfish, pork, wear clothes of 2 different fabrics or work on Sundays: those are also abominations, according to the Bible.

          • This is where you need to get a divine revelation from God in order to divide the Word rightly (or correctly).

            We are no longer required to sacrifice bulls and rams outdoors today like it was done in the Old Testament, because Jesus came to this earth to be the ultimate sacrifice (the Lamb of God) to cleanse mankind of their sins with His shed blood.

            As redeemed children of God, we are under a New Covenant (The New Testament), which testifies that God will avenge all unrighteousness. Read Romans 1:17-32.

        • Ok so being gay or lesbian is a sin. People in this world need to STOP choosing which sins they want to condem a person for. God is the only one that has the right to judge. We all have our opinions, but this pastor knows gay and lesbianism are not the only sins in the bible and that one is no greater than the other in God’s eyes. I bet he knows and has prayed for many women that had a child out of wedlock and the men that impregnated these women. And many people like this are likely members of the NAACP. It’s all sin and he didn’t resign.

        • Yea, just like lot’s wife turned inti a pillar of salt.What a bunch of c**p…

      • i was thinking the same thing. lol

    • Enough said

    • Good for him. It is a disgrace that our President was forced into making a statement on an issue which is a personal matter. This has nothing to do with politics, no person should be forced to go against their beliefs.

      Why should every person or group have to support homosexuality…this is not freedom.

      • Marriage is one man and one woman as long as the s*x is good! then it’s between one man and the NEXT woman,…f*****g hypocrites!!!

      • People don’t chose to become homosexual, they are born homosexual. I didn’t chose to be Black, I was born Black. I don’t expect you to support my Blackness, I do expect you to support my human rights. It’s about human rights, not about homosexuality.

        • It is not the same thing. You are mixing apples and coconuts.

          Please get your mind renewed in the Word of God, and as you read the ENTIRE Bible (from Genesis to Revelation), boldly ask God to open up your understanding. The key verses that shed more light on the matter for me was when I meditated over ROMANS 1:17-32, which was penned by the Apostle Paul.

          People are not born as homosexuals — They choose to be following unrestrained carnal lusts. And, while ‘Homosexuality’ is certainly not the “ONLY sin” that God will judge, let’s not use that as a pretext to continue living in sin.

          I thank God that Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr. had the backbone to OPPOSE the movement of “Marrige Equality for ALL,” even if it required sacrificing his position with the NAACP.

          Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr. is NOT the first Believer to be persecuted for standing up for God’s righteousness, and he certainly will NOT be the last.

          In the Bible, many (such as the New Testament Apostles) were slain, beaten, thrown in jail, ostricized by their families and their society, and even crucified upside down (like Paul), for teaching and preaching the Word of God to multitudes and for defending the Word of God. Jesus Christ was crucified for the same cause!!!

          There is a COST for this CHRISTIAN RACE — and you’re either in it, or, you’re out. You can’t sit on the fence, or, silently acquiesce or CONFORM to “the ways of the world” in attempting to revamp the divine structure of marriage between a male and a female. God will surely spew you out!!!!! THERE IS A GOD WHO IS WATCHING ALL THE INJUSTICES AND HE WILL, IN DUE TIME, AVENGE HIS CAUSE. Make sure that you are standing WITH His cause, and not against it.

          I close with these statements made by Jesus Christ found in the Bible — in Matthew 5:10-13: “BLESSED are THEY which are PERSECUTED for RIGHTEOUSNESS sake: for THEIRS is the KINGDOM of heaven. BLESSED are ye, WHEN men shall REVILE you, and PERSECUTE you, and shall say ALL MANNER OF EVIL AGAINST YOU FALSELY, for MY SAKE. REJOICE!!!!!!!!!, and be EXCEEDINGLY GLAD; for GREAT is your REWARD IN HEAVEN: for so PERSECUTED they the prophets which were BEFORE you. Ye ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH, BUT if the salt have LOST his savour, wherewith shall it be salted?????? is is thenceforth GOOD FOR NOTHING, but TO BE CAST OUT, and TRODDEN UNDER FOOT OF MEN.”

          May God continue to strenghten Rev. Keith Ratliff, Sr to be “‘salt’ of the earth.”

          Walking in love. — Gianna (posted June 16, 2012).

          – Love, Gianna (posted June 16, 2012).

