Mother Accused of Selling Her Baby in a Classified Ad Staff

A mother in Dallas is accused of trying to sell her child in the newspaper.  A 26-year old woman by the name of Brittany Hill was arrested this week on charges of child abandonment.  Authorities say that she listed her 4-month old baby for sale for $4,000.  A potential customer saw the ad and called police.   Ironically, the person was seriously considering purchasing the child.

Managers at Hill’s apartment complex came to her house to get the rent and found the baby all alone.  The mother was arrested when she returned.  The baby is now with child protective services.

Neighbors expressed shock over what happened.

“I can’t take this,” Omara Muhammad said. “It’s hard to see anybody’s child go through something like this. It’s not fair.”

“I just think it’s a very sad situation, and I’m glad that the baby is safe and away from those people,” said Latonia Smith, another neighbor.

“I saw her when she was pregnant, and she just seemed to be very depressed, always alone sitting on the stairway,” said Smith.

The neighbors say that if the woman had made it known that she was struggling this much, they would have tried to help her as much as they could.

48 Responses to Mother Accused of Selling Her Baby in a Classified Ad

  1. Thank God that this time, there was some kind of intervention. Know that those who are depressed are not going to holler out that they are depressed. We need to go back to community and just show up at the door with dinner and invite ourselves in to eat. If anyone sees someone in this state, please don’t be so quick to call some authority, but go to that mother,young mother, single father, whomever, and let them not only hear you say you will help, but have them see what you can do to help. We have got to take our homes back and that includes single parent homes, two parent homes and yes even same s*x as a couple home. We have got to reclaim what is rightfully the Lords.

    • So, you have unprotected s*x bringing a child into the world with the likes of YOU as a parent. You are uneducated, you have no money, you may have a disease and you are ignorant and fail to use common sense. I feel sorry for the baby, lock up this woman. This is ridiculous and I am sick of these types of women.

    • Delores Hargrove

      This young woman needed help, but didn’t know where to find it, she need to be where she can get emotional help instead of jail, lets stop ponting our finger, like Jesus said, He without fault, cast the first stone, We might not have did this thing, but there is something that we have done in our lives that we have a regrete for doing.

    • u are so right-u are so right-keep preaching the word and please please keep applying it to these type of situations-people need to hear it -

  2. Thomas Clemons

    At least the child is safe from harm.

  3. This kind of s**t just p****s me off! how non-caring and irresponsible can a person be! She is 27 years old and she knows better than this. There are many option nowadays other than resulting to this c**p! Wow

  4. Depression is a clinical illness, and postpartum depression affects mothers of all ages and races. This is not “irresponsibility” — this is an illness. This mother needs treatment, not condemnation. Why is it that our folks (black people) are stunningly ignorant about the human body and medical conditions? That p****s me off! We act like it is 1812 instead of 2012 with our narrow and non-existent knowledge bases.

    • michelle taylor


    • Say it again Cindie. We are so quick to condemn!

    • Where was her depression when she was making the baby? Cop out, lock her up and all like her. We have got to stop women like this from bringing children into the world, doomed to poverty and despair. I am so angry, my pity is with the child. It is time to stop coddling these people. Very ANGRY!

      • You know what Elizabeth, I hope you never have a situation & u feel u have no 1 to turn too. Stop & think of all the other options she could have stooped too. She was hoping to find herself in a win-win situation. She could have deprived that child of life but even she had sence enough to know that the child she delivered could one day deliver her. So dummy think or find yourself another playground!!! You & the others who feel the way u do!!!

      • The young mother can not be locked up for life, it sounds gruel but voluntary sterilization would be more efficient and mom could still have the chance to be a mother to that child.

      • Please Elazabeth have you ever heard of people going into depression after having a baby. This has happen to many people, i can understand your concern for the child who definitely come first. But this is a desease that happen to many mothers, especially when they don’t have any help with their first baby. People are so quick to judge before they know what the problem is. My heart goes out to this mother and also this baby who was left alone. I just hope she can fine some help because she really need it, and just don’t lock her away in jail without getting the help that she need. You will never know how it feels until it happen to you, believe me i know.

