Men Allegedly Suing to Become Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

The website is reporting that the Men Interested in AKA (MIAKAs) are threatening to sue the sorority if they are not allowed to become members of the organization.   The group is allegedly claiming that they are being discriminated against based on s****l orientation.

The group, according to, formed an unofficial AKA chapter at Texas Southern University and Prairie view A&M.  They were seen in pictures wearing Pink and Green, the colors of the sorority, throwing up their pinkies, and making the famous “skee wee” sound that women make in the sorority.

The group may have ammunition to make their point.  Recently, President Obama announced his support for gay marriage.  This has led to additional push to acknowledge gay rights in America.  What do you think?


123 Responses to Men Allegedly Suing to Become Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

  1. In 1908 Aplha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. was founded specifically for college trained women. These me are not women. They can form a fraternity or some other version of their own organization for them. Please stop trying to hyjack a century of “Service to all mankind.” Leave us alone. Delta Signa Theta formed their own organization in 1913. They should form their own thing in 2012-2013.

    • I agree with you!

    • Thank You Sisters. These confused f**s need to stop trying to ride coat tails and leave the clean organizations alone. If they were real men they would pledge with the originals,the oldest,the ice coldest A PHI A. But then we all know the ending to that story. Like Vincent Vaughn said “their not wired right”.

      • These men are tripping, leave AKA alone. I have been an Alpha for over two decades and we have gay straight and a lot of in between. It’s not about who you love romantically, it’s about service for all mankind and upliftment of the people.
        These boys need to get their priorities together.

      • NO NAME CALLING! It’s strange that these men want to become part of Alpha Kappa Alpha, but we cannot say that they’re “not wired right.” You have nothing helpful to say? Say nothing.

      • Seriously?? Throw AΦA under the bus AS IF that is the most homosexual-seeking fraternity.

        CLUE: IT’S NOT!!

        Just an FYI.

        By the way, I’m completely OPPOSED to these guys’ actions. If they want to form a…..”frasority“, let them. But they shouldn’t besmirch the good name and identity of the AKA Sorority, Inc.

        Pres. Obama’s stance on same-s*x marriage has absolutely no bearing on this old story (min. 4 years old). For their sakes, they should have been out of college (the homosexual guys) at least a couple of years ago.

        They need to let it go and move on….

      • Hey….let’s quit the name calling and bashing which is not in the spirit of our great sorority! Respectful opinions are fine, but we can do better than using hateful terms!
        Meg Brown
        AKA 6 Lambda Beta 77

      • Stone of Elegance 1992

        Excuse me Soror!! I believe they should be original and that they need to stop imitating us… BUT calling them “f**s” and saying “they are not wired right” is highly offensive. Those comments are the opposite of what we stand for. We do not hate and we definitely don’t discriminate. You should think before you speak and you should remember that you are a representation of all of us!

    • As a member of DST, Inc., I totally agree with you……

    • A to the Men….should be men. Has anyone seen a women,gay women trying to become a NBA! Im so sick and tired of Men trying to do this women do or be a women. So very sad.

    • Really? that was shade. “Delta Signa Theta formed their own organization in 1913. They should form their own thing in 2012-2013.”

    • This is getting SOOO out of hand. AKA is for WOMEN, not men who want to be women!!! Or shall I say, it’s for females that were born with female reproductive organs only!!!! I understand the “gay rights” movement but come on, they are taking things wayyyyyy too far!!!!!
      It you want to have your own chapter, then organize one and make up your rules who would join. Plain and simple.
      But I wonder if they do that and you have some straight men truly against gays want to join, would they be as open aa you want AKA to be??? I think not.

    • I completely agree with you. If they want to join an established fraternity, then they should join Alpha. They are men. I don’t understand why gay black men push the feminine card while gay white men contend they are still men just gay.

    • DOn’t they already have Lambda Lambda Lambda?

    • Sometimes people go too far. They really should grow up to be Men and let Women enjoy their own organization.

      Maybe society should consider a new term or identification for men who don’t want to be men. Then their new gender organization can be recognized.

      What a waste.

      UMOJA Research

  2. Tamara Yeldell

    I dont understand why they feel like they should be apart of an all woman sorority just because they like d**k too?! So what? You are men….gay men yes..but men nonetheless!! start you own s**t and stay out ok AKA!!! thats some bullshyt!!!! If they were trying to join a fraternity it would be different…but this is a womans sorority!

