Black Unemployment Just Keeps Getting Worse

A new report on black unemployment reveals a grim picture for the African American community.   The black unemployment rate rose this month from 13% to 13.6% and black males still have the highest unemployment rate in the country.  As with every month there are political implications and conversations taking place on the matter, but not much being done in Washington.

Unfortunately, the unemployment rate for African Americans rose in May to 13.6 percent from 13.0 percent in April, the Labor Departmentsaid on Friday. The numbers mirrored the national unemployment rate, which also increased to 8.2 percent from 8.1 percent, the first rise in 11 months. Further, employers created only 69,000 jobs in May, the smallest amount in a year. The startling numbers mean that federal, state, and local governments will have to invest in job-training programs for African-American workers who are increasingly losing jobs like those in the public sector, Rep. Danny K. Davis (Ill-D) told NewsOne.

For Davis, the issue of Black unemployment is a complex one. Still, much of our community being out of work has nothing to do with our unwillingness to work, which is what many high-profile Conservatives would like to have you believe. Taking Conservatives to task, Davis insists that laziness isn’t an accurate depiction of the problem. “I’m a guy who grew up picking cotton, which means that many of the people I grew up with did the same things. Work ethic has been an ongoing thing among individuals I know. Yet, many of them of them cannot find work.

“Yes, the unemployment rate is high among African Americans,” he continued, [but] “one of the reasons is because too few people have too much control of the decisions and resources and money.


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  2. Obama should have started a WPA when the Senate and House were Democratic. A guaranteed job should be part of reparations for slavery based on DNA

  3. One of the reasons is because too few people have too much control of the decisions and resources and money.

    This is the main reason alot of black people are unemployed….. Black people work and have no problem doing their jobs, in hopes that they want be layed off, let go or whatever other label that employers give for their reasoning…..

    People in Human resources has to much misuse of power in the hiring process of black people……This has been a big problem for years…This is the same if you have a degree/experience, degree, certification/experience,certification,lic in whatever field, It always been a hard time getting a job..

    May to 13.6 percent from 13.0 percent in April, the Labor Department said on Friday.Still, much of our community being out of work has nothing to do with our unwillingness to work, which is what many high-profile Conservatives would like to have you believe.

    This is ashame and a disgrace…Black people are struggling to find work….Struggling to hold on to the piece of job they do have.Theirs people on their jobs creating issues trying to get rid of them now.So they can be replaced with someone else….

    High-profile Conservatives always got something negative to say, but they werent saying any of this mess, when they had black slaves and was working them to death for free…Black people worked hard then and they work hard now..

    The struggling has always been hard for black people but who knows this but black people……White people..(High-profile Conservatives) cant speak for know one but themselves, so of course they speak negative of black people…..

    (High-profile Conservatives)They want black people to remain were they are and keep the heat off of their butts, with being over paid,stealing money ,not paying taxes and other c**p they have been getting away with for decades.

  4. lischelle love, R N

    Like I said before, “Barack the Magic Negro” didn’t start this and can’t possibly fix this historical reality even in later years in office. Last hired; first fired is a historical reality for blacks in America

    • True!!! I am unemployed and I have observe that many people are being hire over American Blacks, now you must multi lingual, technical savvy, and advanced degrees. I have seen little ole white ladies pulling shopping carts in shopping malls.

      American Blacks are paying for voting for Barack Obama, I personally am not regretting my vote and will vote for him in a second. My only problem with President Obama is arrest the people who are guilty with robbing this economy. I live in New York and feel good that Bin Laden is dead. No one has told the Black American side of 911. We have mainly listen to the White American story.

      • “Black American side of 9/11″ ?

      • please tell me the black american side of 911. i’ve not heard that one.

        i agree with most of what you said; especially “black americans are being punish (no pun attended) for voting for obama”. all the jobs that black men did, previously, such as construction, brick laying, and etc., are now given to hispanics. Most cannot speak english and their work does not meet standards. black americans are suffering while obama, being a politican, wants to be reelected. he expects our vote but what is he doing for us? just my opinion……nothing more……

        • What do you want the President to do that he is not doing now? Maybe it is time for us who are Black to see what we can do for ourselves. Maybe more of us should go into business like the foreigners do. In my area all the cleaners, newspaper stores, motels and now gas stations are owned or run by middle eastern people. Maybe Blacks should go into busines and then they can hire other blacks. The problem is that we do not support our own. We need to stop waiting for someone to help us, be it the president or someone else. Also make our children stay in school and graduate. If they do not want to go to college, then learn a trade. There is a shortage of electricians,carpenters and plumbers. We Black people need a summit where we figure out how all Blacks can move ahead.

          • You are so right, Mary! WE need to help ourselves! Others hire their own folk for the trades and the professions. We beg other people to take our dollars, becoming angry that “they” don’t put certain services in our community. Well, if Black folk use it, then Black folk should supply it! I look for Black mechanics, handymen, doctors, lawyers, taxi drivers, commissioned sales people, etc. WE Black folk must stop looking for other folk to support us – even with a job! What can WE do to circulate money in our own community, besides the church . . . which is a whole ‘nother issue that’s holding Black people back.

