Deadly Weekend in Chicago: 40 Shot, 10 Killed

The city of Chicago has become a hotbed of violence.  At no time has this ever been more true than during Memorial Day Weekend, where 40 people were shot, with 10 of them being killed.  Most of the victims were in their teens to early 30s, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The youngest victim was a 6-year old girl, Aliyah Shell, who was killed while playing in front of her house.   Another shooting included a one-year old girl and her mother, who were grazed by bullets.   The teens arrested in the death of the six-year old girl were part of the Latin Kings street gang.

“This is what the politicians should focus on, instead of promising lower taxes and lowering the gas and stopping p*********y,” a resident, Ray Navarro said. “You know what? I’ll pay the taxes. I’ll pay the high gas prices, but focus on this violence that’s killing these kids.”

This is not the first time there has been an explosion in Chicago violence.  In 2010, Chicago called in the National Guard.


“You can’t lose another child to gun violence,” said Activist Andrew Holmes. “If they stay silent this will continue to happen.”

27 Responses to Deadly Weekend in Chicago: 40 Shot, 10 Killed

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  2. Chicago called in the National Guard,WHAT? Chicago and this world is OUT OF CONTROL. Is this how we are going to die, killing each other? Yes, lets pay the d**n high taxes, high gas prices, and whatever high s**t you want us to pay. But, forcing us to kill each other NO, NO, and then H*ll NO. To all our high leaders, where you at? Wake Up and Stand Your Ground people. We do not have to live like this. It’s got to stop or FORGET THE d**n AMERICAN DREAM, THERE WILL BE NONE!!!

    • AMEN. Go to church and get close to God. We all need to pray about all these things happening in the world. We need PEACE & LOVE.

      • Old African proverb, “When you pray, move your feet.” Or, after you get done praying, get off your buttcheeks and do something.

        • I agree – we spend all day in church, meanwhile our kids are up to no good!

        • You are right! Its right and exact what you are saying! It really is…However I have consulted my Elders and My Imam and my Ummi…only Allah can do something about this….take care of yourself and your close kin…try and stay out of harms way….Create bliss in the space you have after the work day……….and get to a safe place until “The Day”! The Day when we are called into account..

      • I don’t have anything against praying, but God gives us the strength to do what must be done. He alone will not stop the violence. That’s is for us to do. We pray for the strength and wisdom to do what is right. I don’t have any answers but that is what prayers are for. Parents have to do what is right, brothers and sisters have to do what’s right. Aunts and Uncles have to do what’s right. Grandpartents have to do what’s right. Let the villages raise the children once again. Stop the government from raising our kids. When they (the government) stepped in, they ruined something so perfect that it seemed unreal. Our black children, for the most part, were well mannered, respectful, afraid of a b**t whipping, taught to respect their elders and most of all they had a healthy fear of God. When childrens’ services around the country said that spanking your child was child abuse, everything went to h**l. You know it and I know it. Now what are we going to do? This generation is lost. Do we want to lose the next generation?

        • I currently, live in Milwaukee and the violence here is also on the rise. I do have to agree with this reply. The system has failed not only parents but also our children. When I was growing up there was no such thing as a parent being charged with child abuse because of a spanking…. Ill tell you one thing kids now DAYS HAVE NO DAM RESPECT, never in a million years would I have called my mother a b***h. The kids and gangs have more control over our citys than officials. The teen pregnacy, drugs , guns are killing the BLACK RACE and CHILDREN over petty s**t…LIVE YOUR AMERICAN DREAM.

  3. And we holler racism when called out on this topic. I don’t know this to be a fact, however I suggest to you most if not all were black. Now if everyday that a shooting or murder happens rather than saying what part of town it happened in, just say it was a black on black murder or shooting if it is. Then every ten days give a total, then at the end of each month and end of the year a total. It needs to be a in your face thing all of the time. Just maybe we will start saying, are we really that crazy, do we really not care about life, it’s not a wonder that other people don’t want to be around us, don’t want us in the same neighborhood, we truly are not respectful of our selves, we most often act on emotion which we seem unable to control, and never seem to wait for facts. we can’t admit being wrong or apologize for a error or a wrong we have committed. It’s like some of us are reverting back in time rather than becoming more enlighten and moving forward with greater knowledge and education. I think a time will come when people of good will refuse to accept those who give nothing but chaos (a free for all, do what ever you want without regards to the consequences) If these people are unable or unwilling to get it together than shame on them. The world will and can rid our selves of them, (those with the recessive trait of Chaos.)

    • Raymond Ramirez

      Man I hear what you saying. Why is it that you hit it right on the nail. I am a mexican american or what every name they give us and I have been saying and feeling that way about blacks and mexicans all my life. It must be a gene factor or what ever. thanks for letting us know that they are other people out there that are responsible for their actions.