    • Sharon 'Shazz" Nembhard


    • Cindie, You are so right. Our community fail to support each other, but so quick to judge. Ignorance is a just as horrible if not worse. The woman has a serious problem and instead of wrapping our arms around her and letting her know that we care, we throw out nasty words. To all of those so quick to judge, what secret does God know about you that He covered so no one else would see? We should offer prayers, loves and hugs to this young mother. We (Blacks) are the only group of people that refuse to stick together and help one another. If we did, we would be so much stronger.


  6. What this woman needs is to not be a mother right now. Depressed or not, that child does not need to be with her. Imagine if some pedophile or murderer had purchased the infant. Sick or not, the child is safe. Her treatment is secondary to the welfare of the defenseless infant. And Cindie, and any other people with misplaced compassion: what OUR PEOPLE need to do is not tolerate this level of crazy. Now that the CHILD is ok, we can call doctor so and so to give meds and counseling. I don’t care what “others” do, we are in a bad situation due to racism. We cannot afford to let any more of our babies suffer like that.


    Once moms gets it together, she can have the baby back. Personally, I feel like anyone who decides to sell a child loses their parental rights for life, but, if the law says she can have it back, I guess she can have it back. She would NEVER get that child back if it were completely up to me though. NEVER.

    • I feel sorry 4 both mother & child, but until u have drank from her cup or walked in her shoes, don’t judge her. You don’t know where her head is at. Let’s hear the whole story. Imagine if Mary decided to go against the word & decided 2not have Jesus or have him & she & Joseph decided 2put him up 4 adoption or sell him even after all they were poor, just imagine. I don’t know her but I know her, but pregnancy can put u thru something

    • I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with you OpenFist247. The child is the main concern, because they are precious and defenseless. No judging here, just reality.

  7. She needs another ring in her mouth, actually she needs something sewed together for good. If she was made to have a ring into her mouth she would raize h**l.

  8. Was she depressed when she opened her legs and got pregnant? I’m tired of that lame ‘I’m depressed’ excuse. Give the baby to the authorities if you’re ‘depressed’. But trying to sell a human being in a classified ad? That’s heartless and criminal.

  9. I have a 26 year old.. I would like to say where was this girls mother/ aunts/ grandmother someone!.. anyone.. While I definetly agree she needs help and not jail time (unlike little Carlee’s mom)..I am thankful to God that HE spared the child..bring prayer of any kind back into our schools and these “souless” kids may have a chance or at least some type of future when the “real humans” are gone.

  10. I can’t believe the newspaper actually put in the ad. They should have called CPS right then.

  11. Shenita Battle

    Where was this girls mama? Did she not have a support system?

  12. It is time for AFRICAN-American women to stop ALL illegitimate pregnancies. We are dooming our children to poverty and a dim future. I am so angry to see our teen girls dropping out of school and having babies to get a little “cheese”.

    Over 1 million African-American boys and men between 18-40 are in the modern slave system (jail) and they are comfortable there. It is time for women to step up and become accountable and maybe our boys will follow.

    We are more than a color (black). We are not from the country of “black, colored, n***a”, we are proud Africans, STEP UP! I am getting real sick and tired of AFRICAN women accepting degradation from from all, where is your common sense?

    I am not throwing money into uplifting these women, only the children get my support and pity.

  13. Depression, my a*s, stop making excuses for people who do stupid s**t. Where was the depression when she was making the baby, Lock her a*s up and get her so called help behind bars, how about that and take the baby.