      • Elizabeth, you forget the President’s words. He said “he had made a decision that gay couples have the right to receive the same benefits that hetrosexuals couples receive.” What is wrong with that? I want to ask all of you here on this board What does it hurt you that gay people be able to marry? It sure does not hurt my hetrosexual relationship. GOD only knows what is in each person’s heart, so don’t play GOD!

    • You are absolutely right Robert.These put their hand on the bible and swear to uphold the laws of god and country.However the very policies
      of this country so hypocritical, they really are.I wish everyone
      would wake up about these politicians,including our president who is a
      multi-millionaire and a member of the Bilderberg group. They are not interested in what you or i think.World domination is what they want.At this moment our president is residing over the over throw of
      several governments and starting a war in Pakistan.Take another look.

    • Finally someone who won’t compromise. And actually I didn’t know the NAACP endorsed gay marriage. Money speaks I guess, still I’m glad this Pastor took a stand.

  2. I too am resigning as 1st VP of the Albany NY Branch, based on the position the NAACP has taken on the issue of Gay Marriage.

  3. Who cares about gay marriage. If you don’t like it then don’t get gay married. I think as blacks we have other things to be any over like crime, low graduation rates and early death from illness. Seriously people. WOW

    • we do have other issues that are important as you mentioned. but i believe this is also a subtle trick of the devil. He wants us to ‘overlook’ this gay marriage issue, next thing you know we’re waking up with laws allowing legal marriage, something that God emphatically states is an abomination.

      • I have a 25yr old; what kind of world will it be for 25yr olds in 30yrs??? Of course there are lots of other really important concerns…and this is one of them; it would be a shame if this nation became the 2nd Sodom & Gomorrah..Genesis 18-19….

      • There are many abominations in the Bible. So why is the focus on just one?? It’s not man’s choose or judge, it’s God’s.

    • Julian, it is our separation from God and morals that is causing black people not to succeed. We have lost our Godly blessings. It is time for us to clean up our moral act before we become the lost race in America.

      • Elizabeth, Thanks for your comment as it relates to this gay marriage. You said the profound words: “It is time for us to clean up our moral act before we become the lost race in America.” We are almost lost: Black boys are not finishing high school. Infact, if a Black man graduates from college, there is a possibility this Black man is not from America. He is from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and/or the Carribean…..

      • Elizabeth,
        God may say it’s an abomination, but the entire U.S. is not ruled by God. It is your right to believe in him, and it’s another not to. So therefore, there must be rules in place that respect both beliefs. The rights of people are the rights of people. Don’t have to agree, but your religion is not the rule.

        • This nation is in a covenant relationship with The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. When Israel prophesied to his sons and grandsons via Joseph The United States of America was identified in prophesy as the half tribe of Joseph that would become a great nation. Read what God said He would do if we did not obey Him in this covenant relationship which is an everlasting covenant throughout all of our generations. He destroyed the planet once because of men doing what they d**n well pleased. If you legislate sin then you earn the rewards of working with it. Before God we are created beings. The only ones who have rights are those who live righteously.Whole nations have gone into slavery with their rights when their rights opposed God’s Law.

          • Interesting. Our Constitution doesn’t mention any of the above names, nor does the Declaration of Independence. But whoever did found this nation seemed more interested in religious freedom, as opposed to what you’re saying.

          • Yes Samdromeda, it’s always comes down to the god thing. After reading all these post from christians, I can’t help but to just shake my head in incredulousness. Selective scriptural applications, ignorance of biology and a discriminated against people, endorsing discrimination of others. And all of it coming from the bowels of a book who’s messengers committed some of the most horrific acts of genocide, rape, land conquering, infanticide, torture, slavery, colonialism, lynchings etc, known to mankind. The part that really gets me about my people, (Black people), is that knowing all that I just described, you still don’t question the messenger. The messengers have committed all these documented atrocities but they would never be so vile as to lie in a book presumedly presented as the word of a god. You people are so gotten, that you have no idea of how gotten you’ve been got. Samdromeda, this god figure fantasy god destroyed the world because of pervasions of men in a small area of the world. All the people and babies of distant lands were just killed. So god ordered Noah to take one s*x of each species of animal onto the ark, from around the world. How did the non swimming animals get there? How did Noah and his sons gather all of the specialized food items for the different species. The highest recorded rain fall to date, around 15″ in one day. In order for the rains to cover the highest mountain peak, (“Mt Everest 29,028′) plus an additional depth of 15 cubits, roughly 18″ the water would have been 29198′. That meant it would’ve had to rain over 700′ per day. That’s 5 miles up, to put it in context, this is the altitude that passenger jets fly at. Then in 150 days by some accounts, the water receeds and the ark comes to a landing on Mt Ararat. The gang plank goes down and all of the animals miraculously find their way back to their respective geographic regions around the world. For some over-site error, god missed a few hundred thousand sea creatures and several million insect species when he was killing everything. Don’t even ask me why he hid all of those dinosaur bones and fossils under the dirt at various depths. That book, your bible is the greatest collection of fables, fairy tales and outright lies, that has ever been produced. How the decendants of African slaves could ever be so wholly vested and duped in it, is absolutely mind blowing. Until we embrace reason and rationality, we’re f****d as a people. We’ve been praying to Jesus and allah after the force conversions and we still are at the top of every negative poll, in regards to our mortal being. In two hundred years we’ll still be praying, do you really think things will be better for the vast majority of us. I’m going to close with this statement, if god exist, he’s really shown throughout history, that he doesn’t like Black people. Grow the f**k up and take on the brain of an adult.