          • Old Country Man

            Thanks Mary, very well presented. I know that its been said many times before but it seems like the Talented Ten is not hearing. Please keep saying it.

          • I like the way you are thinking, Mary. But, we need something more immediate. If we could follow an example to seek out black businesses or black commission salespeople as well as companies who have a high percentage of black employees, employers would see the value in hiring Blacks.
            Since, we are consumer peoples, we might as well chose who we spend our money with, and turn our spending into power.

          • I am a black “low powered” conservative, actually I am a no power conservative. I know we should stop whining and complaining, lookig for someone to give us a handout and do for ourselves. Especially the
            young, able bodied folk. Even given the fact that Obama has barely
            created a job, still we should stop making excuses. It MUST be
            possible because so many black people are doing it.Having children
            when they can take care of them, NOT the government. Getting an
            education, be it a degree or certificate.

            Regarding Hispanics taking the jobs, has anyone read for them
            selves Obama’s voting record on immigration?

            @Mary I don’t think we need a summit because we already know
            what to do, you pretty much laid it out. No more excuses.
            Discipline yourself. Oh and stop treating Obama like he is a religion.
            GOOGLE and READ for yourself his history.

          • If you are my sister you are confussed but if you are White and pretending to be Black you are without even the honor of being a fly on the wall. You see i fit that model you protray as being a fitted suit for success. I am a carpenter of 20+ years.I have 3 years of college and cont. But you ignore the obvious and that is Black people own almost no wealth and regulatory law alone with lack of capitol has always and historically been the number 1 obstruction for Black buisness ventures. STOP! STOP! STOP! thinking we are retarted because in you analysis of what we are lacking is simply that summation no matter how you choose to interpet it.


          • Mary, that is the most intelligent, pragmatic comment that has been made here so far. Let’s finally STOP “Waiting for Bootstrap” help in getting some economic clout by creating some jobs by going into business for ourselves. The President was not elected to be the Black people’s “Savior”. We are still responsible for creating our own destinies, irregardless of WHO sits in the Whitehouse. Foreigners come to our shores and create prosperity for their families, WHAT stops us from doing the same thing?

        • dp–

          Right on brother regarding Barack Obama who is absolutely not “Barack The Magic Negro” as stated by commenter Lichelle, but rather Obama is “Barack The Highly Deceptive & Dangerous Half White Man” with an attractive dark-skinned wife and daughters who for the past four years refused to utter in public the ethnic identity words “African American”. Obama has also done pretty much only what his deep-pocketed, big-bank-rolled white Jewish supporters (among the heftiest number of majority white employers nationwide happily and deliberately contributing to high employment nationwide among African Americans in any way at all that they can including either throwing out, recreating or amending city/state government civil service protection/right to work laws and destroying government employee unions and swatting & squashing as many black business start-ups as possible) and Hispanics (who white American employers have principally hired over African Americans for the past 20+ years & counting along with Asians and other non-African Americans) told Obama exactly what they wanted done long before he announced his first run for the White House. They told him to Bail out Wall Street, nominate and place a Latino and yet another white Jew of many as Supreme Court Justices, ignore African Americans altogether with exception of providing multiple unemployment benefit extensions because they are going to be fired in droves and not rehired by us, and appoint as many white Jews and Hispanics to high level White House, federal government agency, and all other appointed positions including state judges on It’s getting close to the finish line for the 2012 Presidential Election and, quite unfortunately in 2008 and now 2012, African Americans are voting for Obama largely based on the color of his skin and really don’t know squat about the man nor his legislative and national defense policies or his economic,domestic, and foreign relations and affairs record. And, if African Americans really knew these things in detail most would not be so quick to jump on this man’s bandwagon. Contrary to ignorant popular belief of African Americans, Obama is not merely “the lesser of two evils” between himself and GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, the disturbing underbelly of Obama, his Presidency, White House, and federal government under the Obama administration is far worse. Black people had best understand now that the only Savior is Jesus Christ and only one in charge deserving of the honor and worship of all human beings and living things is Almighty God. If you want the infinitely the best leader and only real power and protection there is period, join the only A-Team there is, that of Jesus Christ, Almighty God, and Holy Spirit. All else is total deception, evil, and sinking sand. Peace!

          • I love you brother you an “EDUCATED MONSTER” for truth. TY TY TY TY TY TY TYTY TY TY !!!!!!

          • That kind of rhetoric is what has kept the black communit from continue progress. Dr. martin Luther King was a christian, but believed that we live in a land filled with man’s laws and the laws have to be fair for all. If Dr. King believed your rhetoric than you wouldnt have the freedom of doing what you are doing today nor writing what you are writing today. You have that freedom today. I guess you must of forgotten. Your rhetoric doesnt do anything when a black person goes for a job and could be discriminated, or go rent an apartment or hail a cab. Is good that you believe in god and jesus christ – but take a red light and see whose law you answer to. So as black folks we need to be mindful that there are people out there that do not like us and would like for us not to have any say – but Dr. King made it possible – so stop the foolish talk and use that energy to continiue the progress Dr. King made. There has been no since Dr. King that has moved black folks foward. Dr. King made Pres. Obama possible, along with your first amendment right possible. Do something constructive with it….