    • That depends on which “us” you’re talking about and which neighborhood you’re referring to, because all of “them” aren’t the nicest people to be around either. We don’t like hilly-billy carousing beer-guzzling white folks wearing wife beaters, driving rusted out Ford trucks, spitting terbacky, and telling “redneck” jokes in “our” neighborhoods either.

  4. I’ve listened to all the comments here and agree with you all, but the people who are killing each other
    In our neighborhoods are the ones who should be reading this article. They don’t believe in education , graduate to go to college and become an intricate part of society. Education takes too long and doesn’t put money in my pocket to pay my bills right now. They also look at those of us who have written this article and commented about what to do as being uppudy Blacks and Latinos .

  5. The truth is that the politicians dont care because these crimes aren’t committed in their communities! People in these places need to step up and become active in their communities themselves to stop this violence, starting at home. The only time black people want to rise up is when it’s the police or persons of other nationalities than black are commiting murders against us. When its all said and done, its mostly black on black crime anyway mostly due to drugs and stupidity. We need Jesus more now than ever. Still praying…..

  6. WOW!!! this scares me no end (Chicago)..I have a 19 years old grandson in college in Chicago & I worry about him constantly. WHY can’t the city rid itself of these violent gangs, thugs & murderous ppl, for goodness sakes? In my town, there was a round-up of drug dealers recently, of course it did not end the drugs in town, but it certainly helped. This is preposterous!!!

  7. i bet these crimes happened in uneducated communities. crime is known to be high in uneducated communities. instead of building resources or to educate these people. they rather build more jails & prisons to contain those that escape death. society, police are not here to help us (black ppl) they are here to make sure you don’t get smart. they bask and bank on our ignorance as we also therefore participate in their goal to eradicate the black man. if this was a crime happening in the better communities, you can believe there would have been a plan come up to promote peace, better resources & a unity and respect amongst the community.

  8. I can’t help what race we are, this kind of atrocity shouldn’t happen anywhere. The gov is worried about money not life. We all have to stand our ground and be a part in it. Its gotta start at home first. In my neighbor I see kids 7 and up running around all hours of the night,wheres the parent(s) ? Shyt mines has to be in before the street lights come on, including my 19 year old. Regardless the age evil has no age limit. The gov don’t give a rats azz about us they just there for the money. Just like I’m Native and how many time do you see on the news about whats happening to the Natives ? Well I haven’t yet, is because they don’t care. Yes we have our on govornor system but there is a lot that happens that involves other things. Just like Vern Traversie. If u don’t believe me look his name up on youtube. Its all races that need to stand up and take control to help out TOGETHER. We all need to stand together so we can have a safer place for kids grandkids and so on. The longer we wait the worse it gets.

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  10. Well, well, well, how we serve ourselves up to the pleasure of the wicked white devils. We make their work easy, zip’em up Bob, now we don’t have to work so hard to destroy them, they do it to themselves. Yes, ole Willie is still in effect. Just let them keep on killin each other, those that survive, let’s round’em up and lined our coiffers with our privatized prisons. You know we gotta keep those beds warm with black bodies so we can get P-A-I-D. Yep siree, they nigras make our job so easy, 40 this weekend, let’s see if we can double those numbers next holiday. We hate them, they hate each other – nice, nice. Zip’em up Bob, gonna be a long night.

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  12. Check out Seattle.

  13. The legacy of racism continues in Chicago. It never went away or got solved, it just continued. Move jobs out of the city and expect what? Provide cheap housing but mismanage the housing so that it becomes too corrupt to continue. Subject people to substandard ways of life and expect them to pull themselves up by their boot straps. Provide no way out and necessity will find a way to stay and survive. Old Daley and Younger Daley were instrumental in ruining Chicago’s Southside. Young Daley is gone to his safe neighborhood and safe vacation home while everyone else deals with his treachery. Expect more of the same until something new is done like real education for the adults and the kids. Food that is not from a store on the corner that sells liquor and maybe an apple or two. Jobs that provide a living wage. With nothing you get survival at its worse. With something you get hope.

  14. Makheru Bradley

    “We still have a lot of work to do, and there will be great challenges ahead. The loss of life continues in Afghanistan, and there will be hard days ahead.” President Obama at the NATO Summit in Chicago

    What about Chicago Mr. President?

    “I agree with Dante, that the hottest places in h**l are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality. There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal.” Dr. Martin L King

  15. The Motown Sound!

    This is not news people, as long as urban areas are allowed to decay through lack of political engagement and divestment of jobs and educational resources, we are leaving people to rot away in these “forgotten” areas…’s injustice to man is the cause here….the violence of urban america among minorities is a legacy issue of the divestment of our urban areas by politicians and business — white flight and indifference being the major facilitating action!

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