      • Grow up Elizabeth. we’ve been in this country (400)years,what’s god waiting for.

  4. @Robert, God is pleased and that is all that matter. Stand up for God and the true Word of God. God puts his Word before his name, that’s how powerful his Word is. Thank you Jesus for allowing him his position and him honoring your name, may he continue to be strong in your precious name, Amen.

  5. If you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for everything! @ Robert, Leroy and Fedisha, I agree. God is pleased when you stand up for what He says. This country is bowing down to what people who have no moral values want.

  6. I am always interested to see how people pick and chose when it comes to the Bible. We would not dream of stoning our neighbor who cuts the grass on the Sabbath or forcing someone with a skin disease to leave the community because they are “unclean”.

    • Cutting grass is not un-natural, however; a man getting stuck inthe a**l is SUPER un-natural, as well as, UNCLEAN. I have a sister that works in the medical field. She informed me of the operations that men have to have to repair the a**l area. Also, I have been around many gay people including DL brothers, and believe me are not, they ALL have lustful spirits, and do prey on children, I tell you no lie. (relatives and friends)

    • And when have you seen a homosexual stoned in the US?

  7. Rev. Spencer L. Miller

    I am glad to see that Rev. Ratliff has decided to not compromise with the world. What kind of preacher is it who knows or should know that God does not ordain homosexuality and same s*x marriage but still supports it anyhow? Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton have greatly disappointed me as they join President Obama in shaking their fist in the face of God. It is not about equal rights, it’s about what God’s Word says do and not do.

    • What about Biship Eddie Long huh huh.

      • What about Eddie Long? He is not a man of God. His actions spoke for what he stands for…a title means and followers mean nothing. Do you remember the Rev. Jim Jones???

    • I didnt know abt Jesse but heard that Sharpton joined in with the President. Does anyone read THE BOOK aka BIBLE anymore?

      • Tip of the day: Read your (Basic Instruction Manual Before Leaving Earth) It is called a BIBLE. There may be a test on the other side.


  8. Bless you!! God is truely pleased with your
    decision stay strong in the Lord my brother!

  9. I would like to remind people that we can not pick and choose which of Gods words we choose to honor. If we are to honor his words it should be all. Plus one of his words is not to judge. Mr. Ratliff is part of an organization that represents equality for all not some. If we are to be equal we must extend all the same privileges. Blacks fought long and hard to be acknowledge as a person and we want to tell others that they are not allowed to be acknowledge as a couple. They are less than others. If you believe marriage is between a man and a woman then you do accordingly for you. On judgement day we all will stand and be accountable for our own actions and believe me you will not get into the gates of heaven just because of this one stand. Remember it will be your whole entire life in question. We all fall short of his glory.

    • Finally, someone speaks out who lives in the real world. Thank you Allison, for making your point so clear, that even I can now draw a clear understanding of how to relate this issue in a Biblical context. My understanding is that a sin is a sin, no matter how big or small and will dealt with by God, since the book says we are not to judge. I respect Rev. Ratliff’s right to resign for what ever his reasons are. However, with out judging, I question anyone’s motives who would wear that large version of the US Flag, that has come to identify with the right-wing’s version of Patriotism. It just might be be a good thing that Rev. Ratliff has resigned his office.

    • It will depend on your belief in Jesus and his dying for your sins. If you believe in him, then the Holy Spirit dwells in you and if the Spirit dwells in you, why would you want to defile the body where the Spirit dwells?