  3. This story is at least 5 years old. I’m pretty sure the AKAs don’t have anything to worry about.

  4. Since when do people who don’t like bigots become bigots themselves? They need to leave these women alone. They are not women, no matter how much they want to be.

    They’ve got Lambda, tell them to aka a Lambda society and go away. A lawsuit over that stupidity would make me lock the doors and shut it all down.


  6. It seems to me that a sororal or fraternal organization (brotherhood or sisterhood) has a right to admit whomever it wishes–without respect to “gender” “race” or “sexuality.” It is a compliment to AKA that these men so appreciate the values of the organization that they wish to join. However, like every other aspirant, each of these men must meet the approval of this organization. This is not about “gay” rights, as there are lesbian women are eligible, and I suspect that transsexuals (male to female) would be permitted to pledge as well. However, the issue seems to be that of gender, and whether or not “same s*x” organizations, schools, institutions, or other entities should be allowed to exist. Moreover, there is a very specific history associated with Black fraternities and sororities in this country–one related to slavery, Jim Crow, civil inequalities, and movements toward uplift and service–and this history should not be reduced to the wearing of certain colors and symbols. If these men feel that their struggles align with that of AKA then they might consider learning more about the history and creating their own Greek letter organization based on their history. Perhaps, they do not mean to make light of AKA, or reduce this sorority to “colors” and symbols (skee wee, etc.), but by assuming the “mask” of AKA without attention to the history, they undermine the historical struggles of those black women who fought long and hard to create the very opportunities they are unraveling. This is NOT an anti-gay response, but rather a plea for the rights of this organization to decide who may or may not join. It is also a call for these young men to critically consider why it is they want to join AKA–that is, these young men who hope to be aspirants need to question their motives (as would any aspirant) for pledging AKA. One can only wonder whether or not this is about a show of power(for example, a male organization attempting to undermine the historical agency and legacy of female authority).
    In any case, there is a level of respect for one’s history or shared struggle that might be considered. We understand, or should, that once we go “down this road” we will not be able to return. Are we ready to unravel some very critical links–those which help the growth, education, and development of young black women and men–as we attempt to grasp, and capture for the sake of doing so, without real thought for the reverberations and consequences of a singular act.
    Please reconsider and question your motives.

    • Well stated Sistah P.

    • Perfectly stated

    • Sistah P:

      I’ll be the first to disagree with you.

      I would not consider it a “compliment” simply because someone sought membership in my fraternity. They’d have to meet the minimum qualifications to be considered. In the case of men (regardless of their s****l orientation), they don’t meet the minimum qualifications on that basis alone! Threatening to file a bogus lawsuit probably did help much to convince the AKAs any further to consider their approach a “compliment“.

      I’d prefer to call it an annoyance & a nuisance.

  7. These men ought to quit. Start your own Sorority. AKA is a woman’s organization created by women for women. You are men perpetrating to be women and you’ll never be in the true sense of the word. Go get a life.

  8. Google this: Real Talk 1: Black Greek Fraternities – Crossing Over

  9. Dis is such a disgrace to my sorority..

  10. If these men want to be part of the sorority become the first requirement have a s*x change and become a woman. I don’t think they will win in correct manly because they could always pledge with the Alpha brothers.

    • Why are people so quick to ASSign these duds to AΦA??

      They’d get a “instant thumbs-down” from me….and most of the brothers I know!!

      Bettah recognize & forget what you heard elsewhere!!

  11. Sooooooo glad the red and white is unapproachable. This world is upside down. Their is a spirit released that says everything is acceptable and as much as I Love My President he did not help. Still Praying and Voting for President Barrack Obama.

  12. I find it a compliment to AKA. These guys are not trying to join DST…. !!

    • Kymberlee DST for LIFE!!!!!!!

      I take offense to this Amazing Grace. Why do you have to create more divisiveness by injecting negative comments about Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in your comment? As a Delta and fellow member of the Divine 9 of Black Fraternities and Sororities, I think statements like yours really demonstrate an immaturity and are distractions from objective contributions that you could have made in support of your argument. Take the high road, and exemplify the true elegance that Alpha Kappa Alpha represents, rather than resorting to the ignorance of the miseducated. Now. That would be Amazing….Grace.

  13. OH LAWD! What the h**l is wrong with these guys? I am not a member of any sorority but I do not agree with this lawsuit AT ALL! They will NOT WIN! This is taking their gay pride too far! Leave the female sororities ALONE and join a FRATERNITY! That’s what they’re there for! If they want to be women so bad, they need to go have a s*x change. THEN maybe they can join the AKAs or whichever one they want.