      • American Blacks are paying for voting for Barack Obama!!!

        That maybe true, with the way the employers are doing things, but its know has gotten worst…So why are they (labor unions,and others)allowing EMPLOYERS AND COMPANIES TO PRATICE THIS TYPE OF DISCRMINATION..

        Your own Company requires ….MONEY,BANK LOANS…which have always been hard to get, Banks discriminate, and jack up the percentage on loans for blacks , thats if you can even get a loan….All of this is true and look like no solution..or at least ways to get around it…

        The ones that are employed, hang on to ur butts,These(High-profile Conservatives)white people is doing whatever they can to make most black people unemployed.

        It sounds crazy but its true…People shouldnt be unemployed for years,1, 2,3,4,5 years thats bull…Theirs Know EMPLOYERS/COMPANIES is willing to hiring these well
        educated, experienced, skillful, Knowledgeable, tactful, certified,degree down black people…This can come in any order, depending on the person.

  5. Black American that make these statements use a brush that is to wide and a mind set that is to narrow. There are millions of Black American employed and not the first fired. That conspect is old and out of date. Racism won’t go away because to many Blacks entertain it thinking they are saying something clever. Its dumb and destructive to young minds. You are Black and apparently doing ok,what happened that you slipped under the wire? I’m just saying don’t destroy someones hope because times are rough. How many whites are unemployed? Just exactly what do you think Washington will do about it in 2012? You must know the Congress has shut down the President. The GOP lost the election in 2008 and think they should tell the President how to run the Country. A bunch of losers that just don’t get it.

    • Well Robert,

      First, some people of “African” descent would like to be referred to as “African Americans”, but some as “Black” based on the Civil Rights Movement during the 60′s. I think “respect” is key to understanding what other ethnic groups go through in America. It is not “politically correct”, it is called “respect” for different cultures. I am not sure who came up with the term “politically correct”, but I’m sure it is a person or group that do not like to respect or try to understand different cultures.
      Second, Anglo/European Americans (referred to as “White”) unemployment numbers are “always” lower than African Americans and it has been this way for decades, if not for a solid century. Just take a look at the job numbers from the Labor Department for that same period of time. In addition, when national reports are released (e.g., the latest Labor Dept. report), the majority of this report contain information on Anglo Americans, not African Americans because most businesses have to report their numbers to the Labor Department by law.
      Lastly, African Americans mention racism as it applies to racial prejudice or racial issues as they occur, but African Americans experience it more than it is mentioned in articles, news releases or any other reports on television. Just because you don’t think racism exist in the hiring practices in Corporate America, does not mean it doesn’t. One example of this practice, would be, if African Americans use names from their African heritage, they are more than likely to be discriminated against. Several studies have been done in the last 3 or 4 years to unearth this practice adopted by some businesses in America. So, there are legitimate racial prejudice issues raised by African Americans and it is not based on “old” data or “old” news or gossip/conspiracies theories. But, Anglo Americans never feel comfort talking about these issues because it usually make Anglos feel uncomfortable because there are still Anglo privileges in America. Check out Tim Wise books, “White Privilege” or “White like Me”

    • Robert–

      Sorry brother, but you and, quite highly unfortunately, millions of other black Americans as descendants of black slaves remain extremely and essentially delusional, clearly confused, ignorant, and as a result also jump ready and willing to further spread white America’ deliberate distortion and deception daily spewed via white-controlled media automatically, and upon expectation and request race to help white America further easily divide, dilute via heavily encouraged, promoted, and escalating white/black inter-racial marriages/pro-creations, and ultimately to strategically destroy you and other African Americans in every possible way all to ensure valor attempts to save your own a***s. More crab-in-the-barrel mentality. Take off your blinders, don’t believe most of what you read via white-controlled media since it is “white-controlled”, and most of all Americans and other people worldwide are controlled and their opinions shaped principally as a result of deliberately being misinformed and also brainwashed based on dissemination of distorted information and plan old fiction, not facts. Peace!

  6. Mensah Daudi Ambidwile

    Even during the darkest days of jim crow, unemployment among African-Americans was high. Yet, we, as a people, undertook the task to ensure that our dollars, hard-earned as they were, encircled our specific communities as many times as was possible. From the now-emaciated NEGRO CHURCH, as well as the now-defunct BUSINESS SECTOR pandering in our communities, we appear to be lost in our abilities to create for selves. Yet, out of the ashes of waste, still stands the building blocks to our economic future: the spiritual centers all across this land. And, yes, we MUST HAVE futuristic leadership within those walls that understand that it is by Yahweh’s Decree that we, as a people, reconstruct our future here and wherever people of the Pan-African Diaspora reside! UHURU!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It is not the job of the govt to create jobs for black males. Govt should create an environment that promotes hiring. And if we look at the history of this govt, it has never promoted job growth for black men outside the penal system. I say let’s stop looking to the govt for help and do the only thing that makes sense. The rich black folk need to get together and create investment partnerships that work to create a “black” economy such as the ones that were formed prior to integration. Only then will the black male unemployment issue be addressed.