      • @Elizabeth, you sound like a spiritual scholar. I believe in Jesus, but I can’t say the Spirit dwells in me. Many of us defile our bodies in many ways, namely by eating pork, drinking and eating too much. What about you?

  10. Rev. Ratliff is well within his rights both to resign and to affirm his religious beliefs through that action. However, not all Christians, “colored people,” or members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) agree with Rev. Ratliff.

    As a nation there have been many “anti-Christian” decisions that our government has sought to uphold. However, as a voting citizen of this nation, and as a person of color, I will not tenure my civic duties or civil rights based on single issues of this type. As one respondent has so aptly noted, we have many other issues with which to deal and address–joblessness, poverty, homelessness, pandemics, environmental issues, institutionalized racism, sexism, taxation without representation (99% are paying the lion’s share of taxes while the 1% reap all the benefits), wars of every kind–locally, nationally, internationally, obesity, child endangerment, education, and the list is endless.

    Responding on the more sacred side of this issue: I believe that as Christians, we must all answer to God for the decisions we make, and I respect the honorable man of God for taking his stand. As for me, both a Christian and a colored person, I take a stand on the great commandment of love. So, I love my gay brothers and sisters–in color, race, and Christ–and respect their civil rights and humanity. As a sinner, I am in no position to judge, but prefer to let God separate the “wheat from the tares.” Hatred and discrimination do not edify the kingdom.

    On the more The issue of same s*x marriage, which to mind falls within the category of secular rather than sacred rights, I concur with President Obama’s decision to support equal rights for all citizens under the law, he, as president is charged to uphold–the law of the United States of America.

    When one begins, to separate the “wheat from the tares” or to rank sin, to decide which “colored people” deserve to be “advanced” based on their s****l orientation, religion, brand or level of “sin”–it makes me wonder . . .

    Do we mean to deny atheists their rights to marry as well, or to denounce Christians who are divorced for reasons other than adultery

    In my opinion, based on my interpretation of scripture, sacred marriage is a covenant between people and their God, that requires no government intervention.

    However, in a more secular context, any aspects of marriage that depend on government for their legitimacy (legal registration forms, blood tests, etc.) should be equally available to all individuals of a national government–without regard to race, color, religion, gender, or s****l orientation.

    Sistah P

    • Sister P, I’d rather go w/ the Word of God, than the Government. Remember sister, the government shall be upon HIS shoulders. Many of these people in higher government are in secret societies, and are doing only GOD knows what. If I fornicate, does that make it acceptable w/ GOD? We must REPENT and return to GOD.

      We are now calling right wrong and wrong right, having tickling ears being led astray by all forms of docrtine. Silly women are being taken captives by these evil beast, and we think it’s okay because man says it’s okay. Shall we serve GOD or Man? Obama is a man, not GOD.

      • Linda Harris,
        did you not read what Sister P said. Go with God—in your church. But when it comes to society, other rules exist. Yes, Obama is not God—he’s the President. So he seeks to uphold THOSE rules.

    • bahati sobukwe

      Well said, Sistah P! But, how many of us allow facts to clear our opinions.

  11. Hats off to the rev. Keigh Ratliff! Not only is he a man of God, he is a man who stands behind his beliefs! Endorsing this Gay Marriage issue is a POLITICAL one. What a disappointment for the Pesident to bend an compromise just to gain votes. Talking the talk is not what is needed, we must STAND for something. The Rev. Ratliff is standing behind his, and GOD’s, teachings! He iso be admired for taking a stand for what he believes in. He deserves much credit!

  12. If you follow the bible you would know this isnt right people change the bible stays the same.the words in the good book is forever. not cause man said its okay this like breaking the law or I should say the rulen of gods word.

  13. Sin is sin in the eyes of God…right? If one is going to take an active public stand with God on marriage, why shouldn’t the same be done for gluttony, fornication, drug abuse, adultery, lying, vile thinking, gossiping, stealing, murder (especially black on black crime), drunkenness, etc… ? God gives us free will and He is the supreme Judge so it is He who will judge the righteous and unrighteousness! Gay marriage will be judged by God just as all other sins. God is the Creater, He is so Wise, Smart and Most importantly He is able to handle his creations!!! Let God handle it I believe He is able!