  14. Sorry to hear about this situation. The baby was found and is being taken care of that’s great. The only things I’m wondering about is did this girl just one that. Fail through the crack. The neighbors say there was her behavior that was strange..she was all the time by herself..where was her mother or father? Where’s dad..babies daddy? The neighbors said if she ASKED for help they would have helped her….hello u can’t get involved without someone ASKING? The signs were there just no one wanted or cared until the situation got out of control… don’t put blame out there until u have heard the whole story. The person who turned in the ade in. The paper was. Considering on BUYING the baby. What changed they’re mind? Didn’t neighbors notice a baby crying a lot or that the mother was OUT..where’s baby? Thank GOD that he wanted this baby SAVED because it could have been very different in the end…. next time u see some one that looks like they need a friend…. hold out your hand and ” hi my name is “…god saves ..we can too !

  15. Wow, I’ve seen over and over in the comments “where was her depression when she was making the baby”? What an asinine question!! No one plans to become depressed, that’s why it’s called POSTPARTUM,meaning:after pregnancy, DUH.. Now whether she was or not is unknown, since the article doesn’t state whether or not she was diagnosed by a physician. Next to that, this type of behavior isn’t a blk or wht thing because it’s happened in every race, smh. The one thing that is obvious is that this young lady is certainly damaged. She has to be to think that her actions were okay, by any stretch of the imagination.. So with all this being said, my concern is for that babies safety, now and in the future. No matter what that young mother is going through, I’m just glad that God saw fit to spare this innocent baby from the negative things that could have happened as a result of her actions. And further and finally, I pray they both continue to get the help they’ll need!

    • Amen, Amen (Pachonette H ) you said it very well…..

      Thank you for using your wisdom!

    • As a person with depression, I can tell u that a person can get pregnant while they r depressed. Some ppl w depression act out sexually. Post partum depression can be devastating and confusing for the person suffering. With severe depression a person can even become psychotic, I know this from past personal experience. I wonder about her doctor, he/she must of missed signs of depression, if this woman is in fact depressed. A blessing that baby and mom are both ok now.
      When we as people, no matter the race, ethnicity or origin see someone who is alone and appears to be not quite right, we need to step in and say “hi, u ok,can i sit w u for a minute?” We live in such a world now, that ppl don’t look out for their neighbors anymore. We go about our way, and sometimes don’t even speak to our close neighbors. What happened to “Love thy neighbor as thyself”?

  16. We have a big wide wonderful world which can be very mean at times. There seems to be so much anger on this thread. Maybe we all need help but we will not get it by sounding off like ghetto trash.

  17. Amen, John Henry Hill. Where is the love? Wishing everyone on this thread a wonderful and blessed rest of the week.

  18. Liz: The ghetto is a big concentration champ for many people and very few excape. Jail has a perpose. It is a modern day slave camp. The ghetto only gets the young prepared for jail just as the rich prepares their young for college.There are many poor babies born just like this child, and no one cares until it hits the papers to show that black people are animals. But who are the real animals? If someone would help this girl and others like her, there would not be less babies waitihg to die. JANLEEGETTER, you said falling through the cracks. The ghetto is full of cracks. Some you will never even hear about. This is American history

  19. I started not to comment on this subject. But it seems to me that alot of you are forgetting about the fact that this woman tried to sell her kid. As someone from the so-called ghetto and someone who has suffered from depression, I am appalled. Even in my darkest hours I never would have thought to sell my child. Depression doesn’t make you think that way being greedy and uncaring does!

  20. Michael Flannery

    This young woman was obviously absolutely desparate. Her action was most likely motivated by wanting the child to have some chance in life, a chance which she didn’t see any way of providing.

    There has been no mention of the baby having been mistreated. (other than having been left alone, for which there could be dozens of reasons if she had no assistance, the baby was sleeping, and she urgently needed something from a store). There is also no mention of a father, and unless we’re witnessing a second coming, there must be one loafing around somewhere. Where was he after he’d had his fun? This girl however, had to live with the consequences of that “fun”. The man apparently went on his merry way and likely to find himself another girl who wasn’t “getting fat”.

    Neighbours had observed her apparent depression, but no-one thought to try to help her in any way.

    As a community, and across all races, we cross to the other side of the street rather than “getting involved”. Until we ALL take the responsibility of being part of the HUMAN RACE, we should desist from criticizing those who don’t appear to meet our behavioural standards.