    • Old Country Man

      Thanks, Please say it again and again and louder and louder.


    • Your absolutely right – but we need to stop buying Jordans until they invest in black communites – stop going to their shows and their events. We nne to do for ourselves the right way like black folks did back in the early 1900′s.

  8. As a recruiter, i know that jobs are out there. What is not being addressed is most employers drug test. 60% of applicants for certain jobs can not pass the drug test. Sittin at home smoking weed, thinking that you can drink some concoction the night before you pee in the cup is NOT a game plan.

    Companies are hiring, but cant hire you if you test positive. A large number of african american young men smoke weed. This is a HUGE reason why the unemployment rate is so high in the 16 -29 year old demographic.

  9. JUST BEING REAL.. its not “the mans” fault that you test positive. Somebody needs to start talking about two things 1. this demographic that decided to drop out of high school. 2. The number of folks sittin at home getting high.

    if part of the pre employment background check is a drug test, and you get high. Testing positive and not getting the job is no ones fault but yours.

  10. A Message for Unemployed Black Men “Let’s Stop Looking for Handouts”

    I am a Black Male who meets with the unemployed daily to assist them with their job search. We as Black Men need to take action and BECOME JOB SEARCH READY. Some come in to my center without resumes, career goals and unable to properly answer interview questions. If that’s the case there are people and services in place that can help but unfortunately for some they don’t recognize the significance of marketing themselves against all the other competitors looking for the same jobs they are. One gentlemen who was middle aged wanted to argue with me about why he didn’t need to update his resume because “He knew Someone” whoever he knew must have forgotten who he was because the situation didn’t lead to a job for him. If you are in a game of competition but don’t know the weapons you need or have a strategy to beat out the competition or even worse; don’t even know that you are in a competition, you are severely disadvantaged. The Job Market has become even fiercer today than it’s ever been in our history. If you don’t know that you are in a competition, how can you win? I’m a very blessed man having had the opportunity to proudly serve my country and now to serve you, my fellow citizens, as a workforce professional so, if you need me; I GOT YOUR BACK, but you’re in a fight, so fight to win and realize that you have so much good within you and so much to offer; let’s meet this challenge together by focusing on our strengths, change our thinking and be examples to the next generation of young black males who truly need us.
    Steven D. Alston

  11. Forty Worst Cities in America for
    Black Men Not Working; No National and Few Local Plans to Change This Modern American Catastrophe

    Percentage of employed, working-age (16-64) black males in these cities:

    1. Detroit 43.0
    2. Buffalo 43.9
    3. Milwaukee 44.7
    4. Cleveland 47.7
    5. Chicago 48.3
    6. St. Louis 51.3
    7. Philadelphia 51.7
    8. Phoenix 52.0
    9. Cincinnati 52.6
    10. Indianapolis 52.6
    11. Richmond 52.7
    12. Memphis 53.2
    13. Hartford 53.3
    14. San Francisco 53.3
    15. Pittsburgh 53.3
    16. Miami 53.4
    17. New Orleans 53.5
    18. Omaha 53.8
    19. Oakland 53.8
    20. Las Vegas 54.2
    21. Birmingham 54.3
    22. Newark 54.5
    23. Columbus 54.7
    24. Jacksonville 54.8
    25. Los Angeles 54.8
    26. Kansas City 55.1
    27. Seattle 56.3
    28. Charlotte 56.5
    29. San Diego 57.1
    30. New York City 57.4
    31. Portland 57.4
    32. Baltimore 57.5
    33. Houston 58.3
    34. Nashville 58.3
    35. Denver 58.8
    36. Atlanta 59.0
    37. Minneapolis 59.3
    38. Boston 59.7
    39. Dallas 61.0
    40. Washington, D.C. 66.6

    Information from Race and Male Employment in the Wake of the Great Recession by Marc Levine of the Center for Economic Development at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

  12. CarolinaSistah

    President Obama may not have caused high employment among Black Americans; but he must begin to address it openly and honestly. Silence is no longer an option. If ‘gays’ can force him to make a statement of support for same-s*x marriage; then Black Americans should be able to force him to make a statement supporting the reduction of unemployment for America’s Black citizens.

    • But Sistah, gays gave Obama millions of dollars! It takes big dollars to play the political game! How much money do Black organizations give the President, by comparison? How much do they ask for? When a candidate gets our votes as well as our dollars, then we’ll get his or her attention as well as his action.

  13. Situations like this is when I wish we as African Americans had a strong unification among us. For example, we have enough wealthy and rich black actors, athletes, and professional people to get together with their knowledge and wealth, and create jobs for our people. Make sense?

  14. Our Government behaves as if talking about the disproportionate statistic of unemployment in the Black Community is a “third rail issue”. Meaning, don’t discuss that its too close to an election, Well, they need to be concern with Our Community. I really believe those that have the ability to create jobs don’t and won’t create JOBS only to make The President look bad. African Americans and Native Americans need to join hands again, and become creative. Utilize The Small Business opportunities the Government are giving out and Create Your Dreams of that business you have always dreamt of.