    • CarolinaSistah

      Brandy, I understand what you are saying, yet I’d ask you to consider this premise. The homosexual lobby presents those who are homosexual in a manner that ‘mocks’ God as their Creator and rebel against His law and His Holiness.

      How many gluttons, fornicators, adulterers, thieves, liars, murderers, etc. do you see that hold ‘PRIDE’ parades? How many of these sinners do you see with huge polical lobbies bribing and supporting politicans and lawmakers to change laws in order to allow and celebrate their sin?

      Homosexuality is not the worse sin. Homosexuals are to be loved as all sinners and encouraged to go to the ‘cross’, repent, and receive the love of Jesus Christ for eternity.

      It is not the ‘sin’ that damns the unrepentent homosexual, it is the PRIDE in his sin and the willful mocking of the Holy God that damns them. No ‘true’ Christian can follow this path to destruction – this man is right to leave the NAACP.

  14. I applaud the Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr. for standing up for his belief in the word of GOD. The bible will be fulfilled so these things are not new and are written in the word of GOD, if we read the bible we’ll see it’s all been for told. As for me I’m not going to knowingly help usher in the h**l on earth that is to come.

    Furthermore, those that believe and trust in the LORD JESUS CHRIST will be protected and provided for so we have no worries and we are to love and pray for the unbelievers. Because unbelievers, your day is coming and you will have your place in the lake of fire if you don’t change!

    We all will stand before the LORD and give an account for our actions so what will you say on that day? Remember, everything you say, do, and think is known by GOD, he can see and is listening to EVERYTHING. What’s done in the dark, will definitely come to the light! Remember where ever you go, there you are and so is GOD!

  15. Gay marriage is not a religious issue. Those who can think know the difference between secular (non-religious) issues and religious ones. Those who are oh-so-religious should read their Bibles: we should “render unto Caesar (the government, secular things) that which is Caesar’s and render unto God that which is His” (religious issues).

  16. “Brandy” Preachers preach against these all of time :gluttony, fornication, drug abuse, adultery, lying, vile thinking, gossiping, stealing, murder (especially black on black crime), drunkenness, etc: but, they can’t stop people from committing these sins; but, they are doing what they were called by God to do when they take a stand against them. Give credit to Rev Ratliff for not agreeing to sell his soul to get invited to the Inauguration Ball.

  17. Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr. I support your decision wholeheartedly and I stand with you. You didn’t make excuses for what is morally, ethically and socially irresponsible and Biblicaly wrong, and neither will I.

  18. I have been listening to Romans Chapter 1 for the last 3 days. What stood out in that chapter was the vs that said, “They worshipped the creature more than the Creator. We have people standing w/ Obama against God, so who are they worshipping, needless to say, “OBAMA.”

    Obama’s logic, would give one wanting to marry an animal or molest a child a right to do so, if he is going to use the “EQUAL” argument, after all it’ their RIGHT to do what they feel is RIGHT. We as a nation is moving further away from GOD than we realize.

  19. Let it be clear that according to GODS words h**o sexuality is nothing more than deviant behavior. There is no premise that supports any other condition in marriage other than a man and a woman. It is the position of the POPE that child molestation is not a bad thing. I am guessing he thinks Sodom and Gomorrah should be resurrected. All of these deviant behaviors are against GOD period.

    Now personally I am not going to judge a person but I am also not going to support there evilous works. A honor the Rev.

  20. Last time I read the bible, it was also against FORNICATION, adultery, lying, stealing, overeating, drinking too much, mistreating our fellow human beings… and yet I don’t see any mass resigning because these practices are prevalent in the church. My daughter is gay. She is a good person, treats everyone with love and respect and that is what really matters to MY creator. She has had the same girlfriend longer than most heterosexuals have been with the same mate including me with my last husband. Homosexuals certainly can not mess up marriage more than we have. I am a two time loser.

    The Apostle Paul said of the Creator I serve at Acts 10: 28 and 35 says “But God has shown me that I should no longer think of anyone as impure or unclean…but in every nation he that fears him, and works righteousness, is accepted with him.” You guys can keep your hateful god.

  21. Everyone has a right in America’s democracy to agree or disagree, to be for or anti, to be pro or con. Anyone that stands on the Word of God I applaud because his Word has never changed only man’s words,thoughts and ideas change. Why is everybody suppose to agree on everything and who says what you believe to be right is right. My conviction to scripture is my conviction not yours and if you think you’ll live longer hiding in a bunker then do it. The German people followed Hitler, Lincoln signed the emancipation over many objections,and MLK ignored negroes that said he was upsetting the white people. What good would Jesus have been if he had given into the temptations of Satan.