    • I agree with MDC. If you want to join a group then there’s the fraternity. The fact of the matter is that your a MAN with WOMEN tendencies!! Stop trying to get attention and form your own group. This is not about sisterhood for them because they are not women!

  14. Devora Baht Y'shua

    There are no morals in this government anymore or in it’s laws.I do not support gay rights. It goes against the word of Our Holy Yah!

  15. I wonder what position the president would take on this matter?
    From his past decisions it is most likely he would be in agreement of the “men” joining the Alpha’s. SO being that i am not a homophobe as so many of the commenters here are, I think they should be allowed to join. I’m just sayin’.

    • Then you can vote for them to join your frat or sorority. You ARE a member of one, right??

      Accept homosexuality and everything else in human flaws, if you so choose. Call me a drunkophobe, thiefophobe, murderophobe,…..wait…! Phobia denotes “a fear of“. I saw no post here of anyone claiming to fear homosexuals!! Give me a suffix that means “not in agreement with“….!

  16. I am not a sorority lady, but I have family who are AKA’s and 1 cousin and many friends who are DST’s and I do not agree with this action. It’s one thing to be gender specific, but to force people to accept your life standards are beyond ridiculous and wrong. Men should not be admitted to a sorority.

  17. I have to agree, this is just motive to make money or just be an a*s! I a member of a black fraternity this is disgusting! What do they claim to benefit? Really, cmon guys this is ridiculous and you should be embarassed.
    Everyone knows you have to be a female to join a sorority, as I’m sure you do too! Honestly, what do you expect to gain???

  18. Flaming f**s ALWAYS want to be in the spotlight. DUDES BELONG IN A FRATERNITY, NOT IN A SORORITY…. Why aren’t they trying to sue to get into KAS??? Because they know the frats wont have it, so they THINK they can bully a “weaker” group? Do they even know the purpose of a fraternity/soroity? From the looks of things, I think not. Personally, I believe AKA, Inc. should sue them for using their name in disgracful manner like this.

  19. let me see if i’ve got this right…

    When the gay guys wanted to be cub scout leaders…. you said nothing
    when the gay guys demanded that churches recognize and marry them…you said nothing.when the gay demende special laws and rights… you were silent.

    Now they want to join your soro and you are upset. Get over itand open the door.there are new “sisters coming in and you ae going to have to share!!

  20. It’s not really an issue of sexuality or s****l orientation, as I can imagine every single AKA in the entire world is not a heterosexual woman. That said, every member is a WOMAN! Making the rights of the Sorority to admit whomever they want and in this case deny membership to whomever they want, based not on s****l orientation but GENDER. AKA is a sorority. Founded by collegiate WOMEN! Sisterhood. I mean, c’mon fellas. There is no basis for a lawsuit.

  21. As an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman, this is disrespectful to my organization. As a 3rd year in law school, I can also confidently say that they don’t have a case, either.

  22. Mr Adrian Stewart

    I’m flabbergasted. These gentlemen can form their own organization, then they could apply for recognition with the Panhellenic Council. I am sure that they would be recognized by the Panhellenic Council. Yo Yo kappa Man 1. Kappa Alpha Psi 06/03/1971, 41 years in the bond, birthday last sunday.

  23. This is a Serious, Serious, and I can not express how much this is a SERIOUS MATTER. As an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman this is highly disgraceful to what we stand for has an organization. It is sisters who need to be suing these imitators and duplicators of our distinguished sorority. This is a sorority founded by women and is apart of history for over 100 years. Our founders, would be rolling in their graves if they heard of this.

  24. Mr Adrian Stewart

    Oh, another thing is that since Alpha Kappa Alpha is a private organization (dues, closed membership) they are not subject to equal access laws which are only subject to clubs or venues which are public.

  25. I have no problem with people living their own life styles, but there comes a time when they need to reel it in. Just because you are a queen, it doesn’t make you a woman. You are only perpetrating, create your own Greek organization and leave the existing ones alone.

  26. This kind of conduct from my brothers has very bad carma behind it. I heard Morehouse has had a underground soroity for years and all the particapants are men whom graduate and become leaders within the corporate world. Its amazing how once Obama and the laws gave homosexuals a platfrom they then feel forced to intrude on everything good . How can a man feel he’s better capable than a women to carry out her life style. Where did that concept come from. Every sence the Phychological association Remove that homosexual behavior was know longer a medical condition from their books and said it is a normal behavior. After many years of being lobbyied be various organisation to have it take out the books. He we come with the greek and rome cultural life style full force and it seems theirs know way to control the madness. I am become Muslim immediately.