  15. Michael Davis Sr

    Carolina Sistah
    Well said !!!! Any idea on how to get this done.

  16. The blacks wanted their god zerobama thet have him. Vote him in for 4 more years and you will all be on welfare. I do not feel sorry for the blacks of this country. You got what you wanted. Live with it.

  17. Malcolm X said, “If you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem.” Mr. Obama.

  18. I am an old white woman, I have seen a lot in my 86 yrs. and believe me you can lay this at the feet of Mitch McConell, he said as soon as Pres. Obama was elected President, his goal was to make him a one term President so the Republican has either voted down or filbustered every bill that has been sent to them to raise employment and get this country back up after the terrible 8yrs. of Bush and Chenny. DON’T LET THEM WIN. VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT!

    • Ms Inman, I’m with you on thie one! Blacks need to vote and we need to vote straight Democrat all the way, pro-choice and same-s*x marriage notwithstanding. This is a crucial election for the country and for Black America. We Blacks don’t want to be bamboozled like the Whites who gave Obama an obstructionist House that says “No” to almost everything the President proposes no matter whom it hurts.

  19. I read we’re one person wrote that if President Obama can speak out so boldly about same s*x marriage then there is no reason he shouldn’t be twice as vocal about unemployment in the Africcan American community. Here is another example where we as African Americans devalue ourselves. We can understand why the president had to speak to the need for same s*x marriage but when it comes to expecting him to speak directly to the plight of massive unemployment in the African American community many African Americans will say, “He doesn’t need to speak to our needs. It would be favoritism.” I think it’s just the fact that we devalue our needs!!!

  20. Black Unemployment is so high is because there are no Black businesses. Black people hire Black People. The main benefactors of affirmative action in corporate america are white women. The majority of federal government dollars set asides for minorities go to white women. Majority of Federal contracts for minorities go to white women. Except for Japanese Americans who were paid reparations, White women, asians & hispanics were never legally discriminated against in this country. They should not be considered for minority set asides but our so called leaders helped come up with these policies and said nothing about it because they are puppets.

  21. Black People, are under direct attack, blame it on the President, get the Black people against the President, and his own people will vote him out, this is the plan of the enemy.

    As I have stated before, these companies are using Credit Reports to not hire Black People, and at this time it is legal to do. I look at it like this, you can’t keep a good man or woman down long. I will not fear, what can man do to me. I refuse to be intimidated by my enemies, when God is in total control, for the wealth of the wicked is setup for the just. Black People are being setup for many blessings and breakthrough.

    Remember this, it is not what you go through, but how you go through trials, test, hardship, tribulations and unfairness, if you put your faith and trust in the Lord thy God, you will overcome with victory, if you put your faith and trust in man, you will surely fail.

    I am a living witness, of what God will and can do in your life, if you trust and believe in him only, God will bring you through. Don’t live in fear, be encouraged to fight the good fight of faith my brothers and sisters.

    You all are in my prayers. Stand on the Solid Rock, which is Jesus.

    Love Tracy

  22. it’s voting time this happen every 4 years give the whites the jobs and kick the blacks off their jobs…the republican is a cult and blacks know that this part of government will cut every thing to make us poorer…it’s and american cult and what the republicans do is create war to steal money for their companies….”"”now these are the people that believe in capitalism”"” and after they steal a few billion…then they let the democrates back in office…it’s been happen since 1975….blacks got out of aparthied in 1965 but it lingered on for aother 8 years…can you people see….by this time the great george herbert walker bush drug epidemic came it to play “”under extreme recession for the landless blacks in america”"”…it’s great if your mother or father didn’t try this drug they call crack or a fool didn’t roll the drug up in his or her marijana…black got to look at the truth….alot or afraid of their job..some are just out done by the past and refuse to even give it any chance and i say good be careful because the drugs are still lingering out here{please do not truth any one to roll up your marijana and tell your kids and family if we are going to save them}}’ but still…what are we going to do as blacks in america’ the white europeans have bought 30 million mexican and put them on jobs and at the same time tell us it is no jobs… they got the mexican in america doing the same jobs the black did in the 60′s and be-on that pick their food off the ground in the sun..the sun gives white people melnoma cancer which is the “aids virus”…but you got to study to under stand this..they do not have to catch melanoma cancer if they stay out of the sun simple… this is what this is about the slave in the fields picking up the white europeans food off the ground….it’s just this simple….america is the war post for all european countries and they will not lost this countries for this reason…may one more countries is a post australia…..oral s*x is a factor in a lot of ways if the blacks tell the truth about it….