  22. Raymond Johnson

    The N.A.A.C.P. is a civil rights organization. It is not monolithic on all issues. Never has been and never will be. It will survive.
    Raymond L. Johnson, Jr.
    Fromer President
    Los Angeles Branch

  23. You so-called Christians,….in the club M-Sat, but want to be a Christianon Sunday,…going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, no more than standings in a garage makes you a car,…he WITHOUT sin, cast the first stone,…none of you are pure, so STFU!!!

  24. GOD bless him for standing firm on his beliefs and not “going along to get along” If you don’t stand firm on what your beliefs and principles you are subject to “fall” for and on everything. This society is allowing putting a rubber stamp on deviant behavior. Homosexual relationships need to remain in the privacy of their homes and not come out of the closet when in public. Our children are becoming confused. Anyone who is actively dating or seeking a heterosexual relationship will soon need to ask for an “original” birth certificate in addition to a person’s HIV status. No one is taking away their freedom of choice, just don’t insist upon the general population endorsement.

  25. OK Black people stand on the bible and elect a candidate that does not believe what you believe and could care less about the rights of anybody but the wealthy 1%. aS many churches as we have in our communities, we should be the most prosperous community, but we are at the bottom.

    What a crock to focus on one issue. Who cares who marries who? There is a 50% divorce rate in the heterosexual community. Prominent pastors are divorcing and having children with women in their churches, yet we get stuck on stupid.

    Don’t be distracted people. There is more than one issue beside gay marriage.


  26. Douglas Winston

    He did not say that he would support federal legislation legalizing same s*x marriage. This matter is still a state by state issue, and each state will determine this matter. I guess if religious people still had their way, people would still be stoned for adultery and fornication. Religion should be kept in your home and church and not in civil discourse. The most closed minded people are those that profess a religion, people that believe that they can dictate how others should live their lives.

  27. Mr. Johnson” the NAACP might not be monolithic on all issues but when it comes to the President it is, no matter the issue. If Presidsent obama comes out tommorrow and says it’s ok for a man to marry his Cat the NAACP and 93% of the Africian-American race would agree and anyone(espacially blacks) that disagree would be doing so because they don’t like the president. That’s the agrument I get when I just happen to mention that the unemployment for us was 15.5% in 2010 and it’s 15.5% NOW. I know it’s not he President fault,it’s George Bush, even if it’s not his fault he won’t even acknowledge it. He’s to busy for for gays, immigrants, and wall street.

  28. bahati sobukwe

    Excuse me. Did President enact a law that said they could get married? People need to understand the difference between government and religion. A marriage license is a thing of the government. There is nothing holy about a marriage license. If churches don’t want to marry homosexuals, then don’t marry them. But to rest our best interest–President Obama–on something he thought but did not act upon -
    sign a law-is crazy and badly uninformed. Have you people been listening these three years?

    Where were all these preachers telling blacks not to vote for Bill Clinton when he sent the Haitians back to Haiti, when he reformed the Welfare act, when he let the Rwandans slaughter each other, and there was a dead silent when he passed Three Strikes and Out Law that imprisoned almost a million black men, (read Michelle Anderson, The New Jim Crow) and that not all.
    Now, we are going to let some uneducated ministers, and people who have not even read the Bible, and have no intentions of reading it, tell people not to vote for President Obama. What’s the alternative-Mitt Romney? Not to vote for President Obama is a yes vote for Romney-do your math.

  29. I do not agree with the president, only with his right to believe as he chooses. I am a member of the NAACP. In the paper that i read it seemed to me as if they were attempting to speak for all the brnches.
    I do not believe two men or two women should marry.Like the Bible, I believe, being gay is not what God wanted, but he does love all of his children. We just need to pray for the confused. I believe the gay people are confused. I do not believe they were born gay. I believe it is a chosen thing. I could be wrong, but that is what I believe. I have heard preschers say “God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve”.

  30. You should be against Mitt Romney running for President because he is a Mormon. Isn’t this so called religion called a cult in your eyes and so many other Christians? Why don’t you not only resign for same s*x marriage, but the fact that a Mormon is running for President? It was Jesus who said you can tell a deceiver by his actions, not what comes out of his mouth. I know who your master is and it’s not God!

  31. Scripturally, for Christians in Genesis, God didn’t make or create Adam and Steve, He created Adam and Eve. What does that tell you about procreation!