  27. These pictures are super OLD, these photos have been in circulation since 2000 or earlier.



  29. In our day and time, forget all that sorority S**t. Now days we don’t even have decent schools for our children to ever get in any sorority. d**n most of them will not even get a high school diploma, if we keep living this s**t we living. Join the d**n sorority in your neighborhoods and bring your brothers and sisters back together.

  30. Makheru Bradley

    The Pretty Girls Wearing 20 Pearls could be in trouble if Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP find out about this.

  31. I’m so sick of these f**s & these homos trying to push this garbage on people & I’m not homophobic! I justknow right from wrong.

  32. Get an organization of your own as no matter how hard you think or try, you guys are not ladies! Next thing you know people will exect for others who work and responsibly procreate to take care of them and their irresponsible choices of having baby after baby without consequence of also taking of of them.
    Man, what s really going on here!

  33. CarolinaSistah

    Instead of jobs, THIS is what our President has ushered in with his support of ‘gay marriage’!

  34. What have we created?

    Let’s not place the blame on these way-ward children do to the fact that society has greatly assisted in creating these kinds of life styles. let’s place the blame on ourselves for accepting and loving the culture of others, after all who educates, informs, and guides our son’s footsteps from the cradle to the grave? Who do we aspire to be like? Who in society do we admire and wish our sons would be like? I can tell you for sure its not Hannibal Barca, Shaka Zulu, Martin Luther King, or even Malcolm X. I fear and believe that we have not seen the worst of what is to come. You become what you admire, so be very careful what your son’s and daughters admire. After the constant bombardment of tell-lie-vision on our children, and once they are over dosed with television “PROGRAMMING” what can we expect? I pray for us,, for we know not who we are dealing with…..

  35. Mr. Magnanimous

    “The group may have ammunition to make their point. Recently, President Obama announced his support for gay marriage. This has led to additional push to acknowledge gay rights in America.”

    Whoever wrote this article with the above sentences, please know this: How the President personally feels about gay marriage has absolutely NOTHING to do with a group a gay guys who want to be AKAs. This story is wild enough without you making idiotic statements trying to connect the right to get married and the right to join a private organization.

    These guys just need to create their own organization and move on. Alpha Kappa Alpha will never belong to them and I don’t see any court agreeing with them.

  36. If these men want to pledge a sorority – then start your own! Please don’t disrespect our sisters of AKA or any Black sorority with this non-sense!!! Where does the madness end?

    I’m all for equal rights, but this is going too far!

    Lastly, Mr. and Mrs. Obama cannot concern themselves with the plight of American Blacks. In doing so, they will lose their political leverage with White democrats, Hispanics and the gay community which they need to win this November. American Blacks are on the bottom of the totem poll in every important aspect of society. They know American Blacks are going to vote for the democratic party regardless!

    It’s time for us to start thinking outside the box and consider other political parties so the democrats will stop taking us for granted!

  37. Mr Adrian Stewart

    No, they don’t have ammunition. They are guilty of copyright and patent infringement, and can be sued themselves for the unauthorized use of AKA logos and other insignia that are associated with the sorority. Again fraternities and sororities are private organizations and not covered by or under equal access laws. A PRIVATE CLUB OR ORGANIZATION CAN RESTRICT MEMBERSHIP.

  38. Im a black man & im gonna sue the kkk for revoking my membership lol, im not white & these f**s r not women just making a mockery of women hood smdh…..

  39. Wheniwassifted

    Spring of 84, says NOPE! We are a sisterhood, they can pledge A Phi A. Please!,,

  40. This is a attack of the enemy, please look at the right thing

  41. I’m tired of all of this f*g s**t now we will have three d**n sexes soon u are a man leave the honorable lovely
    Ladies of AKA alone

  42. Erika Williams

    “Give a …. an inch, they take a mile. We have accepted gays in our society and have treated them fairly. Now they think they can do whatever. NOT!! You will never be a part of a sorority built on Christian values and wisdom. You are not wanted!!!

  43. Let’s say by a slim chance of zero out of 999 billion chances, these “individuals” win such a ridiculous court case”. Who is going to initiate them? I sure wouldn’t. NEVER. Would you? NOPE. For all the Greeks out there, you know what i’m getting at. A lot goes into this and members have to be willing to put in the time and effort to bring in new members. I don’t see a line of willing participants forming to bring these “individuals” into such an illustrious organization.
    Do you? I’m not worried. Not one bit. It’s not happening…I would burn my house down, before I let you take it.