  23. land occupation is the real problem for blacks in america….coming out of slavery blacks build 75 towns or more…and the white people was blow away how they build..they was order by the highest people in america to be burn down destroyed…these people was the governor’s and the senate of america at that time….they had chicken farms, hog farms, they was growing foods of all kinds they build irrigation system..ect…self independent with out the whites people and they hate that…we got to put the blacks back under us, this is how they thought…we got to get back control of these blacks….Dr. Malachi Z. York as he fights for his freedom…Dr. Malachi Z. York start to build a town in georgia outside the white mans system and these kkk crack lock this black man up….the same crack that are telling you they do not have money to give to you but you still got to be under our rule and if you don’t we will lock you up….these kkk red neck cracker that run the government of georgia are telling us as blacks that their is no more for you you can get food stamps but we might have to cut back on those…and when a man try to build outside of this kkk government he force you back and say you got to live off our food stamps not build your on system that don’t want your food stamps…look up Dr. Malachi Z. York i did’t overly care for his teaching but it was ok…for me some things could change…but to put the man in prison

  24. Unfortunately a lot of African-Americans do not have the knowledge for the current job market. This is why it is so important for our children to stay in school and out of jail.

    We are always the first fired and last hired, so with no diploma or higher learning, technical or 4 year school, we are further limited in the job market due to a lack of knowledge, training, experience and a record of incarceration.

    Black lives are further complicated when children are brought into the mix creating more POVERTY.

  25. Mary, I agree with you. We as Blacks need to go to another level; create business so that we can hire other blacks. For an example, there are a lot of black beauticians and black barbers; but ask them if they do nails, and they quote “I’m not touching nobody’s feet” but rather complain because of lack of business. Therefore the foreigners will continue to dominate our neighborhood, I can’t blame them.

    Tracy Richard, you also correct, we have to put our trust in God and not man. Yes we go thru trials and tribulations, I’ve be thru myself; however the bible says “I never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” God will meet your needs if you Truly live for him.

  26. Peter D.Slaughter

    A vast % of black’s who voted for change got souled out as of late and just like during the 60′s and 70′s after the so-called big civil rights gains. The average black male or female does not even reaize that ole slave massa was plotting and planning to take all that wealth back.
    It’s ironic and very interesting how so many black women got tricked and bambozzled to be use against the black man,the black race and the black family structure with all this ” I got a job non-sense ” and I don’t need a black man.In order to create all the confusion and disruption among black men and women,black life in the commnuities all across the us. This slavemaster had to come up a with a new trick to deal with black people.Only problem,while black’s were watching tv drama shows and air jordan y t was plotting.Now it’s wake up time for sure

  27. See last post,email typo

  28. This last hired, first fired c**p is a union formula forced on all Americans with the concept of seniority.
    Obama wants your money to help him get re-elected to make him even richer than when he first entered office. The guy (Obama) had nothing but student debt, etc. His wife was almost ready to leave him & now he’s a multi-millionaire. When will we ever learn that supporting this guy was a mistake. Plenty of White folk were fooled too otherwise he would have never been elected. Do you really think Obama won because only Black folk voted for him? No! Even non-Blacks thought things might change but they haven’t & it’s not just because of White conservatives because for the first two years he was in office the democrats controlled both houses. Wake up people! Most White folk are also suffering & scared while this guy hangs out with rich celebrities and bankers & then talks bad about them just for politics. Remember that when Bush was president most democrats, including Obama, voted for what Bush wanted. Obama is not on our side & that means most Black & White. Politics is mean & dirty & in the end they’re all dishonest. Obama is only half Black so internally he has divided loyalty conflicts. He is a conflicted man!
    If Obama loses this election he will still be richer than when he first won plus he will have a nice retirement & expenses & Secret Service protection for himself & his family & live just like a rich White man. He will travel & make speeches & explain why he lost & yet be beloved by the rich establishment.
    Why do we keep deluding ourselves about this man? He already assumes (knows)he has your vote.

  29. Sharon Anthony

    i read alot about black unemployment. i am a white woman, w a 25 yr old unemployed black son, a 48 yr old unemployed black husband. my son and husband searched and searched for jobs, anything. my son is a pharm tech. no job. obama, he’s just another rich politician, looking out for his cronies and himself. sorry, i would vote for him. but thats the way i see it.

  30. Most of the comments show that most of the Afrikans in the US are mentally confused because they foolishly believe that their salvation and progress lies in the hands of the American/Europeans in the US who own and control the Democratic and Republican parties.They stubbornly refuse to accept the truth when Malcolm X whose parents were Garveyites said that where Afrikans in the US are concerned there is no difference between a Democrat and a Republican.The European Jews in the US despite their very small numbers compared to the circa 40 million Afrikans in the US get what they want for themselves in the US and in their Zionist state of Israel because they are effectively united to get their agenda seen to at all times.Most Afrikans in the US have no racial agenda and thus make no demands on Obama the half European president.These mentally retarded fools who will continue to suffer believe that they will be better by only voting for Obama to be the president again.Obama and all presidents only do things when they are forced to and this means that Afrikans in the US have to effectively unite and force him to do things in our interest instead of making excuses for him in ignoring our plight.The Marcus Garvey way of SELF-RELIANCE is the only solution for Afrikans.Amen Ra be praised.