  32. My mother all ways said birds of a feather flock together. Rev. Radcliff your resigning was right on time. If I was in your position I would have done the same. God don’t like those that goes against his word and the word about a man lying with another man is well discrive in the Bible and it tells us that it’s a Sin cut and dry. Those who think it ok to poke another man in his but or like to be poke in the but you are sinning in the eye site of God.

  33. Ester Holzendorf

    Marriage is not a political issue, and should never have been tossed into the political debate. Marriage is a covenant between God and mankind. That’s it. Nothing will ever change that. Nuff said. This Preacher is standing on the Word of God and the Word will see him through.

  34. @holler26 – Then who are they ruled by?

    Then is it a right for some to be murderers n if so God forbid if they murdered you? would that be a human right ruling???? I mean what is morally correct anymore? Geeeeeshhh!

  35. As they said there is no fool like an old fool. Goodbye old fool, go practice you HATE in your closet with Eddy Long.Be careful you cant hide forever, because the God I know dont like ugly, and you are one UGLY MAN physically and emotionally. Religion is a business, God is spiritual, if no one told you that I am telling you now. There is plenty of room in h**l for jhypocratic like you, and tos who hates like you.I wish more of you PIMPS, would leave people alone. Remember the bible said, let he that is without sin cast the first stone. Can you old fool?.

  36. Dr. Robert R. Gaines Sr.

    It is not up to us to judge but stop trying to be so free with what you say you support. If two men or two woman are the same as a man and a woman then they deserve the same thing as a man and a woman. The point is they are not the same so just because you want to live together does not justify the same rights and privilages.
    In our ruxh for equality we misrepresent. We still have not addressed the issue of race equlity but we can wast our time trying to justify a relationship that is not a joining of the sexes? when our Lord states as has been aptly quoted above that a man and a man or two women should not l**t for each other then we should understand exactly what that means. Just because you want to break the law does not make your action a civil rights issue.
    We need to stop fighting for the wrong things and correct the issues that are wrong. Trying to justify homosexuality using the law is wrong and it needs to stop. The people in California voted for proposition 8 and the other folks are trying use the law to change what is a social and moral issue not a leagle issue.

  37. How mad would everyone here be if I told them that their religion is NOT law in this country, and never has been?

  38. Contrary to the world and popular opinion, “God is still in control”
    2 Timothy 3:2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy
    Nahum 3:6 And I will cast abominable filth upon thee, and make thee vile, and will set thee as a gazingstock.
    Romans 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient

    • Contrary to certain other opinions, not everyone believes in God, or in religion in general. The Bible is not law in America, religion is not law in America. If you want that, Iran and Saudi Arabia are perfect fits.

      Also, I think it makes one look a bit full of themselves to type your name as “God” says as a title. You don’t know what’s on his mind right now, you don’t know if he thinks you’re reading the Bible wrong or not. Has he sent you a memo, a text message, a fax, anything?

  39. I why oh why do black people do black people accept the slave masters religion? I used to say I was a believer, then I started using the brain that God the creator gave me.

    All man mad religions are nonsense. Man wrote the bible, and put all his nonsensical, ridiculous mores and beliefs as some supposed word of God.

  40. Nathaniel McGee

    Black people, don’t be so easily influenced and fooled. Yes, their are religious beliefs, interpretations and laws. However,marriages can be performed by ministers and judges (and a wholes host of other people) and it will still be just as legal and binding as any thing because what we are really talking about is denying individuals their civil rights based on characteristics or tendacities we object to. Does that remind you of anything in our recent past as Black people?

  41. The world is not going to fall apart because of Gay Marriages. I know people who are gay and married, raise children, take care of elderly parents, hard workers, educated, Spiritual, the list goes on. Why are those who are against Gay Marriage doing anything to stop the violence in the Black Community? Have anyone seen the show ‘Gangland?’ There are some of our problems within the Black Community. In 2009, 39% of Black young men in Georgia graduated from High School – 39%. There are too many 16 year black girls getting pregnant. A woman is killed, raped, assaulted every 15 minutes by her husband, boyfriend, or a strange man. This is very sad and we as women must always protect ourselves – come on Black People, we must stop the violence!

    The Gay Life is about love, Spirituality, families, children, hard working employees, beautiful relationships with the same s*x and straight people, my list goes on. There are Straight people of all races who ‘openly’ support the Gay Community. My church accepts all and under the leadership of a dynamic female (straight) Pastor.