  44. This article is too ridiculous to be true. But if it is and these men do have intentions to sue the AKA sorority then I hope they realize their chances of winning a suit and gaining entry are hopeless. A sorority is for women. Fraternities are for men. They might have a fighting chance if they identified as women (i.e. transgender females) as was the situation in the Miss America and the Girl Scouts of America lawsuits but I don’t believe that’s the case. I’m a gay man and I don’t agree with this at all. It makes us look really bad.

  45. I can’t. Saying this group may have ammunition to make their point is like saying I have ammunition to make a point that I should be playing in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB. They have FRATERNITIES and they have SORORITIES! Don’t go trying to mess with sororities simply because you want to “make a statement”. This is just silly and a waste of time. If they really want to stand out, h**l, start a FRASORITY! Do somethin’! Just quit trying to get attention because at the end of the day, I can guarantee you they don’t give two craps about being AKA’s. They just want to prove a point. Out of all the important issues to direct their attention towards, they chose this. #Shameful #HotMess

  46. This is beyond sad! They need to get a life and there is no way in h**l these losers would be apart of A-PHI-A. So stop making the suggestions that they should come our way. We ONLY accept the best of the best! We are the Grand-Dads making no mistakes…

  47. Come on now. This cannot be life. Please leave my sorority alone. I have nothing against gays at all, but this is a sisterhood and founded upon those ideals. Join a fraternity, or start your own organization.

  48. The entire soro and frat thing i feel is overrated… Why do we need to be a part of a group of people to be successful as individuals… Only benefit is a guaranteed job by a sis or bro after graduation whether you have the skills needed or not… GANGS FOR A FUTURE HOOK UP is all they are…….. rejects needing something to be a part of…. Yet we raise our kids to not depend on others… SERVICE to the community doesnt have to be by an ORGANIZED group… I was raised to give back, and to help those in need… And also shunned GANGS….SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES are exactly what we tell our kids to avoid…. Why when they go to college its ok… And if other non frat or soro persons are friends with you, somehow they are excluded from activities you can do ONLY WITH YOUR ‘GANG MEMBERS’…. Sick of them skeewees and delts who discriminate AGAINST EACH OTHER….. The men arent as bad, i must say….!.. #weareallone….

    • You sound like a straight idiot. If Martin Luther King marched alone YOU would not be posting on this thread, but instead picking cotton on massas plantation. Strength is in NUMBERS. This is one of the problems with the Kneegrows. That me, myself and I mentality is why we have nothing, own nothing and do nothing. I never joined a sorority but Kudos to any effort made to UNITE the “coloreds” and get something accomplished in numbers. Siddown!

  49. I believe that the 16 founders are turning over in their grave. Some people will do anything for attention and their 15 minutes of fame. I am a Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. & believe me this lawsuit is not going to fly. BRING IT ON MIAKA’S BRING IT ON!!! We have been challenged by more craftier people than these attention seekers and we still came out on top.

  50. I understand that agrand majority of the comments are apposed to the very thought of what these guys are doing. I, too, am apposed but women are constently suing to get into organizations formed for men only and think nothing of it.

    My belief is that you cant have your cake and eat it to. Either women need to admit men into sororities or stop complaining about the all male organizations and suing to get into them.

  51. h**l the ugly girls sued to get into AKA, so why not the men also….

  52. ****New flash for everyone****

    This is going on everyday i’m from Montgomery, AL and I am a Gay male. however I do not want to become a AKA nor Delta I want to be a KAPPA.. This type of thing is big in the Montgomery area.. you go to the club you have Male AKA Male Delta and they have actually real girl AKA’s and Delta’s strolling with them aroung the club. they also have GIrl Kappa’s and girl Q’s.. nobody bothers anybody nobody bash anybody everybody gets a long.. i dont know where you all are from but its 2012 things like this is going to happen. but dont bash anybody about it.. gays are gays str8 people are str8 people..

    YOU JUST HAVE TO RESPECT ONE ANOTHER.. and im not saying I am for the guys in the pic. but lets not bash them about it.. if you can’t say anything nice then dont say it at all..

    • if you can’t say anything nice then dont say it at all..
      Last time I checked the freedom of speech was still in the constitution. You may not like what a person says but, they have the freedom to say it.

  53. j want to
    + join

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