    • Mandingo: You are perfectly right on all these points: The Jews getting what they want because they unite in a common cause; most Afrikans in the USA simply believe the Democratic and Republican parties are their salvation and their further salvation also lies within the hands of Europeans in America. I learnt in the 1970′s that most Americans are mental retards as they have no thinking capacity which, of course, includes a great number of Afrikans. They have not learned from Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and many other leaders who tried their damnedest to ‘wake’ these people who are slumbering. The half European Obama does not care about the Afrikans within nor outside the USA. Let them not be fooled because his father was from Kenya. Obama said that he is not a ‘Black President’ he is the President of the United States. Farrakhan referred to Obama as the ‘first Jewish President’. These two statements should be looked at in depth as there is a lot of meaning to them. Marcus Garvey’s teaching of self-reliance is the only way forward. A lot of Afrikans should realise that the teachings of Garvey have been studied and implemented by other racial groups as they saw the wisdom in the writings which have been sadly ignored by most of us Afrikans. The Most High One, Amen Ra, be praised.

      • In the penultimate line … ‘other racial groups as they saw the wisdom’ should read ‘other racial groups as they see the wisdom’.

  31. It’s because we are losing jobs in the public sector. We’ve tried to get funding for teachers, firefighters and cops, but the GOP keeps blocking it.

  32. I hate to admit this but statistically the Black race in the USA has had more success convincing the White leadership to make favorable changes to the Constitution, etc. than they’ve had with Black representatives once in office. The White leadership may slowly make these changes kicking & screaming but so far on a huge scale they’ve been forced to give in. Always remember that slavery was never a ballot issue but rather the overwhelming majority of White folk slowly became convinced that it was wrong & saw the light & found it repugnet and fought for change. The White leadership in the USA realized that MLK was right about unfair discrimination & gradually forced the issue of change in the South. White folk fighting other White folk stood besides Blacks to bring order & social justice awarness to backward Whites. I say all this only because people, White & Black pinned their hopes on Obama & he’s been busy partying & enjoying ‘Hail to the Chief’ almost like a fairytale president who now has a ‘killing agenda’ with drones, etc. Things will only get worse with this man in office. God save us!

  33. this is all the plan of the powers that be sending black folk especially black males back to a modern day cotton field and a chain gang called ta daaaa the penal system. smh…..

  34. What was it Mr. Obama said,Oh yes now I remember? He said, ” A raising tide lifts all boats.” Well I like to see if that same tide will lift the votes he need this comming Nov. Yes I did vote for him the 1st time but I regret that vote now. I wish maxine and the rest of the CBC denounce his lack of effort for Black people in all areas of concern

    • I agree – blacks need to stop the waiting for a savior mentality. In Miami there vocational schools in every black community, but the only ones in them are Haitians and Latinos. Where the black folks. They cant be bother with it because it takes sacrifice. Here in Florida Rick Scott became governor because blacks didnt bother to come out and vote – today we have him trying all kinds of voter suppression tactics and massive budget cuts to education and social services. When Jeb Bush was running again blacks didnt come out to vote – he gave us the FCAT – at test that is affecting black children more negatively – again because black folks were to lazy to vote so our children are suffering. I’m tired of hearing black folks complain and doing nothing. How can your situation get better if you do nothing to better your situation…..

  35. Hi unemployment for Black men is due to Regulatory law and house negros dancing and singing on stage to the beat of we shall over come instead of the beat by any means necessary

  36. Mary and others seem to think Black Wealth exist. Where is it? And please dont talk about the entertainers and the like because they are all under contract that limits or restrict how they engage with Black issues. Economics at it’s root is nothing more than a political philosophy dedicated to standarlizing a particular set of behaviours. Lets examine some of the efforts Blacks have engaged in to create Black wealth. What happen to the early Black media news papers? Oh yes their circulation dropped off with the efforts of large white media consolidations and gov interferrence with operations such as harrashment of black reporters and established legal impairaments to r****d Black publishing of certain types of news articles. What about the entertainment industry? We see more White ownership than Black ownership across the board in this industry but for aurgurment lets pretend that these Blacks could start up buisness in black communities. We should note that most companies with greater than 10 employess has been in buisness for at least 20+ years. Now I understand there are exceptions but for the most part this rule apply. Also some markets are so large or controlled that enterance is impossible unless one piggy back or is supported by a White cooperation. We seem toforget that many minority buisness are supported by overseas dollars until the buisness becomes self supporting.
    The last thing I’d like to say is simple. Black people are not retarded!!! We all 13+ million of us understand the restrictions against us although some of us are fooled by not having all the facts laid out before us we are yet competent and strong will to do what is needed to be sucessful. Our 13 millon people’s nightmare condition is by design and not because we dont try or we are under educated and all the other sterotypes combined. Do we need this country because our numbers say they operate as if they don’t need us or want us to exist.