    Do unto others as you would be done by.
    It ain’t easy folks, but if we could try to meet that exhortation, the world would be a much better place.

  21. This chick needs some serious counseling. This is her third child and she doesn’t had any of them. And she doesn’t needs them either. I hope she gets the help she needs. And her baby be placed in a loving home.

  22. Jail isn’t the answer she does need help though seriously.

  23. Business Wo-man

    Oh no she didn’t try to cut out the middle man. As we all know babies are sold through “adoptions” everyday. The state get paid and the parents get nothing. So….the only thing I see she is guilty of is cutting out the middle man./

    Let’s be real folks…look at the WHOLE picture….get out your feelings.

  24. My opinion,I think this calls for individual responsibility,I am not trying to crucify the mother of the child,but she has no business having unprotected s*x,when she knows she doesn’t have the means of taking care of the child.people should be made to take responsibility for their actions.her action is very depressing and she trying o take the position of the former slave owners?(selling or buying a human being).wonders would nerver end .


    I see alot of girls at the bus stop with one or more babies. Where are the dads, you get stuck with the baby and NOT THE BOYfriend. When are you’ll going to grow up and stop having babies for the wrong a*s reasons..

  26. You know it’s sad when we won’t come together as a community and pray for the young lady and the baby. Your opinions doesn’t matter becasue we have no control of the situation. However, prayer does work, try it. I am praying for all of you.

  27. I feel sorry for the child and its mother. I hope they both get help! I also wanted to make sure we spread the word to these young mothers that they can drop their babies off at the local fire departments no questions asked that way at least the baby will have a chance to make it or is at least taken care of. GOD help us all!

  28. The previous comments would enough to keep anyone from reaching out and to become depressed. There isn’t enough information to know if the young woman had family locally, had other children or alone during the pregnancy by choice or circumstance except that it happened. $4000 is a very low amount for a healthy infant so it is unlikely she checked the rates with baby sellers doing illegal adoptions. She simply needed money and offered to sell the most valuable asset she could think of. Yes, she needs mental health assistance and perhaps other assistance as well but not to be called names and have assumptions dumped on her.

  29. Jacqui C Williams u said it! I work with the mentally ill and drug addicted and there are horrible stories as to how people lose their way in life. There are assumptions that this woman even became pregnant by choice! There is a positive in this story that she did not harm the baby. That says something about the mother believe it or not. There was no mention of chronic neglect or abuse which is another positive. I pray that this woman gets some help before bringin another child into the world. The baby is young and can be raised by someone who is able. Cries for help are not always loud!!

  30. you kno what this woman did need help for all u inconsiderate p****s that dont think vefore you speak like the moron above yeah maybe she wasnt depressed when she made the kid but did u ever think that maybe after the baby daddy found out she was prego he left her leaving her feeling hopeleaa leading to depression…..on top of that what was her apartment managera doing walking right into her home jist to collect rent id b suing the p**s out of them

  31. This is not about illegitimate children; this is not about being uneducated; this is not about the irresponsible baby poppers the media will have you believe that we are; this is not even about mental illness. this is about RACE and POVERTY! If she was white, this would not be news. Why? Because white women do this alll the time! The only difference is they get a lawyer and their price tags are wayyy higher. If she did not want the child, she should have spoken up, went to a church, told the hospital, etc; but she didn’t because she has mental illness. i am not excusing or condoning this behavior, this is unacceptable. But we are sooo quick to wag our fingers when we so not have mental illness, have not been trapped by an unwanted child or been as desperate as she. We are so non-emphathetic it’s sad. For all you CPS junkies, studies show that “concerned citizens” are 63% less likely to call CPS if the family is white and 100% likely to call if they’re black. And for all the black baby mama conspiratirs out there: what is the more irresponsible move? having an abortion so you don’t see the child? or having the child that God bestowed upon you despite relationsbip or financial issues?

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