    FYI – I am a proud Bi-s****l woman, so I KNOW I’m going to get some negative comments. I know by the comments on this page – That is not OK. My father said to me: If God has accepted it (being a LGBT person), who am I not to! I keep his comment in my heart and soul.

  42. God doesn’t hate the Homosexual but the Homosexuallity. The Gospel is never to be compromised , for those who say they were born that way , the word of God says you must be born again .I commend the Pastor for standing on the word of God being born black is not a choice it can not be compared to s****l perference . In the last Days is revealing itself daily my prayers go out to you all . and continue to stand on Gods Word.

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  47. Stand up for what is right in the eyes of GOD!!!!

  48. June 17, 2012

    Please get your mind renewed in the Word of God, and as you read the entire Bible (from Genesis to Revelation), ask God to open up your understanding. The key verses that helps to shed more light on the matter for me was when I meditated over ROMANS 1:17-32.

    People are not born as homosexuals, gays, or lesbians. – The devil IS a liar!!!! People choose to be following unrestrained carnal lusts, and are living out this a deception, which is being supported by strong organizations such as, the American Psychological Association (APA).

    While ‘Homosexuality’ is certainly not the “ONLY sin” that God says in His Word that He will judge, let’s not use that as an excuse to continue living in sin and applauding policymakers who work earnestly work on Satan’s behalf to cast off the Word of God in the earth.

    However, for the sake of argument, let’s just say [for a moment of insanity] that we all went along with the “thesis” forwarded by Satan: that gays and lesbians were “born” gay or lesbian. There is a command made by our MASTER Jesus, where He states to Nicodemus in John 3:3, “VERILY, VERILY, I SAY UNTO THEE, EXCEPT A MAN BE BORN AGAIN, he CANNOT SEE THE KINGDOM OF GOD.” Then that settles it. There is a “way” of escaping the sinful life that besets all of us, and that is through the BLOOD OF JESUS!! Ye must be Born Again (John 3:7).

    It boils down to choosing to live in God’s way, and voting for government leaders who will see to it that GOD’S WILL BE DONE IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

    I thank God that Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr. had the backbone to OPPOSE the movement of “Marriage Equality for ALL,” even if it meant sacrificing his position with the NAACP. Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr. is NOT the first Believer to be persecuted for standing up for God’s righteousness, and he certainly will NOT be the last. In the Bible, many Apostles were slain, beaten, thrown in jail, ostracized by their friends, families and their society, and even crucified upside down (like Paul), for teaching and preaching the Word of God to multitudes, and for defending the Word of God. Our Lord Jesus was also persecuted and crucified for bringing the Kingdom of God to this earth. But thank God, Jesus has RISEN from that grave, and He has left us the great commission to continue the work that He started – which entails taking the gospel to the ends of this earth. That gospel entails declaring God’s righteousness to un-believers AND believers !!!!!!

    The goodness of God can lead all sinners to repentance when they acknowledge and confess their sin, and make a decision to turn away from that sin.

    There is a COST for this Christian race — you’re either in it, or, you’re out. You can’t sit on the fence, or God will surely spew you out for being “in love with this world !!!!!” (see 1 John 2:15). THERE IS A GOD WHO IS WATCHING ALL THE INJUSTICES AND HE WILL, IN DUE TIME, AVENGE HIS CAUSE. Make sure that you are standing WITH His cause, and not against it.

    I close with these statements made by Jesus Christ found in the Bible — in Matthew 5:10-13: “BLESSED are THEY which are PERSECUTED for RIGHTEOUSNESS sake: for THEIRS is the KINGDOM of heaven. BLESSED are ye, WHEN men shall REVILE you, and PERSECUTE you, and shall say ALL MANNER OF EVIL AGAINST YOU FALSELY, for MY SAKE. REJOICE!!!!!!!!!, and be EXCEEDINGLY GLAD; for great is your REWARD IN HEAVEN: for so PERSECUTED they the prophets which were BEFORE you. Ye ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH, BUT if the salt have LOST his savour, wherewith shall it be salted?????? is is thenceforth GOOD FOR NOTHING, but TO BE CAST OUT, and TRODDEN UNDER FOOT OF MEN.”
    May God continue to strenghten Rev. Keith Ratliff, Sr to be “‘salt’ of the earth.”

    “Walking in love.”
    – Gianna (posted June 17, 2012).

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