  37. Question,how does a man of color, African American,who starts a business and watch his own people past by his business and buy from all the other people up and down the street but never come into his place to buy. What should you say when they only come in to ask you for something free, like cup of ice, forks ,spoons,napkins, free condiments, a garbage bag to put their cans in but not buy a soda. What is the right way to say I could one or two of you if enough of you all would just support me the way you support the whites businesses and the Arabs. If some Black men and Women are trying to create Jobs for themselves and some others in the community don’t you think our people should give them their support so they can duplicate their efforts,there by being able to hire more people through the simple effort our people supporting each other. It’s a shame when you can give free samples away to our people, never advertise it and 2 hours people from the other side is coming in saying “I HERE YOU ARE GIVING AWAY FREE SAMPLES” and never come back to buy anything. Look what Willie Lynch has done to our minds, made us hate supporting each other,but love getting what’s free from each other. Help me understand. Our young must learn the only way we can get jobs soon is create them ourselves and our leaders should lead in supporting Black Businesses,also our Organizations and clubs. If I’m a member of one of those, my business could give more support to that club,that organization if those members supported me. Why is that so hard to get our people to understand. Are we leaders for the people or do we just have a job that require us to work socially among the people and white people then use or call us the Black Leaders.

  38. To Abdul Shakir’s comment & concern I would simply reply that many, oh so many people, in minority type communities suffer from low self-esteem to the extent that they cannot relate to their own kind comfortably. This is why these folk don’t pull together & why they create hate groups & shoot each other. There is no self-respect in the community & sadly it is not being taught at home. Most minority communities have been duped into thinking that the government, public schools & other public institutions will help raise their children to learn to appreciate themselves and each other & it just isn’t going to happen. Generally the minority community has an insecurity with their own race having or owning a neighborhood business or perhaps they worry this person will succeed or even offer inferior products or service. All this is unfounded but sadly these folk need help at their home base from their parents & local establishments are faced with the almost insurmountable task of having to educate these folk & win them over. If kids tend to hate themselves before they even enter school it’s too late or difficult to educate themselves & unlearn these biasis & prejudices against their own.

  39. Lets face it our black males are not preparing for the future. Until we get the skills and or education to compete we will continue to experence high unemployment.

  40. The Black Community have given millions to the Obama campaign but they(Obama) have made little mention of it because they didn’t want to be held accountable for any of the ill’s that have hurt the black community for years.Black people would give even more money if Black people was getting something for their investment, I guess Black people are saying why put good money down a dead hole. I gave money to his campaign and I won’t ever again ????????????????????????????????

  41. Employment is controlled by rich white conservatives that are not hiring blacks and firing backs because they think blacks are stupid enough not to vote for Obama. I have seen this first hand from the company I work for. Please do not let the people play on our intelligent to think that the unemployment rate is Obama fault. At least it is better than it was when Bush was in office and better than it will be if Mitt get elected.

  42. The ‘hip-hop’ attitude is ‘look out for #1 only’, or ‘I gots to get mine’. Listen brothers and sisters, look out for eachother, and the whole will be better.

  43. God forgive me but Obama and his murdering drones must not get my vote!

  44. After reading all the comments pre written it seems obvious that we have the necessary knowledge to prosper and succeed, however we must stop destroying ourselves. With the high rate of Black on Black Crime, the high incidence of HIV amongst young Black Women, and the extreme lack of education, especially amongst our Boys and Men must be faced and truly addressed. We also must become technical savvy,and acquire the science and maths skills needed to become creators, inventors, and producers of employment for our people. We can’t expect to all enter entertainment,sports or the music industry. Or we need to at least diversify our involvement in these industries. As someone previously alluded to, we have the financial means, h**l if we were to pool our collective earnings as a race, we’d be a major financial power, but we don’t. We must consolidate to become powerful. We must learn to truly love each other, and not be haters. Those of us with money must share, those of us in peril must educate, but we all need to work in consensus to make a real change. If not we’re committing self induced genocide, and that’s nobody’s fault but our. As California’s Workforce Association’s Professional of the Year, I implore all of us to make the investment in our communities, for investment in positive and productive strategies pays dividends in regards to overall success and prosperity.

  45. I’m so tired of blacks complaining. Here in Miami there is a vocational school in every black community. But there few blacks attending them. Mostly are Haitians and Latinos. Blacks want high paying jobs with no training nor education. Blacks are more into reality shows and facebook than getting an education and a good paying job. Then they want the president to do something about unemployement. Republicans are trying to take away the black vote – what are black folks doing about it “NOTHING”….. but let a new pair of Jordans come out, or a new black reality show about some sport star and they are all over it. I suppport President Obama and will continue to support him – how many blacks will knock on doors and register new voters? Very few. Blacks have gotten to the stage that they want alot for very little. I have no sympathy for the black community – and this is coming from a black women who fights and struggles evry day and taught my daughter to do the same because no one is going to give you anything. Todays Black folks need to stop sitting around waiting for reparations and fight like those black folks of the fifties and sixties.

  46. milton williams

    unfortunately..this has/is been alwas the case…as far as unemployment in america goes..and in times of recession…it gets worst….yes i know if you don,t work you do not eat….and some will go to great lengths to feed themselves and family….and if put agaisnt the wall….what would be your answer to this dilema..that millons of blacks every day life not to mention..the other soceital stresses..that is placed upon …especially black men….in a ‘WESTERN” WORLD BUILT TO FIRST AND FOREMOST DENY!!!!

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